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  1. PC. I don't like macs, I feel like I have no control over what it's doing. I was on my friends' mac laptop the other day and I clicked part of the screen by accident and suddenly it zoomed out and she was like "Oh. This happens sometimes. Not sure why". I was like "Well I didn't tell you to zoom out, silly computer."
  2. Ruu blinked as the girl explained that they would have to leave Snowpearl outside. "Th-Then I'll stay with her when she comes from the outside, then," she said, "If I don't, she might see something shiny.." The wingless girl rubbed her arms, trying to revise the plan in her head. She nodded, finally. "Let's get going, then."
  3. I find an easy way to remember the difference between British and American spellings of "neighborhood" and "colour" is: "Our colour is not the same as your color" I know that both the words "our" and "your" have the letter U in them, but in "your" the U isn't nearly as obvious when you hear it.
  4. Ruu blinked, unsure of what to say. "Ah, um. I'm Ruu. Ruu Tact." She mumbled, playing with her hands as she spoke. She pointed to Beatrice, trying to find some sort of an excuse to talk more, "And that's Beatrice-of-Loys." Ruu still didn't particularly understand how Beatrice's last name worked, but she didn't mind. After staring at the other keyholder for a few moments, she finally asked: "Am I older than you? We look around the same age.. I'm fifteen."
  5. Tikindi, don't get too rattled by things like this - there will always be someone who'll generalise the "British accent". Just breathe, step away and leave 'em to it. No need to call people stupid just because they want to call it that, even if it is a bit vexing (to me too, sometimes... *Mumbles*) Keeping on topic, one of the most epic accents I've heard was my old English teacher, who was Irish. We used to try and get him to say "Top o' the morning!" all the time, and he'd be like "Guys, it's afternoon..."
  6. Hahaha, if you ever go to Wales you will totally be able to tell the difference. I find them to be a lot softer and rythmic than English or Scottish. But if you ever hear a Welsh person, you will immediately know that it's really nothing like an English accent. @TikindiDragon - .
  7. Ah, I find things like that annoying too. Or what is a bit odd is that if I mention to someone on (let's say, Omegle) that I'm from Britain, they are surprised when I tell them I'm actually from Scotland, since it's not as famous a place as England. I'm sure it's the same for the Welsh D: Hehehe, back on topic of Accents, I've tried to do a posh English accent before. It sounds ridiculous. But then I also sound stupid if I try a Scot's accent. I CANNAE WIN.
  8. On behalf of my nation I agree, but I suppose if they can't place the accent, they can't really help it. We'll just have to put up with it, like how they have to put up with British people saying "American accents". I can do a slightly American sounding accent, but I have no idea where in America it comes from, so I'd prefer to be safe and say that it's just "American".
  9. I sound rather Scottish whenever I make a "U" sound...
  10. I find it a bit annoying when people say "I love British accents!" and I'm like: "You mean that Posh English accent? The Cockney one? Welsh? Scots?" There's a lot of accents in Britain, but I guess the Americans can get annoyed at us too for saying "American accent" since they have like, New York and Texas etc... >.<
  11. Since my parents were English but I was raised in Scotland, I sometimes slip into a Scot's accent. But I can also impersonate a Queen's English (or what you guys probably call "British") accent. I am terrible at French accents, but I think I managed to do a good impression of an American accent once
  12. ((Snowpearl is Laura's character, so it might be a bit moddy to make her do actions... )) Ruu blinked as Kay put herself in front of Ruu, then decided that it would be safer to let the younger girl stay where it was safest. As she started to cry, the girl wasn't sure of how to react - what if she tried to be of a comfort and was shouted at? Timidly, she patted Kay on the shoulder in the most comforting way she could manage. She used her other hand to keep herself balanced behind Snowpearl's wings.
  13. It was a little bit funny to see Snowpearl puzzle over the words Beatrice had said, but she felt glad when the dragon seemed to get the message. Kay's cooing over Snowpearl made the young girl feel lost for words, so she said none and simply nodded when the other wingless girl asked if they were ready to go. "Snowpearl, I'm coming up now." she advised, putting on hand on the dragon's back and hoisting herself up. When she was comfortable, she gestured for Kay to join them.
  14. As Kay spoke to Snowpearl, Ruu gave the dragon another stroke behind the ear, "This is Kay. She's a keyholder like me." she introduced, gesturing to the girl who wanted to get onto the dragon. She glanced at Snowpearl's back, and then paused. Well, if she and Beatrice could fit on the dragon, then surely it would be fine. She smiled feebly, staying close to the dragon.
