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  1. How do you report a dragon with an offensive name? While checking an egg's lineage I came across a name that's offensive.
  2. I bred all mine that had Thuwed in their names for the AP, including some messies & inbreds I found way back when I first started playing. I figured there are peeps out there who don't mind messies or inbreds as well as those who'll freeze them. Hopefully someone will love those as well as the better bred ones. I also got some no eggies, plus a few refusals while breeding.. I hope to do this again next year! Also to those who were wondering about the "missing" posts, someone called out another player by name for mass breeding something & they weren't that nice about it. And rather than start something, even though those who had responded were civil about it, it's for the best that ALL those posts were removed. So you weren't imagining anything. Anyways, Happy Turkey Day & Happy Thuwed-giving Day!
  3. I have a few Thuweds at the top of my scroll I can breed for anyone who'd like one. I only have one Spriters Alt I can also breed for anyone who'd like an egg. If I remember I'll breed everyone on Thanksgiving. *is BAD at remembering things far in advance* EDIT: I'd love a reminder as I want to participate! Thanks!
  4. Thank you sooo much for how to do this! I had no idea you could mute a tab!
  5. I Saw one there yesterday & Missed catching it, so I can say they're definitely dropping there.
  6. I always put my eggs in Valley Sherwood. Sometimes I'll wait if the view bombers are attacking, but most of the time I have no trouble with it. This is pretty much what I did to hatch out a pair of Green Siyats. I put them in VS & they gained enough views to make them incuhatable at 5 days (I used incubate to knock a day off). It's pretty much what I do with all my eggs. I also make sure to ward my eggs when trying to hatch them early, just to help keep them from getting sick. Anyways, if they don't hatch right away, maybe the hole isn't big enough or there's just a crack in the egg at 5 days, I'll slowly add them to Hatching club, Allure of Neglected Dragons, Silvi's Lair. If I need them in a hurry to hatch, I'll also add them to Evina's low time viewer only. They generally hatch just fine after that. To get a Blue Siyat, I left them in Valley Sherwood, adding them to other sites if needed & they all hatched normally at 4 days. Purples were the hardest for me, as I kept them fogged until they were 1 day 23 hours & then warded, before ERing them. Good luck!
  7. I sent a TON of Wyrms to the AP yesterday, some pretty, some MESSY, cuz I was just randomly churning them out. I still have a ton more to breed and this time I'll make them pretty.
  8. Thank you, HeatherMarie. I did PM them to explain my scroll goals to them, and I really appreciate your comment, because if I were to stop and collect something I don't want, that only leaves me with 4 egg slots (I'm currently trying for another Purple Siyat) to get what I do want. That is frustrating to have to suddenly change my game playing for a "reward" I'm not even guaranteed to get.
  9. These are all really good things to do & if I wasn't behind on my scroll goals, I'd probably breed some Xenos for a raffle ticket, but I'm egg locked and getting Purple Siyats are a higher priority along with getting all of the new releases that I still need. Before with raise 3 dragons, it was easy to do.With this new randomness, it's not. It feels like an unnecessary diversion that not only affects myself, but others too.
  10. Thanks for the quick replies! I still find it unfair, since it does impact my playing style. I collect 8 pairs of CBs of each dragon as they come out, exceptions being Holidays that limit you to two, plus I breed another pair from my CBs. And thanks to Purple Siyat's breeding habits (you need to practically neglect it to get one), I'm behind. So now in order to participate in this month's raffle, I have to put all that on hold to raise something I don't want at this time just to participate (Killing and/or releasing those dragons just makes it a colossal waste of my time). At the risk of repeating myself, from where I'm standing that's not a level playing field, for myself as well as others, who only collect a pair of adults and both stages of hatchies. It favors those who like to collect whatever dragon they can get their hands on at the moment, and especially those that build lineages, because they can do what they normally do.
  11. Does anyone knwo why they changed the raffle requirements? It used to be raise any dragon to adulthood & now it's raise a Wyrm to adulthood. It doesn't seem fair that I have to put my scroll goals on hold to raise a couple of dragons I don't want or need in favor of those I actually do want and need. Sitting this month out really isn't fair to myself or others in this position, and I'm wondering why it went from a level playing field, where EVERYONE had an equal shot at it, to now excluding those who have different styles of playing.
  12. Slightly off topic, but... Why is the cave still under maintenance when things are dropping?
  13. Thanks, Ruby Eyes. I see I should have waited another day, before unfogging my eggs. Also, Mods, sorry about the double post.
  14. Oh... thanks, Lagie. So I should have waited another day.
  15. Anyone know how to get Purple Siyats? I had 2 eggs that I kept fogged until they were 2 days & like 9 hours? and they hatched out Blue. Not that I don't need Blue ones, but I would like to get Purple without having to trade stuff I don't have for them, like 2nd gen prizes & CB Golds. When they first came out someone said hatch them at less than 3 days to get one, or maybe I'm mis-remembering? Thanks in advance for the help!
  16. Thank you, Sirithiliel and schmupti for your explanations! They really helped! *makes some notes*
  17. Can someone please explain how to get the Blue & Purple Syat dragons? Like in simple terms without using math. Thanks. After looking at so many explanations here, I'm totally confused.
  18. Thanks! You too! Wow! I guess I should be glad I missed it? Hopefully it turns out to be something easy as I'd love to have all the colors! I saw one of TJ's grew up and the adult is rather pretty!
  19. Yeah? That's good to know. So if I don't incubate my eggs (in my latest batch) they should hatch blue? Interesting... Getting a purple is going to be hard, as I like to ahtch my guys as soon as possible. Thanks for letting me know this!
  20. I just saw a blue hatchie over at Valley Sherwood. It seems they're color coded to the day. Those that hatched on the 31st are green, those on the 1st are blue & I bet tomorrow any that hatch then will be purple. So while easy in theory to get all as CBs, it is kind of a pain to sit there & figure out when to grab/breed eggs in order to get the color you want.
  21. What an awesome surprise! I'm glad I was able to drop my eggies for these! Had some low time Shimmers as trade fodder, but since they were bred by me, no worries! And they were pretty easy to get too, which is always nice! Thank you TJ & Spriters!
  22. I have 2 Gustitch eggies! I don't generally do breeding projects, but this one looks like fun!