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  1. (( I was going to if you hadn't replied by saturday >_< And I'm finding it a bit hard to get my head around what's happening in this scene ._. )) Ruu glanced up at Beatrice, unsure what to do. What would it mean to close the door? To trap the Metalweavers in with their own people. But then again, the people of Cloudworld wouldn't be able to escape anyway, unless they found the door. And if the Metalweavers found the door first, they would spread terror in Nightworld also. She could sort of see the Council's point of view. They simply wanted to save themselves. The girl nodded slightly, stopping half-way through because she was not exactly a person of power - a representative of her home world would be more suited to Beatrice, who had a much higher status (and understanding of the way the universe works) than her. I shouldn't be the one making such a choice.. "What do you think, Beatrice?" ((FFF fail post ))
  2. (( I was so lonely ;_) Ruu grit her teeth, restraining from complaining; she needed to be careful not to say anything offensive. "But that's the reason why we went through the door in the first place - if we wanted Cloudworld to be hurt by Metalweavers, then we wouldn't have come here." She looked at her feet, and spoke quietly so that if she were wrong, maybe none would hear her. "We need help. We need to find the others.." She blushed bright red at this admission, then looked at the door. She wondered if they would get the help they needed, or if the Nightworlders had other plans.
  3. ((*Prods Laura with a stick* Also, Chocolate, what was hard to explain to me? You said something about something being complicated and I'm not sure what you meant. ))
  4. ((Ahh, okay. I was just wondering if you hadn't seen my post *sits patiently*))
  5. ((... Ruu is mine, by the way Welcome to the RP, if you get accepted!))
  6. (( I dun get iiitttt D:)) Ruu tried to make sense of the situation at hand here. It might have been easier if she understood how it worked, but the mechanics of the doors hurt her brain. She decided to simply nod with whatever Beatrice said, as that was the safest thing to do. She glanced nervously up at Feleen, the angry looking one, and then looked at her feet.
  7. Ruu nodded in agreement with Beatrice, "They've already hurt our world. With statues..." She shivered, "We didn't know until it was too late." She said the last part quietly, unsure if it was the wrong thing to say around Beatrice and other High Class people. She hadn't mentioned the King, but decided not to; she didn't want to creep out the Council. ((Blargh that was such a failure on my part))
  8. Ruu grinned at what the final Councillor said, "They're not fake. If they were, I would have worn a pair.." I think I have a fake pair at home, actually. "So where can we find your Keyholder?" Somehow, she found their surprise at Beatrice's wings amusing - to Ruu, they were normal, and everyone here in Nightworld were strange for not having wings. But then again, they had magic, which in Cloudworld, probably didn't exist. --- She'd been perched on that fence for a while now. Cheeping, Hitori flew away from the cave.
  9. ((Lawl, is Ruu really that short? She's a teenager )) Ruu didn't expect Beatrice to come running, and only realised she was there when the councillors gasped. She overbalanced slightly as she was suddenly hugged but managed to regain it, "I'm fine, but... They didn't believe me. But they will now," She looked at the woman councillor. She noticed the name card on her desk and smiled, "Right, Quella?" Whilst waiting for some sort of reply from the shocked Council, she tried to think of more proof in case this didn't convince them.
  10. Ruu was at a loss for words. If the key couldn't persuade them, then what would? She swallowed and then looked at the only woman councillor. She hoped that she would be easier to persuade, "I was unusual in Cloudworld.. They all have wings, but I-- Beatrice! Beatrice is proof!" The girl grinned and pointed excitedly at the door, the key in her hand leaving cloudy marks in the air as she waved it about, "Beatrice has big white wings! And we have a white dragon..!" (( Way to make this hard for me, Laura... lol ))
  11. Ruu blinked, worried about why the Council didn't believe her. The one with the glasses seemed friendly enough, and so she focused on persuading him that she was telling the truth, rather than the others. "Proof, proof... Ah," She rummaged through her pockets and brought out the Cloud Key, holding it out flat in her hand so that they could see it, but remaining wary enough that she could keep a hold of it in case they wanted to take it from her. She looked at the one who mentioned that she was "A little girl". She frowned and then looked at her feet. Maybe they were right; maybe she wasn't supposed to be doing this. But she was involved now. "I don't know why I was chosen. But I was. Cloudworld exists, it really does. I'm proof, am I not?"
  12. (( It's a good-un!)) Ruu blinked, looking up nervously at Beatrice. She wasn't sure about going in alone, but they had no choice. "See you in a minute, then.." She said, waving to Beatrice as she followed the guard. The journey to the Counsellor's room was quiet and slightly ominous, and she ducked her head as she entered the room. She smiled shyly to those in the room and performed a little curtsey to them to show her respect. "H,Hello. I am Ruu of Cloudworld." She tried to speak boldly, and hoped that she hadn't already done anything to offend the Council she now stood before.
