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  1. Standing near Beatrice, Ruu followed the two older women downstairs. As Amaya asked what they liked to eat, Ruu decided to be bold and answer first, determined to make sure there was no awkwardness. However, she ended up mumbling: "Um. Bread? I don't usually have a big breakfast..." and staring at her feet. Of course, she ended up admiring the kitchen tiles. The house really was a work of art.
  2. Ruu felt bad; Amaya looked very apologetic, and she nodded. "It's fine. I'd probably have done the same thing." She laughed politely, then stood up, keeping her back to the wall. Her shoulder knocked into a picture frame and she hastily turned to adjust it. She glanced up at Beatrice, "Di-Did I wake you? Sorry if I did," She mumbled shamefully, feeling bad for having caused a scene. "What time is it, anyway?" ((Gawd what is it with me and short posts lately D:))
  3. There was a patter of footsteps and then the lights turned on, causing Ruu to blink rapidly in the new brightness. She rubbed her nose, glanced up at Amaya and yelped as she noticed the dagger she held in her hand. "Amaya? Eek! I'm-sorry-did-I-break-anything?" She gabbled quickly in fear that she was about to be punished for possibly causing damage to Amaya's home. The wingless girl hurriedly scooted away from the knife wielding woman in shock, cautiously waiting to see what she would do with such a weapon.
  4. ((LETS. DO. THE TIME WARP. AGAIIINNNN )) And so, the three rested that night, each having picked a room to their liking. The time for sleeping passed rather quickly, but when Ruu awoke in her dark blue room, she felt disorientated, as if she was waking up early - the sun hadn't risen yet. It took her around six minutes of staring into the darkness before she realised that the sun would not rise at all, ever. She wondered if Nightworld even had one. After getting dressed, she shyly peered out from behind her bedroom door, into the hallway. Despite knowing that she could probably will the lights to turn on if she wanted, Ruu didn't - she did not want to wake the others, since she was unsure if they'd woken yet already. Feeling slightly awkward, she crept down the hallway, her ears and eyes straining to see or hear any signs of Amaya or Beatrice being up and about. She kept one hand to the wall, her fingertips brushing lightly against the wallpaper. She took another moment to marvel at how nice this house looked, even in the dark. In her moment of fascination, however, she walked into a wall.
  5. ((*Chases after you with a bag full of super cuddly kittens* >:U )) Swinging her legs slightly under the table, Ruu nodded with what Beatrice was saying, though the girl felt a little bit awkward at Beatrice's apparent dislike for the saddle, as if it was her that would be the one rejecting it, rather than Snowpearl. Ruu hoped that the dragon would take to it. She finished her food and quietly thanked Amaya for the meal, then finished her drink.
  6. ((My character's name isn't "Sparky".)) Ruu followed each person's conversation, her head turning left and right as if she were watching a game of tennis. She herself knew little about dragons, not having much experience in riding them. "I-I've never really had a problem not having a saddle before... But I don't really like the idea of falling off." Ruu mumbled, wiping her mouth with the back of her wrist. She had a little bit of indigestion from devouring this luxurious meal with the enthusiasm she'd given it, and slyly decided to wait for a few minutes until she would be able resume eating. In the meantime, she pondered on how a saddle would work for Snowpearl, what with her wings and all. She'd seldom seen a saddle that would fit a winged dragon, but came to the conclusion that a saddle with holes at either side would suffice for such creatures. That was probably how it worked for Raven, after all.
  7. "FAME!! I'M GONNA LIVE FOREVER! I'M GONNA LEARN HOW TO FLY!" *leaps off building* "FAAAMMEEE" --- "FUUUUU---" --- "I'm giving up breathing for lent, so naturally I'm giving up talking too. I guess these are my last words 'till it's over. See you afterwards!" *dies due to lack of air*
  8. "Strange- the longer I wait, the bigger the car gets!"
  9. ROFL at Qwakie's avvie "Oh hey, you guys! Watch this!" *Swings chainsaw around*
  10. ((... )) Ruu was distracted by idle thoughts regarding how on Earth Amaya managed to take the food out of the oven without burning herself, but grinned when she was informed that they could now eat the luxurious food now placed in front of them. "Thanks..!" She mumbled humbly, then tried to eat the food as neatly as she could. The flavours burst in her mouth, a beautiful comparison to the bread and apples she usually ate in the cheap market stalls back on Cloudworld.
