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  1. Reading the book, Ruu frowned. "So what happened to Nathaniel? Did he go back to Earth?" Beatrice was unlikely to know the answer, she knew. Ruu took the Cloud key out of her pocket and inspected it for a moment - Now she had it, did she just have to keep it safe? Did she have to visit the Metalworlders? So many questions. Twirling the key between her fingers, she watched the pattern that emerged with mild amusement. If a Cloudworlder had been given the key, why was it just laying around in the forest? And what happened to the Metal key? She sighed and put the key back into her pocket, "And I probably have to find the Cloud door, don't I?" ((Faaaiillll pooossstttt ))
  2. Quietly admiring the doors, Ruu nodded to Beatrice and stepped inside the Library. She had another moment of awe at the sheer height of the bookshelves and the clear glass ceiling with a clear view of the clear sky. Curious, she stepped forwards towards one of the shelves and pulled out a big red book with gold lettering. Ruu squinted at the words, then realised why she couldn't read it; It was in a different language, one that she would have started learning at school if it weren't for her great escape. Turning some of the pages, she found that the rest of the book was written in this strange language, and in the middle of the book, there was a beautiful illustration of a feather. The featherless girl traced along the lines with her finger, then carefully closed the book and put it back. (( THE GLASS IS CLEAR, OK?? ))
  3. (( Eh, not really Ruu's scared of dead things. And blood.)) The door that had opened distracted Ruu for a moment, and even after the palace guards, carrying black body-bags had passed, she continued to stare for a minute or so. That was the room.. The girl took a step backwards to stand next to Beatrice. What she'd imagined earlier was no where near as bad as what she could think up now. "Lets go." She mumbled, her voice shaking slightly. She wanted to get as far away from this situation.
  4. Ruu nodded, but stayed silent, still watching the doors with butterflies in her stomach. She took a hesitant step forwards, then continued to walk towards the building with a pained expression on her face. The girl paused, then waved to Beatrice to follow suit as she stepped inside. Ruu looked around the building in awe. From the outside, it was majestic, but from the inside.. It was of pure elegance. The mosaic floor tiles, if you took a step back, formed the shape of a crown, the crown that the King had once worn. One could easily tell because it was decorated with red and white jewels and diamonds that were centuries old. The girl blinked, then realised she'd been staring at the floor long enough to make others think she was a tad strange. She gave a cough and then raised her head, looking higher at the chandeliers and artistic wallpaper. Back at home, the best decorations they had were-- She spun on her heel as a door somewhere opened. Ruu was grateful for that, otherwise she would have thought about that place again.
  5. "Hm? U..Um..!" Ruu blinked a few times, trying to shut away the scary thing she'd thought of, "It's just really really sad." She mumbled, then felt childish for putting it that way. But it felt like the simpler she put things, the less real it felt. If she'd said something like "The despair and severe sympathy I feel for those in that room are overpowering," then she would have felt like she wasn't saying anything of any true importance. With her other arm, she reached out and hugged Beatrice back, watching as Sebastian walked inside. A new thought, almost as scary as the last, popped into her head. "Are.. Are they still?" Ruu struggled to find a way of putting it nicely, "Are they still in there?"
  6. Eyes wide, Ruu hugged her arms and looked at the ground. A scene, painted by the servant's words played vividly in her head. The King, someone she'd seen in news probably stood at the head of a big metal table. And his loyal scientists, conferring and sharing notes. They turn away from each other, nodding in agreement as one scientist takes a hammer and hits it against the small statue, the black ornament breaking on impact. And then a dark gas hisses out through the crack, blinding and immediately killing the hammer holding scientist. He stumbles back into the others, and then they breathe in the fumes and are taken over like rabid dogs, scratching and hitting one another. The King, now intoxicated, takes his sceptre and whacks another man over the head with it, then re-employs it as a cane, placing it under the man's neck and pushing him against the wall with it to strangle him until the life leaves his eyes. Letting the body go, the King moves out of the way, only to be knocked unconscious with a shard from the statue. He crumples to the floor, blood seeping out from the back of his head. Meanwhile, the other scientists have used a variety of objects to maim one-another. The King's sceptre is picked up from the ground and used as a spear, stabbing an already dead person in the face. The yells and screams are heard from outside the room, but then it suddenly grows quiet. One voice sobs bitterly, and then a dead silence. The girl shook like a leaf and took a step back, placing her hands over her ears as if they could block out the scenario playing in her head. "And worst of all.." She muttered unintentionally, They're still in there.
