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  1. Layers work well for cold! And lo, just when I was thinking we would have a blackout-free day, poof went the power. Canada looks really good right now.
  2. 47,837 So my error was educational. Thanks, pdc!
  3. Exactly! It was a good night, in fact, and I managed to sleep in this morning. It's a bright sunshiney day!
  4. Actually, I don't. I use ceiling and standing fans at night. The electricity bills for running a/c are probitively expensive. Figures, right? The fuel surcharge to run these ridiculous generators is often more than the actual usage part of our bills.
  5. Bizarre, hunh? @purpledragonclaw, any idea? 47,832
  6. 47,830 On the mobile, the two buttons are very close.
  7. Three hours. Almost to the minute. But at least it's on before bedtime tonight.
  8. Sew buttons... SP Standard & Poor
  9. Lagie

    Z Project

    Anyone know where this one poofed to? There's no name on it...
  10. Nope. I think mine was Gryffindor. SN
  11. It's the wheezing that scares me. Exercise exacerbates it. I've been pondering pulling out the nebulizer, but that was not an option while the power was out.