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  1. (( That's ok - I might be able to help you though. Do you have AVG (antivirus software)? If so, right click on it and get it to scan your PC. My Dad's job is fixing computers so I'll try and help in any way I can ^__^ ))
  2. Ruu blinked. She hadn't known that people could get tired of flying. Holding on tightly to Snowpearl, she nodded and moved up somewhat so that Beatrice could join her. The wind whistled, messing up Ruu's hair. "So how long do you think we have left?" ((LETS. DO. THE. TIME. WARP. AGAIN!))
  3. "The shattered people.. Fun fun fun," Ruu sighed, remembering that that sort of place was quite far away. "What are we waiting for, let's get going!" The girl said brightly before changing her tone and meekly asking,"Snowpearl, can we go? Please?" Ruu thought it would be nicer to make sure the dragon was okay with it first.
  4. (( That's fine, I know how you feel )) Ruu wasn't sure if she would get much sleep that night, but the moment her head touched the pillow, she was out like a light. At the dragon cave, Ruu looked around nervously - She wasn't sure if she wanted Hitori to come on this journey or not. The bird was nowhere to be seen, anyway. Petting Snowpearl on the head, she clambered onto the dragon.
  5. Ruu felt a bit unnerved about people arguing over her back. She listened to Beatrice's explanation for her wings, wondering if she really wouldn't be able to hide her wings, if she had them. She also wondered how a lack of wings could be appropriate - But nonetheless, Beatrice seemed angry, and so Ruu decided not to question her. She nodded and stood up, buttoning her waistcoat back up before following Beatrice out of the room.
  6. (( Ooh I saw that episode last night! It was really creepy! D: ))
  7. (( Quiet, you. The page I saw was full of colour... Um, let's just go for doctors)) Ruu nearly ran away with that (innuendo-ish) comment, but then she realised she was wearing shorts. She pulled them up a bit higher and showed the healer her knee. "You see. There's nothing--" She was interrupted by the man tapping at it with one of those strange hammers. The man nodded, "Your legs seem to be fine." "So I can go, yeah?" Ruu was eager to leave as soon as possible, but the man shook his head. "We need to do a few more tests, and.." He stood up and placed a hand on Ruu's back, trailing off. "... There really is nothing there! How interesting. Uhm," he coughed, "I'll need to perform a medical check on your back." Ruu sighed - It was the most patheric excuse ever, but she could see he was itching to see what might have caused such a phenomenon. She nodded. "Make it quick, okay?"
  8. (( Omfg I just saw the super school thingy - Everyone's typing in colour!! I may join for this reason and this reason only. Are healers just meant to be like doctors or like.. Mystical beings in cloaks?)) A young man gestured for Ruu to come forward as Beatrice walked away. Ruu frowned, playing with her hands nervously. The man blinked a few times in surprise when he redgistered that the girl had no wings. "Uhm, I just jumped from a tree and now Beatrice wants to make sure I'm ok," The man nodded, still staring. Ruu sighed. Here we go again.
  9. (( I don't watch Doctor who.. Laura! They've been stealing your ideas from your head again! *picks up a plank of wood* Right, you silly BBC.. *Runs after the producers with said plank* )) Ruu nodded obediently, worried slightly of the consequences that might occur if she argued any further. She ran slightly to keep up with Beatrice. "You said something about luggage... We're not going to be dragging suitcases around, are we?" She nearly laughed at the thought. Nearly. (( AND BLARGH. Fail. Someone go hit me or something.))
  10. Ruu nodded to most of what Beatrice said, but then started to enthusiastically shake her head when the woman mentioned having her knee looked at. Ruu never liked going to doctors or being checked over - Someone always made some sort of comment about the lack of wings and how they were hindering her. "Really, I'm fine. I can jump quite high. Look," The girl stretched her leg and kicked the air a few times to demonstrate. There was no pain. "But I agree we should wait... What world is it we go to first?"
  11. (( Uh, I've only really been able to keep up with the stuff in cloudworld: Right now the world is being creepily killed by statues which killed people by touch. Ruu and Beatrice are about to go travel to the next world.))
