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5dmau9.gif<--- My Scroll [My Brute]Wishlist: Blunas, Chicken, Holly and Dinos..... Please gift i will give it a good home!!!ehnnzk.jpganim_9ed076b2-93a3-3934-f1f1-984c8b.gifThuwed.jpg2n0hhe.gifdcmentor.jpeg

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    California, USA
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    i like 4-H, FFA (I show animals in both *Horse and Pig*), Dragon Cave, the Inheritance cycle, Superman, Batman, Spider Man, Iron Man, Transformers, Twilight and all that fun stuff. Ya I know i am a tomboy. anyway go OHS!!! <-- best high school ever
    I live in the valley and a sort of farm(i have a horse corral and pig pin). I own 2 American Quarter Horses, 2 dogs ( 1 red Border Collie and a little white mutt), 2 cats and a fish :)

    Theres a little about me :)

    p.s. i am a total Superman/Smallville fan!!!

    If I have something that you would like that is on my scroll and you want it on your scroll i would be happy to try and breed it for you!!!

    (Gold, M/F Silvers, Alt Vine, sitting Alt Black, Chicken, Dinos, Thunder, Blunas and Vamps to raise/freeze and help complete my scroll. Any gifts would be greatly appreciated and go to a good home with a happy dragon family and a name :D)