  7. Accepting Beatrice's aid, Ruu promptly met the ground in one small jump. She looked over to the door, listening as a servant spoke to Sebastian. She looked back at Beatrice, then back at Sebastian. It seemed something terrible had happened. Hitori had flown away once more, startled with the opening of the palace doors. The sparrow flew up high, perching on one of the ornate sculptures on the palace grounds.
  8. (( Dragons can pout? LOL )) Glad to be on the ground once more, Ruu breathed a sigh of relief and petted Snowpearl, scratching her behind the ear. "Good girl." The wingless girl looked up at the palace, admiring the glory of the building. It really was a spectacular place, and she wondered what it would be like inside.
  9. Ruu blinked and nearly squealed when the dragon suddenly stopped. Hearing Beartice's voice, Ruu said quietly: "Snowpearl, Can we land? Please? We've got some important stuff to do." Meanwhile, Hitori had flown back to Sebastian's shoulder, glad to be able to perch higher than anyone else. Being this high was convenient for the bird.
  10. "Ee--!" Ruu clung to Snowpearl as the dragon flew in circles, afraid that she would get thrown off. She heard Beatrice's instructions and didn't very much like the thought of hitting a dragon who was carrying her; What if she tipped her off? Biting her cheek, Ruu called out: "Stop, Snowpearl!" Hitori, seeing the CloudPalace, finally caught up with the others. The bird was starting to forget why she was following them. Food. Oh yeah.
  11. Ruu sighed in relief now she was back in the sky; She felt more used to then thin air and clouds than trees and water. A vague thought at the back of her mind made her wonder where Hitori was, but she reassured herself that the bird was probably fine back by the castle-place or something. Little did she know that currently, Hitori was flying on her own, slightly behind Sebastian. She'd appreciated his gentle wing strokes, but she preferred to fly. Hitori was annoyingly indecisive and fussy like that. The bird was unsure of where the odd flock were headed, but knew that they had food. And Ruu was with them. She had food too, sometimes. And food was good. Which was why Hitori followed the group. ((Yeap, simple minded bird ))
  12. Ruu nodded, then clambered onto the dragon. She was starting to do this with some ease now she'd had some practice. She looked to her shoulder, then blinked a few time in confusion when she found that the bird was no longer perched there. Hitori cheeped a few times, now curious as to where the food had gone. It was there, and then it was not there. The sparrow's simple avian mind puzzled over this conundrum for a few moments more, then came to the conclusion that she'd probably finished it. Ah well. Distracted for the moment, she looked up to the tall CloudWorlder near her, then with a rustle of feathers, flew up onto his shoulder.
  13. Ruu bit her cheek, restraining a thousand not so witty comebacks. If she said any one of them, then it would surely backfire. Finally she mumbled: "Actually, it was your sister who gave me the food, so.." She trailed off, hearing heavy footsteps. The girl turned, her nervousness forgotten now she had seen Snowpearl. Ruu tediously showed another quick curtsey to Sebastian and then ran to see the white dragon, forgetting the easily startled bird on her shoulder who had now fluttered to the windowsill near Sebastian. Ruu hugged Snowpearl's neck as a greeting, then quickly turned to Beatrice. "Thanks for bringing her over,"
  14. Ruu nodded shyly, the took some of the berries from the bag that Beatrice had. She ran outside, skilfully side-stepping before she ran into a puddle, then stopped at the tree once more. She held out her fruit-filled hand a second time, smiling now that the bird fluttered down eagerly. "Greedy thing." Ruu pet the bird gingerly with her free hand, then froze when she noticed Sebastian who was still looking at her. She felt her heart beat in her ears for a moment, then lifted the hand which held Hitori slightly higher. "We got her down," She called cheerily before setting the bird on her shoulder, only for it to nestle into her hair. Ruu blinked at this weird behaviour, then stepped back inside once more.