  15. I grew up with English, started to learn French when I was seven, know a few words in German (but would die if a German person tried to converse with me) and I know random words in Japanese due to watching Anime. I don't use it in public. I just feel proud when I can tell that someone is speaking in that language. The other week, I saw some French kids in a shop. I understood what they were saying. I felt proud. (They were saying "Oh this is cute!" "But it's expensive!" "Too expensive.")
  16. I had a dream this morning, that I'd gone back in time to the days that my parents first bought their dance school. What was weird was that I was my 16-year-old-self, but everyone else saw me as being 8. My Dad was trying to convince me to come out of the office (in a jokey way) and I was like "NIENN!" (which is how I'd reply these days) and Dad gave me a weird look as if to say "When did you learn German?!" And this woman who was coming to visit the school gave me some money for sweets and she said "Oh, maybe you should put it in your piggy bank?" and I said, "I'll just keep it in my real bank when I get one. After all, I'll need this money in 2010 so I can afford to go to Australia."
  17. Ruu stared into the darkness of the stables, wondering where Snowpearl was. And then suddenly, she found out. The girl yelped as the white dragon suddenly appeared, not having expected it at all. But when she noticed that it was in fact, Snowpearl, she obediently scratched her behind the ear. "Hello, you." She greeted, "We've found another keyholder so I think we can move on now." She put the shiny ball back into her pocket so she could hug Snowpearl around the neck properly.
  18. Ruu raised her hand in voluenteerance, then realised that it wasn't neccesary to raise her hand. "I'll go," she said, slipping into her sandals and heading towards the door eagerly; strangely enough, she had missed Snowpearl. She took a shiny ball the Beatrice had previously given her out of her pocket and held it up to the light; it was awfully pretty. She opened the front door, then walked through it, headed to the stables. She paused. Am.. Am I meant to knock? Shaking her head in reply to herself, she opened the stable door and held out the shiny ball. Which didn't sparkle at all because there was no light.
  19. I don't like nails that are really short - I think they look a little bit bizarre. Of course, long nails can be creepy. Personally, I just grow my nails until they tear naturally, then I file them so they look okay.
  20. Ruu's worries about the whole thing were amplified by Kay's speech on how difficult it would be. Even Beatrice's comments were worrying. You just have to do it step by step. Nothing big. Come on. She rubbed her hands together, then tried to disperse the tension. "So, where can we find the Nightworld door?" she asked, "And we'll need to get Snowpearl up so we can get there easily." ((*Hits head off desk* Sorry, I'm doing quite badly at settling back into this RP at the mo ))
  21. ((Let's say that since Nightworld and Cloudworld are kind of opposite to eachother (it's mostly daytime in Cloudworld), their languages could be the same due to some awesome dimensional thingy.)) Ruu blinked in surprise at the Night key, fiddling with the key she held in her pocket shyly. She listened nervously as the Nightworld keyholder talked about a suspicious council member, and finally willed herself to speak. "The-en, should we move on to the next world? All of us?" She proposed, unsure whether it was a good idea or not. Since she'd gone though the door to Nightworld, it had dawned on her how long this journey could be, and how serious it was. She didn't even have wings. How'd she be able to do any of it? She anxiously chewed on her lip.
  22. ((I'm on holiday, please don't wait D: Just drag Ruu around with ya ))
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    Yep! And I had that blade too~ My very first one. The bitbeast looks like a Lapras from Pokemon OOH! I also got this beyblade that folded out into ths plastic dragon thing OMFG. Do you guys remember in Li's old team, there was this big guy who had a beyblade which was red and HAD FRIGGIN PARTS THAT SPUN AROUND, UNDER THE WEIGHT?! I had that one as well!! *Hyperness over nostalgia*
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    HOLY CARP. BEYBLAADDEEEE!! Due to my brother's obsession with it, I automatically had to watch the show too. I still have all mine, I had that purple one, and then I got a Dranzer My brother's obsession with Beyblade actually got to the extent that he had a pine bey-stadium sculpted and whittled professionally for him. My little purple beyblade always went around the edges of that one X3 There was also a time where my brother made a film with him and his friends - we watched it the other day, more than 6 years later. I LOL'D. But yeah, no-one ever played beyblade with me, so I just spun mine inside of an old wok. I didn't get my own stadium ;_;