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  1. After an exchange of PMs with SockPuppetStrangler, a restriction has been put in our trading and gifting thread to disallow trading 2nd gen golds, silvers, coppers, prizes and avatars in that thread. Hopefully it's going to be temporary until another solution can be worked out. I do know that second gens are an important part of building even gen lineages and lineages to build checkers with metals are so pretty. Please bear with us as we work toward solutions that will help us reclaim the thread's purpose in helping people build nice even gen lineages. I know some of you guys are not going to like this change. I'm sorry, but it's the best we could think of for the time being. I'm posting notice here so you all have a head's up. Thank you all for your support and generally being awesome. ~Fiona BlueFire
  2. I'm stepping in here with a concern that has been brought to light. It doesn't directly affect this thread, but as you all are awesome even gen aficionados it may have an impact. It seems our Even Gen trading and gifting thread has become almost completely overrun with rare trades, to the point that people wanting to gift or swap nice even gen commons find themselves without offers. The whole purpose of that thread is to support building even gen lineages. Some options are to disallow cb and 2nd gen trades in that thread. I'm hesitant to take that course of action because cb and 2nd gens are important building blocks of even gens, but it's an option. I am going to post something on the trading and gifting thread, but I'm also looking for suggestions on a way to get that thread back on track so it is once again a useful resource for people building even gen lineages and not just another thread for people to use for hunting rares. Also, a further note. I don't check the Generation Association inbox very often. If you want a timely answer, PM my personal inbox. Thanks, Fiona BlueFire Moderator, Even Gens threads.
  3. I've been seeing quite a lot of trade links and gifting links in this topic. Remember, those belong in our Trading Section topic here. Thank you for being awesome, and for helping keep this topic on topic and active. ~From Fiona BlueFire, topic mod.
  4. Hello, Fellow Even Gen Enthusiasts. Once again we seem to be suffering from a lack of attention from our thread moderators. Rather than once again seek new and active mods, I'm going to ask that you PM my own account whenever you notice posts here that don't belong. (You know the kind... they're posting anything that isn't even gen dragons) I don't have a lot of online time right now, but this should help me stay on top of things. We generally are fine here. The thread doesn't take a lot of close attention. However, there have been a couple posts lately that should have been reported that I didn't see in a timely way. So, thanks for all your help. You guys are a great bunch. ~Fiona BlueFire Thread Moderator for the Even Gens and Even Gens Trading threads.
  5. Welcome to the Even Generations Trading and Gifting Centre! This is a trading and gifting topic devoted to Even Generation dragons. Only Even Generation dragons are to be offered or asked for in this topic. As of June 26, 2014 a temporary restriction is being put in place to disallow 2nd gen trades of golds, silvers, coppers, prizes and avatars. Please DO NOT offer these as trades in this thread. This is also not the place to offer trades of CB dragons. (these have been disallowed for some time, but it bears repeating) -- as of February 5, 2015 I'm allowing 2nd gen Avatars to be traded in this thread. It's a move I was considering anyway, but with the closing of the Rare Trade Thread there's not really another place for them except the general trading thread. They're not drawing the huge prices they were, so they should be ok here. --- The purpose of this thread is to facilitate building Even Gen lineages. It has not been fulfilling this purpose, being overrun with low gen rare trades. Even Gen rares higher than 2nd gen are still allowed. Again, this is intended to be a temporary measure until the forum mods can decide on more permanent solutions. Second gens are an important part of building Even Gen dragons, but there are also other places to trade them. ~Thank you, Fiona BlueFire ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is an Even Generation Dragon? Simple; it’s when all the lines in the lineage goes back to the exact same point. There’s no “empty slots” somewhere in the lineage. For example: a Gen4 would have all parents, grand parents and great grand parents, and all the great grand parents would be Gen1/CB. How this thread should work: There are several ways to ask for or offer eggs in this thread. What you are offering: Straight up trade posts are the simplest way of offering eggs in the thread. Simply post what you have to offer, say what you would like in exchange, and then include a trade link. What you are asking for: The second way to use this thread is to post what you're looking for. Example: Say you're looking for a third gen checker with just whites and golds, like this. Then you'd post a Request. People who want to try to help you should PM you to work out details. What you just want a new home for: The third way you can use this thread is the simplest. Say you breed a cb white and a cb blue, and what you really needed was a blue egg, but they gave you a white one. Well, make a post here with a lineage link, so people can see what you have, and a claim link. Add any particular requests you have regarding the egg. And you're done. If you pick up an egg offered in such a free for all, it's ok to post and say you have it too. That way the person offering knows it went to someone who will appreciate it. Ok, now some of the technical business stuffs. 1. As always, respect DC's TOS and Forum rules. 2. You are only allowed to bump a post once every 24 hours. Hopefully, you shouldn't need to bump at all. 3. No begging. Asking "can anyone help with this?" is not the same as "gimme a gold/tinsel/other rare" 4. Only Even Generation dragons. If you post dragons that aren't Even Gen, it will be regarded as off topic, and therefore spam. 5. Respect each other and play nice, or I'll get the wooden spoon out. You don't want me to do that. Trust me. And lastly, this topic has been approved by the Powers That Be. It's the agreed upon solution to the issue in the Breeding thread. Thread Mods: Fiona BlueFire