  11. Ruu gingerly took the empty glass offered to her and filled it up with water from the sink, going up on her tip-toes slightly. It wasn't that she was too small to reach, but it helped her keep control of her balance somewhat more. She glanced up as Amanya started to hum, and she tried to place the melody; she was sure she'd heard it somewhere before. It distracted her from her hunger a bit, but soon the smells brought the pangs back. The girl sipped the water and waited for Amanya to answer to Beatrice - that was, if she'd heard her. Their host seemed to be off in a different world. ((I just realised that my form is grotesquely inadequate in details D: I think I might update it soon ;)
  12. ((*Throws an extremely cute and cuddly kitten at you* REPENT! )) As Amaya removed her weapons, Ruu blinked and tried to work out what each did - they seemed rather foreign to her. There was a bag of things with feathers on them, and she curiously pondered what kind of birds Nightworld had. "Do-do you have any kind of.. Birds to eat?" Ruu mumbled, looking at her feet guiltily - she hated to impose, but now she'd thought of the creatures, she had a sudden urge to eat one. Birds of all kinds were one of Cloudworld's few types of meat, a staple in the diet. ((AGH FAIL ADFGFHHl;;)
  13. ((But they have birders in Cloudworld... They eat the birds...;; Maybe it would be that the only meat they have is bird meat. Have fun on your beach trip, Lilith!)) Hearing Amaya's instructions, Ruu had already ran towards the house, but slowed when she heard Beatrice. Remember your manners. She mentally scolded herself, and she glanced towards the barn where Snowpearl was currently with Raven. She felt another twinge of Homesickness, and she furrowed her brow. It wasn't like she wanted to go back. It really wasn't. She stood by the front door, anxious to go inside where there was light - and she felt anxious to test out the magical side of the lights, also. She wondered if "willing them to turn off" would work for a non-magical Cloudworlder. But she knew better than to simply walk inside of a house that didn't belong to her.
  14. Ruu neatly leapt off Snowpearl's back, her sandles making clean clack! sounds on the ground. She felt slightly disorientated, but at least this area was brighter, and there was a floor beneath her feet to remind her which way was up. Snowpearl ran off somewhere, and Ruu was left in the darkness. Though luckily, she could only just see the silhouette of Raven and his two riders coming in to land. The wingless girl glanced up at the house, taking in the features. It was so large! And very pretty indeed. "And this house is all yours?" She asked, awe showing in her voice.
  15. "I really don't mind. You can call me Ruu if you like." Ruu replied to Raven, her voice sounding cheery for some reason. She was happy with her two new-found acquaintances and was grateful for their hospitality. Ruu sat comfortably, hugging Snowpearl around the neck as the dragon followed the pegasus. As they travelled farther from the city, the girl felt an uncalled for twinge of homesickness, the first she'd felt in a long time. She couldn't place what had triggered it - maybe the fact that she hadn't been in her own bedroom for so long, or maybe that she merely missed the world she was so used to. Her eyes, so used to being bathed in light, failed her in this place. The world was getting darker and darker around her, and the only light came from Amanya. She closed her useless eyes and nuzzled her face against Snowpearl's feathery scales. The girl hoped that the fatigue from earlier wasn't returning, and she dug her nails into the palms of her hands to prevent the embarrassing consequence of the darkness.
  16. Ruu nodded, "That's fine with me," She replied, "Thanks!" She looked in the direction of the city, lit up beautifully. If the sky was brighter, then maybe she would have been able to know what the skyline looked like. The wingless girl pondered what this new acquaintance's home would be like - maybe a small home like her own? Or maybe something more grand, like Beatrice's castle that she'd been taken to. She tried to think of a middle ground between the two buildings, but found became distracted by the stars. She suddenly started to muse whether space in Nightworld would be different to the space in Cloudworld. She certainly didn't recognise any of the constellations.
  17. Ruu had intended to reply to Beatrice with "About the accommodation.", but the conversation had now moved on to the subject of saddles. She shrugged as they discussed the lack of saddle on Snowpearl. Ruu herself had never considered a saddle. Having Snowpearl wear one would make it feel like she was less of a companion and more of a vehicle. She nodded in agreement with what Beatrice was saying, and she cast her gaze towards Amaya's Raven. He seemed slightly larger than Snowpearl, and she briefly wondered if he would be able to fit through the doors that separated the worlds. And if the saddle belonged to him, would it fit Snowpearl? But on the other hand, a saddle would be nice - if she fell, then it would be possible to lose the key. Out of habit, she checked her waistcoat pocket to ensure that the key was still inside. It was. ((Really. Someone shoot me. ))
  18. It was all Ruu could to to refrain from clapping her hands in glee at the magic she'd been shown. Similarly to the dragon she rode, she too had been distracted by the light. Amaya's explanation had been fascinating, though a little bit confusing to the girl who hadn't long been awake. But the main point was that this world, no matter how unfriendly it's government was, had magic. Freaking magic. As Beatrice teased Snowpearl, Ruu wisely kept in mind to keep her balance; since nearly falling off the dragon when they visited the door, she'd had to rethink her way of sitting on her. She suddenly realised that Amaya's generous offer hadn't been replied to yet, and took it upon herself to voice this. "Beatrice? What do you think?" She asked quietly as her friend came to scratch Snowpearl behind the ear.
