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  1. Is that the sith eggy? You're welcome to have our rain, if you'd like it! Safe drive, trystan!
  2. Good morning, Fortune! *hugs* Where is everyone?
  3. Enjoy the night out! It's a tad cooler here this evening thanks to this morning's storm.
  4. Lagie

    Z Project

    Ooh, pretty! Thank you!
  5. Made use of the computer interface! 47,897
  6. TI A drink with jam and bread...
  7. Drive carefully! Our rain stopped around noon.
  8. It's an MP! Hope you're well! The good news - the a/c will be installed in my office tomorrow morning. The bad news - all the shop donations that are in the way of the window have to be moved today. The other good news - the rain has stopped for now so I can move the shop donations!
  9. Have fun, trystan! We have something like that here, @DragonSpirit009, called Transforming Spaces, but the locations are far enough apart, people travel in a bus together for the duration. I hope some of your art sells! Nice cuffage there, @Fortune86! Hi, Saz! Rain, rain, go away...
  10. @Irabane (You can 'ping' people in posts. Good luck.)