  12. (( X3 lets just go to the next world..)) Ruu blinked a lot, then stood up slowly and stretched her knees, wincing. "A-Ah-Ow... I think I'm okay." She tested her knees again - They weren't physically injured, they just hurt a bit. She hadn't expected that height to hurt her. She'd jumped from eight foot before and came out okay. She passed the papers to Beatrice, "That's the great thing about not having wings. It means I get used to falling." She meant it both literally and metaphorically.
  13. "Ohh!" Ruu's eyes focused on the bird, then ran towards her, assisting the sparrow with the paper, "This is the paper with the altitude and door size.." She nodded a thank-you to Snowpearl, flinching as the sparrow flew towards Beatrice and the dragon now she was liberated of that paper. "And then.." She pointed to a tree, seeing a piece of paper in it, though unsure of whether it was really the picture she was looking for. She put up a finger to signify that she would be right back, and ran towards the tree, rubbing her hands together before climbing it. Not having wings had allowed her to gain skill in this sort of area, and she expertly scaled the tree. The branch with the paper stuck in it was quite far away from the main body of the tree, and Ruu whimpered quietly at the thought of climbing out to get it. Cautiously, she scooted along the branch before finally snatching the paper and cheering at her achievement. And now, to get back down again. It suddenly occurred to the girl how high this tree was. "Eep.." Slowly, she clambered back down again, jumping the last 10 ft and jarring her knees slightly. But still, she had the paper now, and they could finally get going. ((This high, in fact.))
  14. ((Sorry it's taken me so long to reply. I are lazy and tired and stuff)) Ruu nodded, "Okay.." She turned and started to walk towards the dragon cave, hoping she knew which way she was supposed to go. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Hitori struggled with a piece of paper which had somehow gotten stuck to one of her tiny talons on her foot. She stood one one leg, shaking it whilst perched on a fence near Snowpearl.
  15. ((Thanks )) "I was looking at them by Snowpearl's dragon-placey and then the wind took some of them." Ruu played with her hands nervously, "I think it said some stuff about the door. Like it said something about it being a white cloud all the time, even at night. There were some co-ordinates for where it usually drifts to, according to the position of the suns and things like that. But I think I have some of those notes. Just the ones about the altitude and size of the door are missing, I think. And a picture."
  16. (( Don't worry - Because you hadn't posted I decided to revise so now I shall pass my tests because of you )) Ruu watched as the siblings embraced, but was secretly glad that Sebastian didn't try to hug her. It would have been awkward. "Good luck with your.." She struggled to remember what Sebastian's business was now, "....Life..?" She ducked her head embarrassedly with this pathetic answer and waved quickly before making a swift exit, stage right. ((AND OMFG THERE ARE SPARROWS NESTING ABOVE MY FRONT DOOR! <3 <3 ))
  17. Ruu stood near the door as Beatrice talked to her brother. The girl wasn't sure what to say and therefore stayed quiet. ---------------------------------------------------- Tarak landed a few feet away from the front door and then turned and watched as his father followed, flapping backwards in the last few seconds so to slow himself down. The younger man then faced the door and opened it. "We're back," (( Tired and cold because of Bonfire night D: My hands are too numb to type!))
  18. Ruu nodded, trying not to think about what Sebastian might say; She didn't think he liked her very much. "Lets go then... Um... You lead the way." Ruu laughed nervously, not having any idea of the way this building worked. ((Sorry my post fails - I'm quite tired and I'll probably add to it later))
  19. After the two girls had left, Tarak turned to his father: "Well that was nice of Be-- What's wrong? Dad?" The elder man was holding his head, groaning. "I'm... Fine.. Just got a headache. Let's just go home now." He grunted, and Tarak nodded, watching his father worriedly; Something was wrong here... -------------------------------------- Once they'd gotten far enough away from the room, Ruu let out an unbelievably big sigh of relief. She looked up at Beatrice, then asked: "Now what? Where to?"
