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  1. (( Ok, I understand ^^ I'll wait a while 'till I post then because my brain is slowly running out of creativity too. HAPPEH HALLOWEEN! ))
  2. (( Ridge: Why don't you love me?? ;_; *sobs* Sparkeycat: *smacks* Keep it together! > )) Compared to Beatrice's and Tarak's white wings, Ruu's father couldn't help but feel almost Peasant-Like. He sighed, then suddenly perked up when the cloud palace came into view. The father and son landed at the entrance, where the main doors were. Tarak's father had always been a fan of beautiful places, and of Noble people himself; After all, he had performed aerobatics with a small troupe before royalty before. Tarak looked around, impressed but not changing his expression. First impressions were everything, and he didn't want to give the Noble People the impression that he was a raving mad tourist. Unlike his father, who just stared, wide eyed and open-mouthed at the building. "Miss Beatrice, would you care to show the way to my sister?" He asked cordially, not wanting to seem impatient. His father had seemed to have forgotten the true reason for being here.
  3. (( Oh gawd I'm running out of creativity! D: )) The father was about to stand up and protest when Beatrice mentioned the death of the king. He was silent and if he were wearing a hat, he would have taken it off in honour. "I..I'm sorry." He followed the woman's gaze out of the window, then blinked when she spoke once more, "I suppose I should go.. Tarak, Ridge? Are you coming?" Ridge shook his head and Tarak sighed. "Right. Let's go put our jackets on. Have you finished your tea, Miss de Loys?" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ((If you want, we can do the Time Warp again )) With a final swing of her legs, Ruu used the momentum to jump off the fence. She hummed a part of a song that was stuck in her head for a while now. " ♫ Somewhere in the midnight sky, A little star's shining.." She trailed off, her brow furrowing as she tried to remember the next part, "Last night in my dream I saw a little-- Tiny bird that looked the same. On this sleepless night, I sing this sad song alone, But.." Ruu smiled at last, despite feeling slightly irked that the song didn't rhyme. She sang the rest of it in her head, not wanting to say the words aloud, seeing as they couldn't be true. ♫ To-morrow, you can sing this with me, Flying high on the wings from my dream. ♫
  4. The eldest man sat down, his head in his hands, muttering. "Oh thank goodness," Tarak placed a comforting hand on his father's shoulder and frowned. "So she was with you?" The eldest son shot a glance at his little brother, "Did you tell her about..?" Ridge nodded shamefully, "I thought maybe.. Well, I told her about Mum and Ruu. And how we don't know if it's ok for her to come h--." The Father interrupted angrily, "What in blazes are you talking about! She belongs here with her family! You're not suggesting we just leave her, are you?" Both of the boys winced instinctively at their Father's angry tones. Tarak spoke up, "But you who knows what'll happen to Mum is she comes back? She might do worse." He realised that Beatrice was still there and smile apologetically, "I'm sorry about this - It must be pretty awkward for you to hear us bicker." He turned back to his father, determined to have the last word, "If she's got the Cloud Key like Miss de Loys says, then she has a job to do." ----------------------------------------------------------- Ruu watched the sky as it darkened slightly. She wondered about what she should do - It wouldn't feel right if she just waltzed back into the CloudPalace. She hoped Beatrice would come back soon, and tried to think about what was happening back at Home. Her subconscious had been trained to not think about That Place, but she needed something to occupy her mind. Ridge has probably said something out of turn by now. Mum's probably throwing things around, Tarak is taking notes, and Dad is probably... He's probably trying to make tea for Beatrice. And Beatrice is probably thinking "Why did I ever bother speaking to that Liar of a girl?" Swinging her legs, Ruu decided to try and think of something else.
  5. Ridge bit his lip, mentally cursing Ruu for lying to a noble person. Now Beatrice would think badly of his family, and it would be her fault. "I-It was nothing really too serious, Miss de Loys. Mum and Dad are breaking-up and Mum kept on starting fights with Dad. And she tried to hit him a few times-- Onlu when she was angry, though. Me and Tarak tried to stop her getting ahead of herself.." He looked upstairs nervously, lowering his voice, "I mean, she was okay back then. So me and Tarak were trying to stop her from throwing stuff and then Ruu joined in. And then Mum hit her and told her that she 'wasn't her child.' And then Ruu left. After a few hours, Dad and Tarak went out to look for her but they only saw glimpses, you know? "We thought she was just hiding at a friend's house or at the park. But then after a few days we just couldn't--" Ridge was cut off by the front door opening. There were stamping sounds as the two grown men took off their shoes. The elder man burst through to the living room first, a bearded man in his late forties. His wings were brown and speckled, but they seemed strong - They needed to be if he were to teach anyone. "Good day, Miss de Loys. It's an honour to have you in our household." The man said quickly, bowing his head. Tarak, the white winged man entered after him, then stared for a moment before breaking out into a tired smile. "So we meet again." ((BLARG. LONG. POST.))
