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  1. 14 minutes ago, HopSketch said:

    Is there any way to search someone on the Forums by their Scrollname? I know that the forum and DC accounts are linked, but is there any way to check if someone has a Forum account by searching for their Scroll name? I've been trying to trade for a pack of dragons for the past several days and I finally got what they wanted, but the hatchies are going to grow up soon and I'm afraid of wasting all of that time for them to just cancel the trade before the egg is off cooldown. >_<

    Sadly no.

  2. 2 minutes ago, AislinnSi said:

    I also found out one of my dragons got a description approved, after I was going through and double checking some old descriptions! 😁 I wish the system would give an update notification whenever we got a description commented on or approved though, that would be handy.

    Kind of like this dragon's thinking! XD

  3. 1 hour ago, AislinnSi said:

    "I'll write descriptions for all my dragons, it'll be easy," I thought.

    "Surely they can't take that long to write, can they?"


    ...I have been proven wrong about the not long and easy part, but I will persevere

    Some of them fall into place immediately. Others take forever to work out! And heaven forbid I hit the 1000 limit without my thoughts being complete. XD Keep at it!