  13. Ruu nodded, then looked up at Beatrice, "They seem friendly enough," the girl hoped that they would remain friendly. She shivered - the night in Cloudworld was cool enough, but Nightworld was constantly plunged into darkness. Her natural instincts in this darkness were to hurry and sleep. In Cloudworld, sleep was hard to get. She hugged Snowpearl around her neck to stay warm and not feel sleepy. (( *shrugs*))
  14. Ruu laughed at the Guards shock, and the townspeople of this area's excitement. They all gasped and pointed and admired Beatrice's wings. Ruu took a step closer to Snowpearl, though she didn't want to sit on her. Ruu frowned when a little kid pointed to her, expecting her to be special also. She didn't have the wings, and although she felt normal, she still slightly wished that she did have a pair like Beatrice's. Here, she felt common. She felt the key in her pocket, but didn't dare to remove it unless she lost it. She would simply have to carry on, happy in the knowledge that she was unusual and different. Finally, she gave in and mounted Snowpearl, scratching her behind the ear.
  15. (( I don't know! D: )) Ruu followed the Nightworlder out of the park on foot - She was surprised and slightly disappointed to find out that the green eyes actually belonged to a dragon, and the guard was separate. She continued to walk behind the guard as he led them towards the main buildings. He pointed them out, and they seemed far away. The girl ducked her head as people came out of their houses to look at Beatrice and Snowpearl in admiration and confusion. It felt strange to see so many other people who had no wings - it almost made her feel normal.
  16. Ruu yelped at the angry sounding voice and then felt stupid for showing such fear. She looked up at Beatrice, wondering why she didn't answer. There was a silence, then Ruu decided that she wasn't going to. Watching the white sandals on her feet, the girl let herself slide off the side of Snowpearl so she could stand. It was a slightly scary move, since she couldn't see the ground. But there was grass, and she was okay. Playing with her hands, she looked up at the green eyes and tried to speak maturely, though most of her speech disintegrated into that of a child's towards the end. "I am Ruu Tact, and I come in.." -She wondered if it would sound weird if she said this- "Peace, from Cloudworld. This is Beatrice of Loys and Snowpearl. They come from Cloudworld too." She stood there, the dew from the grass soaking her feet - though she didn't mind. Ruu rummaged through her waistcoat pocket and produced the Cloud Key. Holding it up, the cloudy mist emanating it seemed to almost glow in the darkness. She hoped the owner of the green eyes knew what it was. ((THREEEE PARAGRAPHS!~♫))
  17. (( I think we left her behind But if it benefits the story then I can always make her follow us... )) Ruu nodded and shifted so that she could sit more comfortably on Snowpearl's back. Her head was starting to hurt with all this curiosity as to how this world worked; what it looked like when lit up and what languages they spoke. Did they live in tribes or advanced cities? --- Hitori perched by the dragon cave. The white one wasn't there today. The no-wing girl wasn't anywhere to be seen. The sparrow wondered where the tall-white-wing woman was. Her tiny stomach rumbled.
  18. Ruu nodded and peered into the darkness. With the buildings glowing as they were, it was hard to tell the sky apart from the ground. "Ah," Ruu pointed, "There. There's a little park. Would she be able to land there?" The girl wondered what kind of reaction she and Beatrice would get - Would anyone notice them? She looked at her feet which dangled neatly in the air. I wonder if there's anyone else without wings?
  19. ((It's only two pages back )) For one humiliating moment, as Snowpearl flew through the door, Ruu thought she had gone blind, due to the immense darkness of this world. But from where she was, her eyes adjusted and focused on what seemed like little lit-up dots. Buildings. Despite Cloudworld having beautiful sunny skies and a bright and cheery atmosphere, something about Nightworld seemed... Enchanting.
  20. (( LAWL)) "The it..?" Ruu repeated, confused. But then she understood the lack of sense - The door was there , right there. She had almost not expected it to be there at all, maybe it had just been a hoax. The thoughts in Ruu's mind no longer made sense and were as dim as her surroundings.The cloud was foggy, and cold, but the door was there. That was all that mattered. Leaning forwards, though careful not to lose balance from where she sat on Snowpearl, she gently pushed against the light purple wood of the semi-circular door. It swung open.
  21. (( How did you KNOW??)) Ruu took out the co-ordinates and checked them, then compared them to her map. This was it. The cloud's resemblance to an actual Key was uncanny, and Ruu carefully took out her actual cloud key and compared the two. It was at that moment when the girl realised that despite there being a key-shaped cloud, there were two things wrong. One, there was no proper horizontal part of the cloud - there was a chance that this one didn't have any stability, either. Maybe it was one of those near mythical clouds which had managed to escape the inhabitants of Cloudworld when they mixed something special in order to make the clouds more solid. Two - The door was unable to be seen. The door is in a cloud shaped like a key Ruu blinked and ran a hand through her hair nervously; The door was in a cloud, which would explain the lack of solidity. So did that mean they had to go find it? "Beatrice," Ruu said, "The door is actually in the cloud."
  22. ((Awww, *hugs*. Now. TIME WARP.)) Ruu nodded, then leaned forwards and petted Snowpearl behind the ear as a reward for transporting them across the sky. The view up here was spectacular, and she took a moment to wonder what the other worlds would look like at this time of day. ((OH DEAR LORD. TWO SENTENCES?? EDITING SO I CAN UNDO THIS TERRIBLE TERRIBLE CRIME /capslock)) She looked back at Beatrice and beamed for a moment; "We're lucky. Nightworld probably isn't nice and light like Cloudworld!" She then frowned and tied her hair back before continuing, "I doubt anywhere has views like we do."