  6. (( Um.. Yeah... ;; Of COURSE it was...)) Ridge shook his head, "Dad'll be here in a few minutes anyway. Miss Beatrice..?" He sat down next to the woman and played with his hands, a habit he'd gotten from his brother when he was nervous. "Me and Tarak and Dad were talking a few days ago. And we don't know what will happen to Mum if Ruu comes back." He sighed, "Mum only forgot Ruu after she ran away. Mum was really angry at the time and Ruu got scared--" He thought for a moment, then looked up at Beatrice, feeling annoyed. "My idiot sister hasn't told you anything about this, has she." --------------------- Ruu played with her hands nervously as she sat on a fence next to Snowpearl. "I wonder when she'll be back?"
  7. Ridge was speechless for a moment. His sister ran away for one week and now she's in the Cloud palace? Geez. I should run away - I'd be ruler of the world in seconds. "The cloud key? Ruu? But she doesn't have-- I mean, she's--" The boy trailed off awkwardly, then stood up and walked to the phone. Ridge sighed. "I'll call Dad. Sorry about all this.." -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tarak and his father had been asking people, searching in parks and under bridges for the girl when the father's phone rang. Tarak watched with concern at the conversation. Had something happened at home? His father gave him a triumphant look, the first he'd seen in a while, and they ran to the next Skybus Station. ((Hope you don't mind them having phones.. It's convenient for me ^^ ))
  8. (( *is cuddled* ^^)) Ridge nodded his head, "Dad remembers her. He's been panicking for almost a week now because she's been missing for so long. Him and Tarak are out looking for her at Dakhui.." He trailed off, realising she knew where his sister was, "Where is she? Where did you find her??"
  9. Nique smiled, only latching onto some of what Beatrice said. She gladly took the mug from her son and then quickly said: "Oh, I haven't introduced myself! I'm Nique Tact." The mother watched as Beatrice pointed to the wingless girl in the picture, "I wish I could help you, but I'm not sure who that little girl is--" "It's Ruu." Ridge interrupted from the doorway, trying not to glare at his mother for not remembering, "That's Ruu. Remember?" Nique looked up, her face confused and yet slightly angry. Despite knowing he'd angered his mother, Ridge continued, "You've got the right place, Miss Beatrice..." The boy looked at Nique, then sighed nervously, "I think you're tired, aren't you Mum? Maybe you should go rest a bit." The woman nodded and stood up, leaving the room silently without saying "Good evening" or even making eye-contact with those in the living-room. Now she was gone, Ridge sat where his mother had been sitting. He groaned, then admitted quietly. "Mum's not well. Like mentally. She's forgotten Ruu."
  10. (( *is comforted* )) Nique, Ruu's mother, didn't change her expression when Beatrice told her about the girl she'd found. "That's very nice... But I don't have a daughter." Ridge widened his eyes and looked at his mother, not sure of what to say. He glanced back and forth between the two women, then frowned. "I'll go make some tea for you and Miss Beatrice, yeah?" The boy gave a cough and left the room. Nique watched fondly then continued to talk. "I have two sons though, Ridge and Tarak. Tarak's an adult though, mind you. He's very busy these days but he never says why. He's got lovely white wings though." She rambled on about her eldest son, looking at a picture frame on the table. There were three children, one of them without wings. Nique blinked, not recognising the little girl, "Snowpearl's a nice name.. It's very pretty. Who is she? " -------------- In the kitchen, Ridge held his head in his hands as the kettle boiled. He had no idea of what to do now. He didn't want to put his family's name to shame by letting Beatrice Of Loys know the story. But then again, maybe she could help? He thought about what the woman had said. "I've been taking care of Snowpearl until I found Ruu. I am am not sure what your daughter has already told you about me." "But Ruu hasn't..." He replied, though to himself. Suddenly, it made sense. This woman had found his sister. So why hadn't she taken the child back home? The kettle behind him whistled, and he quickly poured the tea into the nicest mugs they had and brought them through.
