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  1. Introducing Lagie's D'Hennegel Machu Picchu! Thank you, Daughter Dearest!
  2. 10, 677 I really shouldn't be doing this.
  3. Guess I was lucky my reds bred today. Thanks for the update, TJ!
  4. Book Number: 96 Number Of Pages: 498 Book Title: Sphere Author: Michael Crichton Oh, sure. Now I find all the fast-reading books! Just as this year's Challenge is about to end!
  5. Good luck with that, Lexxy! I have a few DorkThu combos to save characters. Not sure how you'd abbreviate the D'Hennegel!
  6. Book Number: 95 (So close to 100, yet I won't finish five more before Sunday, alas.) Number Of Pages: 317 Book Title: Big Trouble Author: Dave Barry Review: I'd seen and enjoyed the movie. The book is virtually identical bar one incident towards the end.
  7. Please sign me up. Maybe I'll make 100 this time round.
  8. The latest round of DragonSpirit Says had the players writing descriptions of each other (the way we write them for our dragons). Several of the players are regular CPA posters so I thought I'd add the descriptions here. ~Royal King~ described by Vang: Timpieh described by Fortune: Devious_Bookworm described by Sins: Evangeline5432 described by Brandon: Sinsdaemn described by DB: Fortune86 described by Tim: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CPA skin requested by OrbiterSpore - Gone... (July 2016)
  9. Book Number: 93 Number of Pages: 354 Book Title: The House at Sugar Beach Author: Helene Cooper Book Number: 94 Number Of Pages: 355 Book Title: Tongues of Serpents (A Novel of Temeraire) Author: Naomi Novik Review: There's much less battle in this one and more adventure. I enjoyed it.
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    CPA Banners

    hgTangle, I like it! (How did I miss your post here? ) Thanks!
  11. "There's no point in being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes" ~ Doctor Who (Tom Baker) *pokes Fortune*
  12. Voted! Nim? Kestra's is actually a screenshot from a Doctor Who episode (Blink).
  13. Mine came up as William Gibson and then James Joyce.
  14. I named my magis specifically to reflect delivery systems (like FedEx, Parcel Post, and so on). I'd love the successful trade page to include the name of the dragon that sent it. Just as the influence page says "Trotsky's Cotton Candy Cuffs influences the egg to be its own gender", so the teleport page could say "Trotsky's FedEx delivers the eggs/hatchlings safely to your scroll." (Not sure if this is where this should be, but it seemed semi-logical.)
  15. Pretty nebulas, you two!
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    The Cuffs Dragons

    Cuffs Rack ~ Shelf Ten Non-CPA Cuffs ~ http://dragcave.net/lineage/gbrl Surprise Pink Fuzzy Handcuffs (Jazeki's) ~ http://dragcave.net/lineage/Fhb7e Fabulous Pancakes with Cuffs ~ http://dragcave.net/lineage/kmMI Deadly Om Nom Nom Cuffs (Anyone know whose these are?!?) http://dragcave.net/lineage/vGQDF Thuwed Storm Cuffs the Century (PrincessArtemis') ~ http://dragcave.net/lineage/DJTc I'm Lagie's Cousin Cuffs (Aurora0806) Cuffs Dragon sprite by Dark Moon ~