  15. Ruu took the towel and draped it over her shoulders, mumbling "Thank you". She nearly cried when Beatrice showed her the berries - She'd never met someone that considerate before. "Maybe.." Ruu looked out of the open door at the bird who was still sitting quite comfortably in the tree, "She doesn't usually come indoors though. Hitori's a wild sparrow.." She put a subtle emphasis on the "She", though she didn't blame Beatrice for not knowing; In fact, Ruu didn't even know herself whether the sparrow was male or female. She just preferred to see it as a "she"
  16. The little bird, shocked by the doors opening, fluttered up into one of the nearby trees. "No-no-no-no..!" Ruu said quickly, as if her words would get the bird to return. She stood at the base of the tree, afraid to look away in case Hitori left whilst she wasn't looking. The girl nearly shrieked when a drop of cold rainwater went down the back of her neck, then stepped closer to the tree for it's shelter. She called up into it's branches: "Hitori? They have food in there. And it's warmer. Dryer?" The bird remained in the tree, watching her uncomprehendingly. Ruu held a hand out towards the bird, hoping it would hop on like usual. Instead, startled by the sudden gesture, the sparrow flew away higher and out of sight. Rejected, Ruu's shoulder's sagged and she turned away from the tree, back into the start of a rain-shower. Looking back, she heard the bird cheeping. It had moved down a few branches, back to where it was before. As if it were waiting. The girl shivered, then walked back inside.
  17. Ruu looked up at Sebastian, then shrugged. "I don't think it will be too bad.." Cautiously, she moved towards the window that the man pointed out of. The wingless girl watched the raindrops with curious eyes "Well, maybe.." Her eyes suddenly focused past the droplets and into the forest outside. She blinked, then recognised the purple and brown feathered bird outside. "Hitori!" Ruu took a step towards the door, then turned, bowed, and mumbled that she would be right back, before running outside to see the sparrow. Ruu always felt a need to go straight to that bird if she ever saw it; she hated the thought of not ever seeing it again. (( Oh Em Gee I fail ))
  18. Ruu's face lit up when the woman mentioned the CloudPalace. She'd never been in there before, but she'd seen pictures from newspapers of the building. She turned to face the woman, nodding happily. She was glad to have someone as friendly as Beatrice to stand next to - Some people weren't as accepting. She glanced up warily at Sebastian, worried as to whether he was still watching her or not. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Oh, c'mon." Tarak looked at his feet, sighing that his replacement boots were already getting soaked in the clouds - This one was starting to turn grey. At times like these, it meant it would rain on the ground and the people atop of the clouds would usually be able to keep dry if they flew or went inside. Sighing, Tarak extended his white wings and flapped them a few times to get off the ground. An old lady peered out of her window at the man, smiling. White wings weren't so rare, but they weren't common either. The old people always thought they were good luck, but Tarak felt indifferent.
  19. ((Editing this post because it is an epic fail )) "I was chosen..? But I found it in a bush.." Ruu bit her lip, wishing she could think more clearly, "What if I wasn't supposed to..What if it's wrong?" She returned a worried smile to Beatrice. She twiddled the key for a moment, now grinning in amusement when the item gave off spiral shaped puffs of cloud. So... I have to go somewhere.. That's nothing new. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tarak stood warily at the edge of a cloud - There were no railings here. Over the edge of this cloud lay the Birding platform, and over the edge of that? A huge expanse of sky. If that weird old birder had said she'd been here, then there was a chance that she'd fallen off. Into the ocean, full of things unknown.
  20. Ruu looked up at the brother and sister as they sent each other glares. She tried to guess what the looks meant, but was then distracted when they started to talk about the key. She held onto it tightly. Was there something she needed to do? Most things seemed ok before she took out the key. Now they were talking about Metal Weavers and evacuation. The girl didn't understand most of what they were saying, so she stayed quiet. Ruu waited until they finished talking. She spoke with a dry mouth. "What do we do?"