  11. Ridge tensed when he heard his sister's name, trying to imagine what this woman's business was. She seemed pretty important, and he suddenly thought: What if this woman was coming to punish them for losing the brat? Or maybe she knew where she was? "Dad's not here just now, but my Mum..." He stopped halfway through his sentence. And my Mum's got a few screws loose. "Mum's in the living room. Uhm. But she's--" He looked over his shoulder worriedly as his mother called for him. He looked back at the woman at the front door, putting on a smile in order to be polite. "Right this way," Ridge led the woman through the front hall, mentally cringing at the shoes and bags cluttering the stairway. He paused to adjust the framed certificate his parents owned which officially allowed them to teach flight and enter their students for competitions. Pushing open the living room door, he called out: "Mum, someone's here to see you." The woman on the couch looked up from polishing a trophy, her eyes taking a moment to focus on the visitor. "Why hello there!" She smiled a tired yet genuine smile, unknowing of the situation at hand. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (( *Sob* ;_; My parent's dancing school that they owned shut down today. I had to hand out notices and stuff.)) "Naww, thanks" Ruu said happily, then pulled her notes out of her pocket. She reviewed them for a moment, then squeaked as a gust of wind blew them out of her hand. "Eep!" She ran after them, leaping for the ones that flew high first. The wingless girl was only able to catch a few before they blew out of sight. She walked to the ones on the ground, picking them up and trying to work out which ones she'd lost. ------------- There was a loud cheep as Hitori suddenly got hit with a piece of paper. She flapped her wings, wrestling with it as the wind blew it in her face. Finally, she pinned it down, standing on it so that it wouldn't be of any more bother.
  12. Ruu repressed a happy squeal when Snowpearl hugged her with her tail. The girl reached out and petted the dragon's head. "What do you think I should do, Snow? Beatrice has gone to my house, and I ran away from there." She took out the quartz to show the dragon, glad she couldn't speak or tell her secret. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ridge paced around the house, annoyed that he was left behind. "So that's just great, I'm left with.." He trailed off, not having the heart to insult his mother. The woman sat on a couch today, not moving unless she needed to eat or do housework. Ridge stood in the doorway to the living room, then cautiously entered. His mother was like some sort of bomb; She could explode any minute, sometimes laughing hysterically or cry or scream. She was fine before that argument with his sister. But now, it was like something had gone astray in her head. It was quite sad to see. Ridge spoke slowly and bent his knees slightly so his mother might hear him. "Mum? Dad and Tar have gone to Dakhui to find Ruu.." "Who?" The 17-year old frowned in worry, but then went to answer the knock on the door. -- An exhausted teenage boy with brown hair and dyed red and orange wings answered the door. Ridge blinked a few times at the woman standing there. "Ah, um. Hello?"
  13. "Sure, I'll go check on her in a minute. Have a safe journey." Ruu waved back and watched as Beatrice left. After she was gone, the girl pulled the quartz out of her pocket and held it up to the light as she pondered what to do. Beatrice is going to go to my house. And then she'll find out that I never went home. What can I do? I've bought myself some time, I guess, to dig myself out of this one. Finally finishing reading six books on mythology and prophesies, Ruu only knew that the door stayed in the same place and never moved. But seeing as the other clouds moved, that made no difference, unless you considered the land. In that case, it was kind of... West. A few minutes passed, the girl laboriously scribing her findings onto a little notepad. The page was blotchy and her hand stained in black ink, but she simply wiped her hands on her shorts and left the library. After asking some people for directions, the girl found herself near the dragon cave and called for Snowpearl, holding up the key to try and catch the dragon's attention. Would it help any if I left here with Snowpearl and looked for the door? Ruu screwed her face up and shook her head, telling herself that she'd agreed with Beatrice that she could come. And if she left with Snowpearl and she got hurt, Ruu probably wouldn't know what to do, not to mention that it would be stealing.
  14. "I'll stay here; It's less bother." Ruu smiled gratefully, though it was more of an apology for what trouble she might get into when Beatrice arrived at her house. The girl held up a book, "Maybe I can find the location of the door in one of these books? Ah, one sec." Ruu ran over to a desk in the library and grabbed a feather quill and some paper before scrawling out her address and hurrying to give it back to Beatrice. Ruu's handwriting was never really neat, but on this occasion, she put in a lot of effort to make it look legible at the very least. Her hand ached slightly and the paper had three scored out addresses from where Ruu had put in the wrong letter or made an N look like a R. 2780 Altarea Crescent, Saveoly ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally finished, Hitori looked up at Snowpearl and cheeped cheerily. She bobbed her head like a curtsey.
