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  1. Tom Thomson, Canadian painter. TU Yay! Now I get to do it! A friend's name, though it is spelled differently.
  2. 18 It's seriously stressing out those of us who do care!
  3. Concerned. Interested. Aware of. I work with a bunch of indifferent people, and I'd use those words about them if they actually cared. 15 on page 1551.
  4. Maybe that's why our shop cat kept insisting she sit on me and purr and knead yesterday. Bertie's cute, Fortune. What nonsense is that?
  5. TQ (For some reason my brain went straight to TU. Blerg.)
  6. Not really. I feel like a truck ran over me.
  7. In the UK, it's TK but is your TJ Maxx. TM Transcendental meditation. Of course my brain went for the hard to spell one first over the much simpler Trademark.
  8. *inhales the soup* I had the right combo of volunteers today and could have probably stayed home. Resting now.
  9. Good morning, CPA! *glomps everyone* I am sick again. Nice piece, Spirit! Good luck with the sale and show. My typing is pretty fast for non-regular typing. I've never had my actual speed checked.