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rosekit.png RoseKit - Joined April 2009 I collect: Silver_egg.gifGemshard_egg.pngVampire_egg.gif*LunarH-egg-rotator.gifBlack_hatchi.png*** Vamped dragons with interesting codes** Frozen black hatchlingsGoals: 1+ of each dragon breed - 500+ dragons Dragcave dragon checklist


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    Dragcave interests:
    Freezing hatchlings, Collecting breeds, and coming up with fun names for my dragons. I also like the rarer breeds of dragons (cheese, paper, etc)

    Other interests:
    Pokemon, Once Upon a Time, Scary videogames (Just ask), Scary movies, Most videogames (Everything but shooting and sports games),

    I always forget what I'm interested in when I have to write them down...