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  1. Happy birthday! They are so pretty))
  2. looks like albino or ultraviolet for me...i'm disapointed. nothing personal...
  3. just WOW, finally something worthseen)
  4. hatchies are pretty! =) Thanks to the lovelies who sent flowers to me <3
  5. Thanks for the update, nice)
  6. really? O.O how lucky we are xDDD
  7. i have no troubles with catching new event eggs... o.o incredible, is it cause of my internet provider, lol ....or why?
  8. I killed 5 dragons and, finally got a lovely hatchie =))) and also i'm glad about 3rd november, i'll have more time than today lol... at least i hope so
  9. Halloween!!! I love this event so much <333
  10. Blusangs are trully great, thanks to someone lovely i have em <3 <333
  11. I have a 19 years old cat...she is blind for now... We love her =D
  12. Happy Easter! eggs again? o.o .....boring XDDD
  13. now a kinda feel the same lol...will see i'll disappoint if it's not true D