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For Rare breeds gifts i would be happy if i send you a egg as a gift if you in advance would let me know if your interested or you need me to hold the egg. thanks! www.dailydragonfix.comeoc_button.gif

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    dragon, drawing
    writing, gaming

    and breeding my dragon cave dragons!
    - The Newbie Gifting Project Thread
    *request holding if needed. 2 or more common eggs (2 days without reply, up to hatchling stage with reply.) 1 egg or hatchling (3 days without reply, up till hatchling stage with reply.)
    *Willing to bite eggs with even gen. or CB from common lines.
    *Willing to breed up to two commons for one users at a time but would be happy if they waited a week before asking another request of commons so that i can get another requester answered.
    *Willing to breed CB bright pinks and frills with any chosen common that i have to get a second gen. these can be requested two at a time.
    *Willing to breed even gen. from checked common and holiday dragons too.
    *Would be very happy if the receiver names the critters something if they are from my dragon stock!
    *i can be merciful for holding eggs if there is a little hiccup on your end and you can't take them because of egg lock and the likes!
    *fill free to ask anytime for critters but if you want a rare i gift those out over rare breeders!