  21. Ruu spoke quietly: "Um. Near a pub-bar place. It was shaped like a dragon.. There was a drunk guy with ruffled wings. I think he touched it." She flinched when Beatrice's brother spoke, then smiled when he mentioned the clouds. She reached into her waistcoat pocket, her hand brushing against the Quarts, and pulled out the key. She wrote her name in the air then watched as the clouds took shape. RUU. The letters faded, then she continued to grin at her toy. "Me and Snowpearl found it on the trail here. It's really cool," Ruu drew a smiley-face. She pretended not to have heard the rest of what Sebastian said. "Who is she" Seemed like an ominous question, to be honest.
  22. Tarak sighed, then shifted in his new replacement boots, for his old pair had been destroyed somehow. The children's park was full of.. Well, children. No teenagers. He turned and walked out once more, his heart heavy with worry. People were dying now. There was every chance that his sister was one of them. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Ruu's eyes widened. She suddenly remembered something that had happened the night before. Halfway down a busy street, the drunkard nearly tripped over something left on the ground. "Shilly girl. Dropped your dolly." He slurred a bit as he momentarily let go of Ruu's hand to pick up the figurine on the floor. "I.." She played with her hands, her heart sinking, "I think I nearly.." She trailed off. If she continued to tell her story, then Beatrice might have guessed that she hadn't gone home that night. She started to tremble slightly. The girl was glad to have gotten away from the drunkard, or else he might have tried to get her to hold it. But then again. He picked it up.. And now... Ruu blinked very quickly, trying not to think about the man's likely death for fear of crying. "--But I didn't touch it, so it's ok." Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed that Sebastian was still watching her. Maybe it was because she didn't have wings - Did she look weird? She turned so that her back faced away from the man. A curse, the most ironic curse.. She repeated the phrase that she'd made up to accompany her birthmarks, in her head. It really was ironic. She could tell why her Mother didn't see her as "One of her flock". Ruu was rarely mentioned to others when her parents talked business, though both of her brothers, Tarak and Ian were. The parents would speak of her siblings proudly, and tell their clients of how Tarak would one day take over the business. They were flight instructors. Ironic, much?
  23. Ruu blushed at having her hand kissed, then reminded herself that that was what Higher Up people did. "N,nice to meet you too, Sebastian" Ruu decided to take great care in remembering his name and face - She didn't want to slip up later and forget. The man had purple hair and dark wings, which were both as well-groomed as his sister's. She looked up at Beatrice, edging closer to her because to be honest, she was the only person Ruu knew well in the room. "What did you do up on the Birder's platform?" Ruu tried to make conversation. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The brown-winged birder's teeth whistled as he talked, and Tarak had to mentally repeat everything he said to understand what he was saying. "Ah den she go sit on theat bench overr there." Tarak nodded, keeping up with the old man, "Ah den she go sit there fo a loonng taem. Then ah went back to me birdin'" Tarak nearly shuddered at the old man's lack of grammar, but endured it. (( I tried and failed to draw Ruu... Sorry..))
  24. "Hm? No.." Ruu's face lit up on seeing Beatrice - someone she knew, along with someone she didn't. She took a few steps forwards towards the woman and the man who stood next to her, then tried to do her 'Bow-curtsy-nod' action. Higher people, don't make yourself look stupid. "I'm Ruu,"
  25. "Ah, it's no tro--" Ruu stopped talking when the girl snorted, retreating into an embarrassed silence. She watched as the girl took her plates, interested in her type of wings - She hadn't seen many people with butterfly wings before. They were almost as rare as those without wings at all. "Thank you for the food...And stuff," Ruu mumbled quickly to the old man and to the girl, not sure if it were even they who cooked it. She straightened her waistcoat and dusted her shorts, which were slightly marked due to sleeping on park benches and in trees. She was among higher people now. She had to at least look a little bit presentable.