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  1. ((I just got a bit confused because I thought Amaya's house was far away from the city and reading your guy's posts are giving me the the impression that somehow her front door is leading straight to another hallway with the Council's room there... I doubt that's right, thus my confuzzlement~ So they left her house and went to the city? ))
  2. ((I know, but somehow they're suddenly in a hallway... I'm just not sure how they got there, that's all Should I just assume that they took Snowpearl and went to the council building?))
  3. 1. I wish I could have a better singing voice. One that doesn't sound like I have a cold 24/7. 2. I wish that me, and everyone else on Earth who hates their glasses, would have perfect eyesight and not need them anymore. 3. I wish I had wings ;D Yeah. No "World peace!" or "All the money in the world!" wishes for me >
  4. ((I'M SO CONFUSED. I thought they were still at Amaya's house O.o)) Ruu hid behind Beatrice slightly as another person was discovered. She wore bright clothes, and seemed to natter on a lot about the Council. She blinked as the girl passingly mentioned keys; she'd thought that Nightworld thought the keys were of legend. She kept this thought in mind, but didn't persue it and instead, waited for Beatrice to resond.
  5. I find it annoying when people spell words wrong that no-one else would. I can understand mispellings of "Dissappear" or "defin@tely", but words like "Starring" (spelled with two Rs...) and "Swet" (Supposedly "Sweat") really bug me. It's just like: Jeez, these aren't even that hard to spell. But then I don't say anything to avoid being rude and then I get a build up of pure RRAAAGGEEE. D:<
  6. ((Okay, let's get this going! )) Ruu slid off her chair, following Beatrice out of the door. She fiddled with the key in her pocket, wondering what those with the keys would actually be able to do when they met up. "A-Are we going back to the Council?" she asked nervously, chewing her lip.
  7. ((That was my last post.... .____. Are they still in Amaya's house? O.o))
  8. (('Kay.. Where did we leave them? O.o))
  9. ((*Sneaks in* *Posts form* *Sneaks out* -- Username: Sparkeycat Scroll: Sparkey's scroll Name: Ruu Age: 15 World (Metal world are evil): Cloud Appearance: The wings are non-existant, but here's a picture Ruu has shoulder length brown hair and violet eyes - she's slightly short for her age. Ruu has two small birthmarks on her shoulder blades that are shaped like wings, however she doesn't own a pair of real wings. It is unknown why this is but most assume it was a birth defect. Ruu wears a blue dress with a yellow belt, and wears white sandals on her feet. Personality: Ruu moves with her own pace, and simply tries to get by. She is prone to panic attacks at times and is not used to standing up for herself. Since she left home, she's been striving to be tougher and bolder, but there are still aspects of her that are still like a child. History: After Ruu's birth, she was mostly kept indoors because the public were overly judging on her lack of wings. And so, the girl was caged within her own home for the majority of her childhood - a flightless bird. When she got older and went to school, the parents of other children would often confront her parents over Ruu, telling them that their child was disturbing the other children with her prescence. Eventually, the family - Ruu, her two brothers and her parents- started to fall apart. Her mother had some sort of a nervous breakdown, found herself unable to love her husband. Her father also seemed to stop showing much emotion. This upset Ruu very much, and when she spoke out against their constant fighting, her mother reacted rather violently. As a result, the flightless bird escaped the cage that was her home. Companion name: Hitori Companion species (If dragon it must be on your scroll): Sparrow Companion Appearance: A little brown bird. She has a random purple feather or two for unknown reasons. Companion Personality: A wild bird that Ruu used to feed from her bedroom window when she was younger. This pattern has lead Hitori to believe that Ruu is a constant source of food, and so she stays neaby. She chirrups loudly if she wants someone's attention and is pretty intelligent otherwise. Other: It is unknown as of now, but Ruu's birthmarks have the potential to turn into real wings. Password: 8 worlds ))
  10. ((Should you do it or me..? I'm gonna redo my character form because mine's really... Lacking!))
  11. RHEA. YOU'VE GOT AN INTERNET FROM ME BECAUSE OF THAT PICTURE IN YOUR SIG. IT'S AMAZING. *Back on topic* I saw this video once where this guy created heat with his hands and used it for massages. I tried to control fire on a match for a few months and what was weird was that when I thought about it hard enough, I was sure I could slow down the burning - when I let it burn naturally it actually went a bit faster O.o
  12. ((I'm wondering if Lilithchaos will come back... ))
  13. Spirited away was one of the first Anime films I watched, and I really liked it though I didn't understand the plot the first time I watched it. I think it's a cool story and it's got good timing
  14. ((I think we're waiting for Lilithachaos to post))
  15. ((They're all in Amaya's house... O.o))
  16. ((Are those people meant to be Ruu and Beatrice? If so, since when were they in a train?? ))
  17. BEOWULF. HANDS DOWN. e___e I hated it, the film had a terrible storyline with no real plot, and a naked snake-lady thrown in to get more views.
  18. "Say it with me one more time; I am feeling fine. Even if your heart feels cold, it will warm in time." - Headphones on your heart by Leeni. I dunno, I just really like that line
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  20. Ruu noted Beatrice's anger and added, "I'm a little bit worried about Hitori and Sebastian. Like, do you think they'll be okay?" She asked nervously, though determined not to mention her family. They would probably be fine, holed up in their house. Tarak would protect them, and Ridge knew people that would be willing to help them in a fight. They would be fine, she told herself, just fine. ((GIMME BACK MY KITTENS I NEED THEM MORE THAN YOU D:<))
  21. In all seriousness, I want to say something like "I hope I can get to see everyone again."
  22. ((*Goes to pet store* *Buys a crate of cats*)) Ruu lowered her head as her companions spoke, almost completely absorbed in the bread she was eating. She had started off by politely tearing off tiny chunks, but eventually gave in and held it close to her face, eating it like one would eat a sandwich. She noted that Amaya looked stressed as Beatrice spoke of visiting a library. Wiping her mouth with her sleeve, Ruu chipped in, "They can't be any worse than the council were... They thought I was a liar," Ruu considered briefly her previous actions and decided that she could actually be called a liar. She didn't look at Beatrice and at the same time tried very hard not to think about the lies she told on Cloudworld. They hadn't been spiteful lies, just ones created to keep her away from her house. No-one got hurt, so it was okay, wasn't it? No, it's not. She pinched herself slyly from under the table as punishment for such thoughts. It wasn't okay because Beatrice had gotten upset with her. That horrible feeling one gets when they've upset a friend seemed to grasp Ruu by the throat and she had to drink her water to prevent herself from choking. ((*Empties crate on self* ))
  23. Here's a list of pet hates that I have about people who type on the internet: 1. People who don't put spaces after their commas or full stops. 2. People who capitalise every word, thinking that it makes them look intelligent. My father is one of these people .__. It. Makes. You. Read. Like. Every. Word. Is. One. Sentence. Not every word is a person or a place! Jeez! The shift button is amazing, true, but don't abuse it > 3. People who type as so, with excessive letters and punctuation : The above is common on Facebook and it annoys the hell outta me -___- Though I do admit that I often forget to end all my sentences with full stops. And I use way too many smiley faces.
  24. ((*Throws a kitten at self*)) Ruu nodded eagerly at the mention of juice, "Yes please," she said, feeling glad that Amaya had bread. She wondered how wheat would grow in such a dark world, and put it down to sheer evolution that such a thing was possible. The wheat in Cloud World had to grow on the earthy part of the world, since the sky simply wouldn't be nutritious enough for the plants. She rubbed sleep out of her eyes and then asked Beatrice: "So what are we doing today, again?" ((*Throws another kitten at self*))