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  1. Anyone available for another Cantormaris bounce? Thanks!
  2. Is anyone available for a Cantormaris bounce?
  3. Grabbed the jester, thank you!
  4. What does a CB Blusang go for? Any demand for these?
  5. Sending some flowers to the folks above me. My scroll name is argie
  6. Antarean Coral Frill-Gill Indigo Fire Mercury Pygmy Rain Regal Diamonds Willowherb
  7. Still at such a slow rate. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: argie
  8. I don't ever freeze hatchlings. Sometimes I see some absolutely precious hatchling sprites and consider freezing them, but then I realize that if I froze one hatchling, I'd probably end up wanting to collect frozen hatchlings of every breed. That wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that there are some retired breeds out there that I simply can't get frozen hatchlings of anymore. That would leave me with an incomplete collection, so I've decided to avoid freezing altogether. It's bad enough having only one frill (I used to only be concerned about one of every sprite; now I worry about
  9. Just picked up a CB bleeding moon hatchie in the AP that immediately grew up after I claimed her. That was easy.
  10. Highest views: 11,922 Highest unique views: 1,727 Highest clicks: 194 Lowest views: 760 Lowest unique views: 243 Lowest clicks: multiple with 0
  11. Just grabbed this. Red and black are probably my favorite two colors together.
  12. I picked up this one today. I love it. I also grabbed this a few days ago. Apparently I have another dragon on my scroll that has this same lineage included in its longer, much messier line. Distant relatives!
  13. I like the new look. The old one wasn't bad, but I felt that longer lineages were difficult to view. This version feels much more condensed and organized. I love how even gens look.
  14. I'd support a checkbox, though I don't really mind a dead egg or two with the rest of the breed on my scroll. However, I do feel your pain with the whole sorting thing, as I tried to do the same by organizing my dragons by gender after they were put by breed and finding that I would have to do it manually. And then, of course, I'd have to fix everything whenever I caught new eggs. So if you're bothered by organizing dead eggs, I can completely understand your wish for the checkbox. The easier for the user, the better, right? No need to waste time doing specific organizing because some other pe
  15. I picked up a red stripe egg in the AP and figured it would probably have a messy lineage, as many do. Pleasantly surprised to see that it was rather neat: http://dragcave.net/lineage/MMEdv Actually, that was quite the day for even gens. I picked up another even gen vine and an even gen bronze tinsel, both very nice. But I give the stripe props for being PB.
  16. So basically you're saying that when it reaches the hands of the new owner, the name is automatically erased? I think. I like that. It just makes everything a bit quicker for the user. And you could put a little warning at the top of the abandon/trade page that says something about your dragon losing its name one someone else obtains it.
  17. Well, lucky that I caught one during the first drop I was online for. Now to keep trying! I don't see them dropping at the five minute marks, only on the hour. Are you guys sure about that?
  18. For me, I'd say rarity and also how well it adds to what I've already collected. I'll probably keep most dragons if they're rare unless I believe I can trade it off for another rare thing that I don't already have. As for the adding to what I've collected, as you can see I have many more greens and red than some other breeds, most of them dating back to the time when they were still pretty common in the cave. That's because before "influence," all of my red dragons were becoming males, so I was constantly trying to hatch one that would finally be female. As for the greens, it was mostly me
  19. I think I joined in March of 08... so... my member number would be 3,809.
  20. Argie

    Site Down

    Oh my god, the pain. I remember that. "The cave is covered in fog, you can't see anything." Essentially those lines... for so long... it was awful! Anyway, thanks for informing us. Hope it can be back up soon. EDIT: lol the site beat me to it
  21. I tried for four or five zombies two years ago, I think, knowing that there was a chance of failure. Two of them became zombies (I think I was lucky enough that one was male and one was female, but I'll have to check), one was revived successfully, and the rest remained dead. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that once you managed to successfully revive a dragon, you wouldn't be able to do it again if you killed it again, so the one that lived was needlessly murdered. D: They were all pinks, which at the time seemed like a good breed to hoard up on. Now they have the influence BSA, though,