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  1. That's why you play on Proud Mode. The game is too easy anyway, at least Proud Mode gives you a challenge, and you can get the secret ending without having to deal with any of those stupid mini games. I really wish I could try Critical mode in KH2FM+ though...Ah well, it will only be a dream now...TT____TT *goes off to cry in a corner about how SE hates the NA audience*
  2. Okay, that's actually really really sick. In a good way, of course.
  3. I've been listening to some of the music in BbS, and...Wow...I'm seriously contemplating getting a PSP to hear more of this music, especially in context. I won't give any spoiler-riffic music, just a couple of tracks. Ventus' Theme (Talk about depressing...Yet awesome...)
  4. Indeed, but I have come to accept that, a very long time ago. It's worth it if it means I can laugh at some awesome stuff.
  5. The only time I laughed at that was when Ariel was panting and smiling after the first song and she said, "Sora, you were incredible!" I LOL'D FOR HOURS. But other than that, no. It was mostly pain. I could still hear it even when it was muted. T__T It burned...
  6. Thanks. OMNOMNOMNOMNOMTASTYCOOKIE -eats Sora cookie-
  7. o.o *eye twitch* RRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! *punches stuff randomly* Well, there's no chance of me getting my hands on it now, so I can spoil myself all I want. I'll be back in about an hour.
  8. Dude...Try Zexion with Ultimate Gear+, 3 Ability Units, 2 Sight Units, and a Critical Sun, then tell me if he's weak. Also, give him some Thundagas, some Aerogas, and some Fires. Aero Finish+Potential critical hit+Thundaga+Zexy's high magic stat=PAIN. SO MUCH PAIN.
  9. I'm cool with pretty much all of them, but my favorite is Saix. Zero Gear + 4 Sight Units + Critical Sun = Crithax, plain and simple. Sure, his limit is mediocre, but I never even get to use it. I also like Lexaeus with the same build, only with Pandora Gear+. I just use his air combo and RIP EVERYTHING TO SHREDS RAAAAARRGH.
  10. I'd go with Saix personally, but really, using your best character is best. Yeah, go with a lot of Cure spells and dodge as many of his attacks as you can, or you'll be hurting in no time.
  11. I can help with that. Beat all the missions in Mission Mode and buy the Limit Pass from the Store. It lets you configure limits in Mission Mode so that you can use them normally, with the gauge going down, not at all, or infintely, so that the gauge never goes down. It's sooooo much fun to spam everyone's limits.
  13. Well, the ice cream thing is only for Days, of course, but I'm pretty sure that the rest of the games in the series could have something replaced with it...I'm just not sure what. And yes, daycoll, we've all beaten all the bosses. You need some tips?
  14. OH GOD MY BRAIN IS BROKEN. I just found this out. Everything in the KH series is a euphemism for...intimacy. For example, try reading through Roxas' diary in Days, and replacing every example of the words "ice cream" with...well, you know... It's hilarious and scarring at the same time.
  15. Trust me, the first act of the game is build-up, getting you to know the characters and plant the seeds of the plot in your mind. Around the second or third act is when the plot starts slamming you in the face with awesomeness.
  16. Hehe, my bad. Did you see...well, you know...THAT? EDIT: Just found this. Awesome
  17. Uhh...Is it me, or is Xion really, REALLY adorable in the manga? She's like a giant, humanoid stuffed bear, you just want to hug her.
  18. lolwut. That's really all I can say to that.
  19. Who do you think deserves a hug the most? I'd say either Xion or...actually, just Xion.
  20. I'm more concerned with whether or not I'll be able to play BBS at all. But I know I'll choose Ven, just 'cuz he's so freakishly fast. Then Terra, then Aqua.
  21. They all want their hearts, aside from Xemnas the power-hungry maniac.
  22. I hate him because he was an abnormally massive jerk in KH Days. He was tolerable in KH2, but in Days I started to hate his guts.
  23. Yeah, but didn't Yuffie say that the Keyblade chooses the wielder? I remember that from KH1.
  24. There's also this weird thing Terra says in his secret battle before you fight in KH2FM+. He says, "You are not the one I chose." Perhaps he meant for the Keyblade to go to Riku?
  25. Happy New Year indeed, dragonluver. Also, I just noticed this, but it seems Vanitas' fighting style is really similar to Riku's fighting style. Maybe the two are related?