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  1. Picked up the Siyat and Yellow-Crowned, thank you @Dracaena and @Hazel360
  2. Have: 4G Stripe from Stripe M x Silver F checker Want: bloodswap please! 3-4G stripe m/f x silver f/mchecker https://dragcave.net/teleport/3243b611849d1becb2dc1126fe3703bc
  3. Guilty of mass breeding 2-3G PB stripes in one massive bunch trying to get the right colours for my stripe project. Would be a weekly thing except I'm very inconsistent with DC logins. If anyone needs 2Gs of specific colours, feel free to PM.
  4. https://dragcave.net/teleport/1560be92715dac4fb0bfc08d880ca509 PB 2G Blue stripe Posting for anyone interested in HP names I guess. Going to AP in 10 minutes.
  5. I've massbred 2G PB stripes to send to the AP these last few days while chasing specific colours. Sorry for the mini walls 😧 More a fence really haha.
  6. I managed to get Inoue Orihime and Ishida Uryuu O_O
  7. This is super belated (because I hardly ever log onto the forums anymore and only sparsely play DC) but I reached 7G for my Holly project after...4 years >>;;
  8. Got a Caveborn Gen One Tundra Girl up for sale PM me offers here or on FR (same username). Royal/Maize/Shadow - Water Flight
  9. Grats on the end of the high school era I applied for graduation last night for my Honours degree. The year of pain and enforced insomnia is finallee overrrrrr! Also, my parents are flying in today; I haven't seen them in a year and a half ;u; /bouncing For DC, I bred a 4G stripe from my holly project (right colour on the first go! I was laughing hysterically) that was 3 years in the making since getting the right coloured 3Gs took an eon @n@ Andandand, I got gifted awesomely beauteous pretties by Ae0nian and Ruby Eyes <3 *hugs them*
  10. Name : The Midnight Mayor Breed : Royal Crimson Mate/s : Electric Fail to produce : Electric Progeny : http://dragcave.net/progeny/q0yWa No really. Keep this up. Maybe I can get a DC Record for most number of a single breed in a row for a common x common pairing. Name : You can't save your friends Breed : Turpentine Mate/s : Electric Fail to produce : Electric Progeny : http://dragcave.net/progeny/bdsK1 And you. Competing for the same title too -___-
  11. Or or or or, we could perhaps have customisable columns? 8D I think the current width is good for standard laptop screens, expansion may make viewing be more difficult on smaller screens sizes.
  12. Av Creation in Life - because they embody Creation, which is half of what life is about. Plus the healing and growth aspects. Av Destruction in Life - chaos and death is the other half of Life as much as creation is. They need to balance each other out. I think the Fire association is there but it's kinda more symbolic to me since when one thinks of Fire, it's an element most would automatically associate with danger/mayhem/destruction/chaos. Otherwise we would be having an icy Av. of Destruction. Fire/heat is essential for life to thrive anyway. Av. of Change - this. this made me go hmm. Iunno. They have potent magic sure, but it doesn't sound like the magic has any elemental leanings. The way the fate is thing is phrased, it doesn't sound like it's definite that the scales can change fate either. Even so, Fate and Life may be linked, but they are two very different concepts. Abstaining from this for now until Fi gets more info.
  13. It's already been suggested that the counter be invisible to everyone but yourself, and I do think it should be that way. Then the dragon should be no more or less "popular" than before, when people browse scrolls randomly to view dragons. If your scroll name is displayed, and people like it enough to PM, it's not going to stop anyone from contacting the owner with or without a like button. I'm ambivalent on this idea. I don't really mind either way whether it's implemented or not.
  14. Got on the list for the first time I had a thuwed back before the thuwed page was created, I may finally be able to give her a mate now! <3 Picked Any Pair, since the slots would likely have run out by the time I decided
  15. YES Frostbite in Life - appearance is seasonal, tied to nature - seems to be able to make snow/frost, and contribute to snowfall Water suits these guys too, but I lean towards Life more, since they actively contribute to wintry season weather and revel in it. YES Falconiforms in Fire - breathing fire alone isn't special, but fine control of heat? yesss. suggests that they actively use flames, adapting and modulating heat as and when is needed - Implied flame retardant, highly heat-resistant hides; gotta have these if they can generate such high temperature flames without hurting themselves
  16. Passing on round 3 as well. Thank you for the wonderful pretties everyone
  17. Searching for a common mate for my checkered holiday for months, then realising only today that I had one. Since 7 months before I got the holiday even. Wow. /epitome of fail
  18. Second Round choices - 13, 14, 15 Consecutive numbers for the win
  19. Grats on getting that Magi! Maybe they can set an example for these pairs of mine. At least you already know with common x metal, metals are unlikely, but commons-squared have no excuse! None!
  20. /after much deliberation In order: 10, 21, 19, 13 If I'm understanding the drawing system right, this is the first of three rounds and everyone gets an egg from each round?
  21. Ooh, mystery eggs, I'm all for Kinder surprises! I'm all for shiny-kins normally, provided they're even-gen But yeah, I can visualise now what you guys mean by how including non-shinies would rapidly make drawings crazy(ier).
  22. Putting the unique-ness of strains aside, in the end, the real importance is that they want to produce unique neurotoxins. At least, that would be the logical assumption I'd make for why they would go to the trouble of causing mutagenesis (which would have to be random, I don't see a consistent way of introducing targeted mutations when the strains they initially start off with are going to be different with different genomes) in the bacteria in the first place. To me, it makes no biological sense for them to be immune to only the neurotoxin from their own bacteria, especially when there's no telling what type of neurotoxin their bacteria are going to end up producing in the first place if they have such a diverse array of strains. It's far more likely that their own toxin is poisonous to even themselves regardless of whichever strain is producing it but Fevers have a common system of storing the toxin to remain unharmed, the way you don't see snakes killing themselves with their own neurotoxic venom. --- My metals were mostly on strike T_T But! I do have these to offer for the drawing :DDD http://dragcave.net/lineage/mSl4U http://dragcave.net/lineage/ZMdLP Also, not a shiny, but shiny lineage if it counts? http://dragcave.net/lineage/qUm6J
  23. Didn't see this until now ;; /needs to be more attentive I'm pretty bad at explaining but I'll try anyway >>;; Pumpkins are a very specific type of fruit that Pumpkins need to live (and hey, it's even their name!). Squash is a really close cousin of pumpkin. Like pandas eating only certain types of bamboo and koalas certain eucalyptus. If pumpkins were dragons that needed to live in any type of fruit, from pumpkin to jackfruit to durian to watermelons to uh giant tomatos, to me that doesn't make them any more special than frugivorous dragons that only survive on a diet of fruits. Take that reasoning and apply that to the diversity of bacteria that Fevers cultivate. Symbiosis isn't restricted to Fevers if the DC ecosystem is anything like ours; it's just that the Fevers make use of bacterial byproducts (venom) to defend themselves.
  24. Joining! I'd see if my metals feel generous enough once I unlock P: