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Imagination is intelligence having fun.To complete my goal I only need one female CB Gold.I breed almost everything on request, so please PM me if you see something on my scroll you like =)DoubleGoldstar5.png

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    My goal: 10 CBs of every breed, 2nd gen PBs of Alt Blacks, Alt Vines, Geodes and Coloured Stripes, 2nd gens of Blunas and Shallow Waters, 20 total for Seasonals. Metallics, Holidays and Unbreedables excluded.
    Breeds finished: 81/82. I only need one more dragon:

    CB Gold (f)


    Not involved in my goal:

    Holly (f) - would like a nice, short-ish lineage for my second one


    The following dragons need mates:

    2nd gen Silver from Magi (Z7FK/pLO7) --> A 2nd gen Magi from male Silver would probably work, but I don't know if that would look good, so offer/suggest something else if you feel like it.


    For lineage projects I'm working on I need:

    3rd even gen White with both Spriter Alt Snow Angels (no checker)
    3rd even gen White with both Spriter Alt Ribbon Dancers (no checker; female)
    3rd even gen White with both Spriter Alt Christmas Magis (no checker, female)

    3rd even gen Heartseeker x Pink checker (female) - postponed until next February, obviously