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  1. I'll try for you of course =) And I could also try my male CB Silver with a Bright Pink if you'd like, though I doubt they'll give anything other than Pink.
  2. I don't have a perfect checker, but I could try for a sibling to this, if you'd like =)
  3. JaneMcAsh: I was facing the same problem and eventually went for this.
  4. A 5th even gen White from my Christmas x White project is looking for a new home. It has Hollies, Yulebucks, Goldwinged Snow Angels and Ribbon Dancers in first gen. A nice PM will get you this, I'd just like to know where it goes Edit: CLAIMED =) Edit 2: YAY! I finished my Valetine x Pink project Now I'll have to wait until next year to get my hands on a 3rd gen Pink from a checker with Heartseeker.
  5. I would like to request a Perfect Dorkface! Thank you! I'd like a 5th gen from the Dorkface line (sibling to this), please
  6. Not at all. The first one is reserved, but I'll take a note to give the next one to you =)
  7. Why is it always the last pair of a lineage that chooses to refuse? Happened with my White x Christmas lineage too.
  8. Thank you, everyone. I opened a list over in the Trading section Even-gen thread =)
  9. I'm done with my Christmas x White project. Take a look!
  10. Does anyone remember the Ice x Sunsong checker I was talking about ages ago? Well, I'm finally getting somewhere. It took ages until they started breeding Ices, but now I can at least see the checker I was aiming for.
  11. I have two sets of lobe piercings, one Inner Conch, one Helix and got a Rook two weeks ago <3 I'll start stretching the second lobe on my right ear once the Rook has healed, but not more than 4mm. And then I need to do something about my left ear. Two lobes just isn't enough.
  12. Not at all. The bible has been written down by humans - many humans over several hundred years. There's no way of knowing who wrote them or how trustworthy their statements are. It is quite possible that some passages were added by someone who claimed to have taken their message from God, but in reality just wanted to profit from it in one way or other. Passages have been altered, shortened, got additions, meanings get lost in the process of the natural evolution of languages and even more so in translations (of translations of translations and so forth). Which in my eyes makes it almost impos
  13. Sherlock! I was really sceptical, because I love the books and just couldn't imagine how those could be taken and translated into this time. But they did a brilliant job on that. Adjusting the stories in just the right places to make them believable in our technically very much advanced world without completely changing what they are. And I personally think that Benedict Cumberbatch's voice is to die for <3
  14. I put them into DDF and AoND when they hit 6.20 and take them out as soon as they are fully cracked or gendered. The only times I wait (sometimes until they hit 6 days) is with rare eggs, holidays and when new releases come out, because the hatcheries are overrun at that time and things get way more views than usual.
  15. The Cave doesn't keep this data until now (or rather until the change) so there is no way it can be added.
  16. As I understood this, Vampires from before the change won't show who bit them or which eggs they have bitten before. After the change they will start to record this information. As far as I know, this doesn't affect the "normal" lineage (the dragon's ancestors) at all.
  17. Maybe you can use Fertility only on one gender, thus making it impossible to "double-fertilize" a specific pair? I imagine that you click a purple's BSA and it shows you all dragons of one gender that are currently available for breeding. You chose the dragon you would like to fertilize. This takes you to the chosen dragon's breeding-page and you can chose the dragon you want it to breed with like you normally do. But that's just what I think it could look like
  18. As I understood, the egg/hatchie you send stays on your scroll until it is claimed, so it can still gain views and the timer moves on. If the intended receiver never claims it, it will eventually grow up on your scroll. I don't know about BSAs, though. But regarding this, a question just came to my mind. Can the sender abandon an egg/hatchie if he already sent out the claim-link? If yes, that would be unfair to the one who caught it when it just disappears from their scroll. If not, what if the intended receiver never clicks the claim-link? It would be just as bad if you had to keep it
  19. Yes. You can have any combination between 4 eggs + 8 hatchies or 0 eggs + 12 hatchies.
  20. Let's say you don't have anything on your scroll. You catch four eggs (4 eggs/4 total). They hatch and you catch 4 new eggs (4 eggs/8 total). Those eggs hatch and you can still catch 4 new eggs (4 eggs/12 total). And TJ stated somewhere in this thread that you can still catch hatchies even when you have four eggs, as long as you don't cross the limit of 12 total. So the link between egg-lock and hatchies will be gone. The fifth bred egg wasn't a glitch, TJ made it like that so people breed more. With the new limits it won't matter if you catch or breed 4 eggs (or 5/6/7 depend
  21. I use Legacy Custom Sort. It would be mad to manually sort 330+ dragons every time new breeds are vailable. I can't count how often I had to change the whole sorting because of that First eggs from new to older, then hatchlings from new to older. Then my personal view on how the Rainbow Sort should look like ( ). Then Seasonals, then Holiday Dragons in the order I got them, Vampires, Papers, Dinos, Chickens. I don't like the current rainbow sort because it isn't rainbowish in various points and I don't like my unbreedables and Holidays and Seasonals to mix with the rest and not be