  20. (( o.o I'll edit if you like.. Should I have their Dad be influenced by metal-weavers? X3)) Ruu's father stood up abruptly and walked to the doorway, suddenly giving Ruu a hug. The girl stood still, not making any effort to return the embrace. "Dad, let go." Her father did so, his hands shaking. She could see that he wanted her to stay, but Ruu couldn't give in. Tarak sighed, "Well, you go do what's right. Come back safe, ok? Beatrice, I wish you the best of luck. And all that." Ruu stared up for a moment, then reached into her pocket and brought out the Quartz from when she'd been on the ground. She placed it into Tarak's hand and mumbled, "Ok. Thanks." She looked up at Beatrice, "Should we go then?" ((THERE'S ANOTHER MONSTER-SPIDER IN MY ROOMMMM!!! D: It's like they follow me! And they always go in my shoes! DX))
  21. Tarak, hearing a knock, stood up and opened the door to the room. His eyes took a moment to adjust to the change in light, but then he made out the silhouette of Beatrice and that of a young girl hiding behind her. "Ruu?" Hearing his daughter's name, her father stood up and joined Tarak in the doorway. He glared at the girl, his face tired. "Well, you've led us on a merry dance, haven't you?" He grinned, but it wasn't a friendly grin. Ruu shrank away from her relatives, feeling awkward. "H,how's Ridge?" "Ridge is fine, Ruu. What have you been up to?" Tarak answered gently, frowning as his father walked back into them room (Muttering : "Since when was Ridge ever fine?" as he threw his hand up critically.)Ruu shrugged, wondering how she was supposed to answer, "Not much. Nearly got abducted by some weird drunk guy, but he's... Gone now.." Her expression dampened, remembering. She watched her father worriedly, Dad was never like this. He's always happy. And I've made him change. "I've got to go and find a cloud door," Ruu mentioned quietly for the sake of something to say. Tarak nodded. "When Cloudworld is safe, and everything is good, everyone will have you and Beatrice to thank. And I'll be able to say: "That was my sister!" " "But it's not like Mum's ever going to know." Ruu's voice thickened, her eyes blurring at those words. She hated this! She didn't want to feel attached to that woman! Yes, it was a shame, but she had to stick to her guns and this was the way to go...! Tarak blinked at his sister's sudden deterioration. He was never good around people when they cried. The girl furiously rubbed her face with the back of her hands, then looked up with a dry face. "But she doesn't need to. I've come to say goodbye until we're done with this thing. That's all."
  22. (( Nope, your post is TOO good )) Ruu blinked when Beatrice lifted her head, finding it slightly ironic that she'd said that the world wasn't ending, when it probably was. She felt too guilty to be cheeky and point this out, so instead, she nodded. "... I got some notes on the door and stuff, but I lost some of them." She said, trying to fill the silence.
  23. ((*Stares at post* Oh lord..)) Ruu's heart sank at the tone of voice Beatrice used. She hadn't meant for her to take her lie personally; she simply needed to make sure nothing could force her home. "I-It wasn't that I didn't trust you! I was scared that you would look down on me if I told you the truth right away..!" She found herself blurting out, then quietened down to let the woman finish. Her eyes widened when Beatrice mentioned that she'd brought Ruu's family with her. She blinked rapidly, trying to prevent herself from crying for the first time since she'd left home. "I..." The girl sighed, then looked at her feet, "Let's just go and get this over with."
  24. Ruu tensed as her name was called, panicking about what would happen if she lied again. She considered calling out "Nope." and snorted in laughter, in spite of herself. Oh sugar. The girl clapped her hand over her mouth, then smiled embarrassedly up at Beatrice, trying to pretend it was a game of hide-and-seek. "You found me."
  25. (( Okie Dokie, Mah Creativiteh has returned >:3 )) Tarak nodded, he and his Father sitting obediently on the couch. After the woman left, Tarak's Father finally snapped out of his daze and asked: "What do you think she will do when she sees us?" Tarak shrugged, "Maybe she'll want to come home. If we're lucky." ---------------------------------------------------------- Ruu, at the Dragoncave, heard footsteps and ran to Snowpearl's side. The girl had no idea who she hoped the footsteps belonged to; Best case scenario would be Beatrice, unless she was angry. Worst case scenario would be her Mother. Either way, she hid behind Snowpearl in anxious, yet guilty fear. ((Oh Lord, the weather for Scotland is just one big RAIN CLOUD today D; ))