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  1. Enjoy the night out! It's a tad cooler here this evening thanks to this morning's storm.
  2. Lagie

    Z Project

    Ooh, pretty! Thank you!
  3. Made use of the computer interface! 47,897
  4. TI A drink with jam and bread...
  5. Drive carefully! Our rain stopped around noon.
  6. It's an MP! Hope you're well! The good news - the a/c will be installed in my office tomorrow morning. The bad news - all the shop donations that are in the way of the window have to be moved today. The other good news - the rain has stopped for now so I can move the shop donations!
  7. Have fun, trystan! We have something like that here, @DragonSpirit009, called Transforming Spaces, but the locations are far enough apart, people travel in a bus together for the duration. I hope some of your art sells! Nice cuffage there, @Fortune86! Hi, Saz! Rain, rain, go away...
  8. @Irabane (You can 'ping' people in posts. Good luck.)
  9. TD was my first ever bank when I was about 8! TE
  10. So you get to meander home? That could be fun! Lightning storm is creating some cool light effects. And yucky cigarette smoke wafting in from the new neighbour's porch. Blerg. Rachel Maddow keeps me company in the dark, listening to the recordings of the previous night's shows, Friday's in the case of tonight.
  11. Yup, though it's tuberculosis. TC