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  1. Anything and everything. Especially Linkin Park. Particularly Leave out All The Rest, Valentine's Day, and Shadow of the Day. Oh, and Love Games. (my friends sing that around school constantly... but only the 'disco stick' part. ;_; I should stop hanging out with them. ;_ And Fall for You, Starstrukk, and Don't Trust Me. And whatever my friend Tyler sings. I don't know why, on that one. His VOICE gets stuck in my head. Wut?!
  2. Candy-Apple Jello Whaaaaaat? His parents were Lydia Cider and Michael Gelo (I'm assuming gelo = jello?) I kept with the food theme. >_<
  3. tWEy- will be Twoey. Cookies for anyone who gets the reference.
  4. 9Kft will be It's Over 9k. I just got him!