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  1. Oh I love you!!!!! A full week! I'm so Happy! I know last year or the year before I can't remember was horrible and I missed several eggs... I was just dying over that... THANK YOU so much! So happy! I have worked every weekend the last 4 or 5 years... and sometimes it's just been near impossible to get the eggs... But I usually managed but a couple of years ago... I think it was... I just was not in a good way and I nearly forgot about it until the last day and try as I might I just couldn't get them all ...
  2. So I'm not dreaming then... it does look different...
  3. Is it me or does anyone else not see anything different about Snow... but when I look at the 2017 Dragon... that does look updated... or maybe that's just me? I'm gonna guess he meant 2017... Garland Dragon. Someone else look and see if I'm right...
  4. I don't know I'm stuck on the runes and can't pass it... I've tried a billion combinations feels like and it's more jumbled than ever... I give up my eyes are going bonkers.
  5. OMG Thank you so much for letting us collect old treats from years gone by... I know for the first time ever I missed some last year... I was so sad. Thank you so much! Loving all the new goodies!
  6. Oh I'm so happy second year in a row! So cute. I'm sorry to whomever didn't win. But thank you. And all the dragons are so cute!
  7. I was up over 500 but didn't get to see how high I got 🥺 Sort of sad.... wishing it gave at least your top score or something... but eh... Liking the new egg/Halloween dragon can't wait to see the adult.
  8. Is it me or are there more than 58 treats? How many are there?
  9. I hope I win! What an awesome Birthday that would be... seeing as the drawing is on my Birthday... I'll cross my fingers!
  10. I would agree... still so very sad I couldn't get them all 6 short this year that has NEVER happened to me before... but I work 3 12.5 hour shifts every weekend... and being on a phone or computer is a NO NO at work... I'm a Medical Laboratory Technician and it's just been insanely busy of late at work... so I was exhausted after 3 long shifts on my feet most the time and without much time at all to even eat a meal... mostly just grab two bites of something here and there between patients... so yeah... I was so exhausted I slept most of Monday. But I understand there has to be a cut off... but the time between this year really killed me.
  11. I will end up 6 short of a full basket. Very sad.
  12. I agree the time seems to be longer this year... I of course can't go back and work on them but yeah working weekends I really don't get much time for anything... so I didn't get a chance to even grab much on Sunday... and then work was so busy that I was exhausted when I got home slept till near 5pm then managed to eat grab 2 or 3 eggs and was back asleep for the rest of the day didn't get up today until late and had to go to the Dr... so didn't get much time this afternoon and have like I said been setting a timer every 14 min to check and sometimes it's longer than 15 min before I can get another egg. Occasionally it's been shorter like 12 min but... most the time longer than 14. Sad not to get all the eggs this time but it couldn't be helped... still sad.
  13. I want to cry this will be the first year I won't be able to get all the eggs... I work weekends nights so doing anything over the weekend is pretty well impossible... I got a tiny start on Monday but because the weekend was so busy I was too tired to really do much on Monday... and I've been setting a timer to get my egg every few min today but I am not going to make it. Wish I could but I can't ... so sad. Never thought I'd not get it done but been such a busy time I just haven't had the chance... grats to everyone who did and love the pretty eggs... thanks to all who did such a wonderful job on the eggs.
  14. Good to know though I'm old and seeing things on my phone is extremely difficult... I've tried using my laptop to click them but it more often than not doesn't register the click either.
  15. Can't go to Lineage they are CB... Seems weird it just happens more and more often it seems.
  16. Is there some reason why sometimes I can click on my own dragon and I don't get any credit for the click? Most times it gives me a 1 under clicks when I view my eggs... I seem to generate a view and a Unique view but probably 1 in 10 of my eggs I don't get a click when I click on my own egg.
  17. OMG I just looked at the Adult and I have to say WOW the Artists have outdone themselves this year!!! Wow is that pretty!!!!
  18. Totally Awesome... chance at a caveborn Holly... I'm so stoked!
  19. It's all cool TJ rather be secure. Thanks for everything!
  20. TY for all the work you do TJ.
  21. Thanks for letting us know I'll try not to freak out... probably will forget and freak out anyway... but thanks!
  22. Awesome! Can't wait! grabbed me some! Edit: Holy smokes this is for sure the first time I made page one and get in at the beginning..
  23. LastPass is wonderful highly recommend it to anyone and thank you TJ for letting us know.