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  1. 2 hours ago, Keileon said:

    Reason for my asking being I was working on a new signature banner. :) Was trying to figure out the dimensions I could get away with so it'd display like this




    rather than like this




    But for reference, the banner I have now is 850px across and displays fine on computer. Mobile probably looks a mess though, unfortunately.

    The top one looks fine in your post on my mobile, if that helps at all.

  2. 6 hours ago, purplehaze said:

    We are supposed to have very heavy rains and winds this afternoon. It hasn't started, yet, though. Possible isolated tornado threats? Yikes! We are not in a heavy tornado area here, but have had several in my time here -- none very close but still scary!

    Tornadoes (tornados?) are scary! Stay safe!

    Our wind has stayed heavy all day. I have enjoyed my day off. Back to work tomorrow.

  3. 35 minutes ago, Verandi said:



    I am not a compulsive poster, I am a clueless one.....as in, I had no idea how to talk to people or where to do it. 


    Pretty sure I was driving my mentor nuts so I asked them to help me make more friends so I wasnt sending them every little thing that I got excited about and here I am!!!



    Welcome! Have a brownie!

    You've arrived at the start of a long weekend so you might find it a bit quiet here but I'm sure someone will show...

    Ah, Herk! Hello and good bye. Sleep well!