  6. Projects currently going on in this thread: Open projects: WraithZephyr's open projects/requests list Personal projects, ongoing: Silver Checker - Infinis Icy Darkness - Infinis JaneMcAsh's projects If you want your project added in this post please mention that and make an "official" post in this thread to link in here. Remember to always keep a backup of your updates--the mods will make an announcement in the thread before requesting a wipe, but you can never be too careful. Additionally, if you prefer to keep your information about your lineages off-forum, we will still link them. Banners: [URL=http://tiny.cc/u6fd0][IMG=http://i38.tinypic.com/335b0p1.jpg][/URL] Made by Wiz [URL=http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=ST&f=29&t=113997&st=0#entry1829463][IMG=http://i823.photobucket.com/albums/zz152/Enalahs/EvenPerfectGens.png][/URL] Made by Enalahs
  7. Rules Change as of September 5, 2011 What is allowed in this thread: This is the thread to talk about our projects, to ask for or offer advice, and to show off our accomplishments. We can discuss anything related to Even Gens here. What is not allowed in this thread: Do not post offers to breed, or requests for an egg. Do not post claim links for eggs. Do not make lists of people wanting eggs from a pair of your dragons in this thread. We have a SHINY NEW THREAD just for sharing our beautiful Even Gen dragons! This is not a lineage. We don’t share a name on our dragons, or even the same kind of dragons. This thread is for people who are breeding (or want to breed) “Even Generations”. So what is Even Generation? Simple; it’s when all the lines in the lineage goes back to the exact same point. There’s no “empty slots” somewhere in the lineage. For example: a Gen4 would have all parents, grand parents and great grand parents, and all the great grand parents would be Gen1/CB. What is Perfect Generation? Perfect Generation is when you have reached a specific goal with your Even Generation-breeding. A Perfect Generation is always an Even Generation but with a bonus. For example; each and every dragon in the line is a Magi, or it’s all made up of Water/White-couples. A special goal has been achieved, more than just being Even Generation. Inbreeding would make things too simple. But it’s not forbidden if someone wants inbred dragons, there’s no stopping them. The point of this thread is to have somewhere to turn when you want to ask ]for talk about Even Generation dragons, or offer your own. And maybe talk a bit about your Perfect Generation projects. You will also be able to keep up your own list of what breeding pairs you have to offer dragons from. You make a list in a post and ask for it to be linked in the second post of this thread, that way it will be easy for you to go back yourself and edit your post with updates and changes. If you have dragons to offer and drop off it’s up to you to set special requirements if you have any. For example if you offer a Gen3 purebred Black and want it to continue the Perfect Generation. What I’m saying is that even if this is not a Lineage, that won’t stop you from having a lineage on your dragon. Yes that means that all “special” lineage-dragons are welcome in this thread as long as they are Even Generations. What is the Gaia Project? Image courtesy of Fiona BlueFire; image based on the Seasonal Lineage Project image. Gaia a special type of Even gen project. You use ONE each of *powers of 2 breeds* of breedable cave born dragon and then use them as your base stock to create your second generation. Once you have all of your 2nd gens paired up, you take the 3rd gen offspring and breed them. You keep going through the generations until you end up with a generation of only 1 dragon left as the ultimate generation. How many generations it will take totally depends on the number of your original base stock. If you refer to the above illustration, you see that all the first generation of dragons are different. Whether you count dragons with different forms as one breed or separate breeds is up to you. An example is Seasonals: either winter, spring, summer and fall are all one breed, or separate breeds. If they count as separate to you, then you could have one of each in your starting lineup. If they are one, you can choose one seasonal in your base. Other breeds that fall into this category are dorsals, nebulas and ridgewings, which each have two colors. Stripes are a separate concern, as only the white ones are cb (unless you are TJ) *Powers of 2: Some of you may not know exponentials, from math classes. Basically, the powers of 2 are what happens when you multipy 2 times 2, and keep doing that for awhile. 2 *1 (=2) is 2 to the first power. 2 *2 (=4) is 2 squared or 2 to the second power. 4 *2 (=8) is 2 to the third power. Basically, you need 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 or 64 different breeds to build a Gaia dragon. A six generation Gaia would need 32 different breeds. Even counting all the different forms of seasonals, dorsals and ridgewings, and including the two discontinued breeds and the different holiday dragons, there are not yet enough breeds for a 64-breed 7th gen Gaia. Other terms: Checkerboard Even Gens: A Checkerboard dragon is one where only 2 breeds appear in the lineage. All of the male dragons in a Checkerboard dragon are one breed, and all the females are the other. This is an example of Perfect Generations. When there are color variations of a breed, such as with the nebulas, whether a dragon is still checkerboard with variations is subject to individual interpretation, but strict interpretation says no. Example dragon -thanks to calankh for the lovely example. Purebred: (or PB) All the dragons in the lineage are the same breed. For Stripes, Dorsals, Seasonals, and Ridgewings, it's up to each person to decide if the different colors/seasons count, though in the general community generally they do count. Helpful Stuff! IvoryDragon432 was kind enough to share a blank even 5th gen. sheet for members to copy and use to plan out their own even generations. Thank you so much, IvoryDragon432! Blank Template Pedigree Generator Thanks to Spyro76 for this link. Plug in the names in the boxes, then hit "Get HTML Code" Moderators: Dragonwolf - PM Fiona BlueFire - PM NOTE: I hardly ever check the Generation Association Inbox, so PMs sent to that account would get faster answers sent to my personal account - Fiona BlueFire.