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  1. Congrats, quinney! Thanks for the opportunity, Feesh!
  2. I can't figure out how I got that one so wrong! 49,054
  3. That's very cool! Next time I'm on my laptop, I'll see if I can find a neat one I did several years ago. Pumpkin toppage, page 855!
  4. Oops, looks like you missed the new page, @yeehaw_gang! -34
  5. 48,096 Erm... 49,046 What on earth?!?
  6. ANO Add a squiggle and it's Spanish for year.
  7. We have anis here and I know someone named Ani! ANM
  8. Non-food can be fun! I'm hoping to pick up a pumpkin if the food stores still have decent ones next week. I'm not so good at carving but I do like to roast the seeds. (And I've just remembered the oven at this house does not work, and I am here till Nov. 2nd... ) *waves at Fortune* Hello!
  9. Um, @purplehaze... 29? 49,036