  19. ((FFF I'm so sorry I took so long to reply D: My internet died!)) The girl twitched as a new voice began to talk, and she sleepily forced herself to sit up straight and see who it was. Someone called Amaya. The girl ducked her head in embarrassment - someone had noticed her tiredness. She stared slightly as her Pegasus began to speak; she'd seen one or two of the creatures before, but never knew they were capable of such things before. She leaned towards the two newcomers, and glanced at the woman. "You can make light?" She asked, her tiredness dissipating in the presence of her curiosity, "How?" ((And I am so, so sorry about this complete failure of a post.))
  20. Ruu opened her blurry eyes, then struggled for a moment to get her arms to work and sit up on her own. "Jus' a bit.. It's really dark.." She mumbled, feeling slightly embarrassed that she'd been caught. She rubbed her eyes with the back of her wrist and then pinched herself, but to no avail. In the distance, she could see civilisation growing ever closer, and she watched it tiredly. "Sorry about that." Ruu said, hoping that by talking, she could awaken herself. It seemed to work slightly - though the buzzing at the back of her head increased with her mental battle. ((Okay, I'll stop Ruu from falling asleep in a minute... ))
  21. ((You really can't call THAT a picture! )) Ruu frowned, but nodded. "But only if I can't actually do it... I kind of enjoy being able to." She laughed nervously, then regained her balance on Snowpearl. As the dragon and rider started to turn and travel towards the park that they'd originally found themselves in, a painful thought ebbed in Ruu's mind. If I had wings, then this sort of thing wouldn't be a problem. With a sigh, she leant forwards and rested her head on Snowpearl's long neck; being in the dark for this long really was making her feel tired. The air was nice and cool and Snowpearl was warm. It was getting harder and harder to keep herself lucid, and she found herself unable to remember if she'd recently said anything, or if Beatrice had been talking to her during the flight. Her head felt strange, like there was a buzzing at the back of it, and her eyes struggled to focus. I'll let my eyes close, just for a minute. Just for a few minutes so I can have a little res.. The wingless girl loosened her grip on Snowpearl's scales a fraction. ((That's how I feel in my history class - I can never stay awake for some reason ._.))
  22. ((Naah, it's fine )) As the dragon approached the door, Ruu gave Beatrice an uncertain glance, then dully took the key from her pocket. There was a small gap between Snowpearl and the door, small, yet wide enough for Ruu to fall through if she leaned too far to one side. Shivering, Ruu slowly let go of Snowpearl with one hand and leaned towards the door, the key aimed for the lock. She reached slightly further, unable to get the key to go into the lock. That was when her sandal lost grip and she fell towards the door. Panicking, the wingless girl slammed her hand against the door to prevent herself sliding any further off the dragon's back. Ruu used this opportunity to lock the door before it opened. She didn't want to fall into Cloudworld. The door clicked, and the lock seemed to glow for a moment; The deed was done, and now Ruu had to think of a way to get back onto Snowpearl - in the end, it involved her pushing herself away from the door and then grabbing onto Snowpearl's scales in order to get back onto the beast. The girl breathed a sigh of relief, then looked up at Beatrice. "We all good to go?" ((Kind of like this:))
  23. Ruu felt relieved when Snowpearl made her appearance, and sighed in relief when the dragon rubbed her head against her. Ruu rested a comforting hand on the dragon's head, then flinched at Beatrice's anger. The crowd gasped and whispered at the wings, but they seemed more in awe than fear of the woman. Among the voices, Ruu heard no-one mention a prophecy. Nodding, she carefully mounted the dragon. She felt rather foolish to have not remembered where they had landed earlier - it was a park, but it had been too dark for her to take in any of the features or signs to tell her what it was called. "You ready?" She asked Beatrice - she felt slightly wary of an angry Beatrice and didn't want to irritate her any more than she already felt. She dared not to ask how the winged woman was going to be able to see in the dark. Spotting the guard from earlier, she put her fingers to her lips and whistled to get his attention, which he begrudgingly gave. Some of the nightworlders turned their heads to look at the girl who had made such a shrill noise, and Ruu's face turned a bright red shade of embarrassment "U-um, excuse me.. Where did you find us?" "Lunagh Park." "And where's that..?" In reply, the guard pointed vaguely into the darkness. Ruu, not wanting to bother the man any more, nodded and mumbled a thanks before keeping her eyes trained in the direction the guard had specified - she didn't want to forget where they were headed.
  24. ((Sorry if I did anything ;) Playing with her hands, she nodded shyly and let herself be lead outside of the room by guards. She hoped she'd made the right choice. She paced faster, feeling uncomfortable and unsafe when kept in this building. Finally reaching the outdoors, she took a deep breath of the cooler air to make her feel more lucid and then squinted her eyes to try and see Snowpearl.
  25. (( It's kind of hard to write in a world we don't know much about ._.;) After considering what Beatrice said, Ruu looked at the Council and nodded slowly. The faster they could get help, the faster her world would be saved. "Okay. But you have to promise that you'll help us." She shifted uncomfortably, hating to be the one who made decisions. She clenched the key in her left hand, feeling the grooves with her index finger. ((SOMEONE SHOOT ME D:))