  15. (( Don't worry, RP's like this one can get resurrected so long as people KEEP POSTING.))
  16. (( Oh dear? )) Hitori tweeted in alarm when the dragon shook her wing, and took off once more, flying to the ground. The bird cheeped again when Snowpearl returned and pecked at the berries, enjoying the quality of the fruit. Her tail feathers twitched happily. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When Tarak got home, he was surprised to find everyone else waiting for him-- Well, not quite everyone. His Father ran to him. "Any luck?" "She was apparently in Dakhui." Tarak said, "The birding village?" "No," The middle child, Ridge said sarcastically, "The planet." The two older men shot him a glare, then continued their discussion. Dakhui was the only lead they had so far, and Tarak told his Father how there were potentially dangerous statues around. "You need some help, then?" His father said, running to get his jacket when Tarak nodded. The two men opened the door and took to the skies, leaving Ridge behind to take care of the house and the woman inside it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ruu's eyes widened, but she stayed quiet for a moment. What do I do?? Do I lie? Tell the truth? What will happen if I tell the truth? She'll be angry. Maybe she won't let me look for the other key people? Could I do it by myself? Finally, the girl looked up at Beatrice, smiling slightly though it didn't fit the situation. "I'll give you the address, but I won't be going with you."
  17. "That's good." Ruu played with her hands, watching her feet. What would they do next? Would Sebastian be too busy? --------------------------- Hitori flapped her wings in triumph when she caught the dragon's attention, then flew forwards, landing on the arch of the elegant beast's wing. ((Writer's block -.-;)
  18. Ruu nodded, putting away some of the books that she and Beatrice had taken out during their search. "What's he doing anyway? Sebastian, I mean." --------------------------------------------------------------------- Hitori fluttered towards Snowpearl, the white dragon from earlier. Perching on a nearby gate, she cheeped a few times for it's attention. She had nothing in mind, except from food, which was the only reason Hitori ever made a sound.
  19. (( )) Ruu beamed when Beatrice mentioned accompanying her; She'd been secretly wishing that the woman would ask to come. Ruu didn't want to go alone into other worlds with scary MetalWeavers (As immature as that sounded). "Of course! I'd really appreciate your help.. I'd probably go and get lost or say something to anger the other worlds if I went alone.. On that note - CloudWorld is massive, so what about the other worlds? How can we find the others in a place so big? What if they're as paranoid about MetalWeavers as we are here?" She paused for breath, but inhaled some dust by accident and coughed for a bit before continuing. She held up her Key, "I mean, we could pass a Key Holder and never even know."
  20. (( Um Yeah. DON'T JUDGE ME! >.< )) Ruu paused at a page in the book she was holding. Squinting slightly, she read aloud: "But as the prophecy foretells in every world, the k,key keepers will come together, and be able to over throw the Metal Weavers, and restore peace to the worlds. When peace is r,restored too, the prophecy says that the doors will be kept open so as the citizens of each world will be able to cross the worlds freely, to unite the seven worlds." She stumbled over her words - Ruu was never really a confident reader. She held up the book to show Beatrice the cover, "This it?" She pieced together what the passage meant as shortly as she could. She would have to find other people with keys in other worlds to team up and beat the Metal Weavers. And then everyone can go to any world they like. She smiled- That made some more sense now. (( PLEASE SOMEONE HIT ME ALREADY D: ))
  21. (( Gah. Brain.Not.Working. Sorry if my post makes no sense.. To find the Prophesy? Like a book? Dear God, I fail >_<)) "We could start with the Aurelians?" Ruu frowned in confusion, picking up a book and leafing through it. She tried to get her head around the concept of the prophesy and what needed to be done.
  22. Ruu wondered what this "Ring" that Beatrice spoke of was. She tensed when Beatrice mentioned wings and then looked at her feet. She was used to comments like that from her Mother, but she felt happy that Beatrice had at least apologised. "It's ok," She looked up "And it's Fish, not Fishes." The wingless girl stuck her tongue out jokingly to try and lighten the atmosphere, "So now what? We go find the door?"
  23. Ruu shook her head, "It sounds like a kind of vehicle or something... It's in a cloud shaped like a key??" Ruu peered down at her key which looked like a cloud, then started to giggle. No, a key can't also be a door. It doesn't work like that. "I would hate to live in Waterworld. Too dangerous, you know? You have to be really good at swimming to go there and practically no-one is."