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  1. Good morning, CPA! *glomps everyone* I am sick again. Nice piece, Spirit! Good luck with the sale and show. My typing is pretty fast for non-regular typing. I've never had my actual speed checked.
  2. The cool has definitely helped with the power issues. The lights stayed on last night! The Lego Taj Mahal came into our shop today! Guess what I have been working on this evening?
  3. Is that the sith eggy? You're welcome to have our rain, if you'd like it! Safe drive, trystan!
  4. Good morning, Fortune! *hugs* Where is everyone?
  5. Enjoy the night out! It's a tad cooler here this evening thanks to this morning's storm.
  6. Lagie

    Z Project

    Ooh, pretty! Thank you!
  7. Made use of the computer interface! 47,897
  8. TI A drink with jam and bread...