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  1. Lagie

    Z Project

    Never breed when egglocked. I wanted it to go to the AP, so of course it was a Z! https://dragcave.net/progeny/3TVon Happy AP hunting in a couple of days.
  2. You're forgiven. That sounds kind of pretty actually. I'm so glad the noisy people have left the pool so I can open my window and catch some of the breeze.
  3. Ditto. Influenced, incubated, rehidden. *twiddles thumbs and waits for lunch to settle* I always forget that at that particular restaurant I always leave feeling overstuffed and nauseous, no matter what I order. I did have to drive through pouring rain to get there but it was clear at the actual place.
  4. Top of the hour egg hunting accomplished! Thank you, TJ and spriters! *leaves brownies for everyone*
  5. Oh noes. That's not good, Mr. Kestra. *hugs* I hope she'll be okay. Sunny at my end of the island but it's raining at the other end (the storm is audible and visible from here). Guess where I'm meant to be headed for brunch... Enjoy your walk!
  6. Hope so! Good morning, CPA! *sets out coffee, teas, juices, apples, brownies, and Belgian waffles with strawberries and whipped cream* New release! Happy hunting!
  7. Banned because you're doing just fine. Erm...
  8. Lagie

    Z Project

    If there are no Z Project takers for this one, I am sure @orphaned would be happy to home it for you.
  9. And... it's raining again. We are watching Hurricane Sam. Way off at the moment but if it shifts left at all it could cause trouble.
  10. You'll be surprised how quickly it will improve, especially if it's the only thing you're speaking! (I hated talking on the phone when I was in Germany - can't see expressions). Good luck with the move and the new job! *snorts* The rain did NOT stay away. For a full hour of our four hour shop time, it rained steadily and heavily, and for the next hour we waded around in 3 - 5 inches of water left behind. For basically only two hours of shop time, we did well!
  11. ^ never mind NVN palindrome David NVN is an actor.
  12. We do. Have needed for years. Ours is not going anywhere any time soon. Good morning, CPA! *sets out coffee, teas, juices, apples, brownies, and bacon and eggs* Please stay sunny! Nice pumpkin dragon!
  13. Well, last time the chickens weren't fed for three days. The guinea pigs tend to be forgotten when she's not there. She's officially the accountant but she does far too much of what the shelter manager is supposed to be doing.