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  1. On the subject of fear, can someone give me a tip on not being so freaked out by a picture I saw on a creepy-story site? It's really rattled me, I only saw it for a second but all I remember are the eyes and they terrify me. I kind of want to sleep tonight, and I know what the picture was simply drawn to accompany the story, but I'm still a bit spooked ._. That sort of thing was a problem when I saw the "Smile dog" picture and the "Tails doll" picture. So this isn't a spammy post, I have a bit of a fear of buzzing insects, due to me putting on a mask when I was two. With a bee inside of it. The sound scares me the most, I think, since I associate that with panicking. I used to flinch at the sight of a picture of a wasp in a book I had. I couldn't watch documentaries on bees. I suppose I'm growing out of my fear a bit; I can walk past bins and bushes with wasps in them without screaming and running, but I definitely won't go near one on purpose.
  2. I had a dream recently that just screamed "THIS IS ONLY HAPPENING BECAUSE YOU WATCHED INCEPTION". I had a dream that I was escaping a rather pretty and pink mental facility (that I wasn't meant to be in) by climbing out of the window and absailing down a few floors. Each floor down became easier, and at the second-to-last floor, I realised that my friend (obscured from sight, in one of the rooms) was also in the mental home. I told her to make a break for it the next time they let her outside. I then went outdoors and hid a tin (with unknown items inside) behind a bush. I know that something inside the tin was supposed to help my friend escape but I don't know what. Levels. People being hidden from sight. A hidden container. Inception, I blame you for this.
  3. I can't handle veins, especially ones that are bleeding. My English teacher mentioned a metaphor about how a "train putted like a sick man's heart" and after she explained it (it wasn't even graphic), I felt dizzy. I once considered whether I had DVT because my leg was aching and I had to curl up on the ground before the room stopped spinning. ._. I wonder if I should try and get help for this or something?
  4. I used to draw a cartoon cat called Sparkey. He was green. Then Neopets came along and I was like I NEED A USERNAME LOL. So I put it together. And then I used it for everywhere. What's odd is that I want to start drawing that cat again but people who call me Sparkey will find it weird that the cat has the same name
  5. They're elastic bands with animals on them. It's epic. Like, in years to come, I'll have used one to keep a piece of paper rolled up, I'll take off the elastic band and it'll turn into a pig and I'll be like "OMG I REMEMBER THIS!" and my day will be made. I want some .-.
  6. ((*Crawls out from corner* D8 I really don't know what to make Ruu do. I can't even remember what they're about to be doing! )) Ruu ducked her head sheepishly as she was reminded that she needed to be with them when they found the door. Oh yeah. She listened quietly as Kay described the city, nodding every now and then. She felt lost for words, and so she meekly swung her legs, allowing herself to become mildly distracted by her surroundings. Nightworld really was a dark place, in comparison to Cloudworld. She felt a sudden anxiety to get everyone moving, so they could hurry up and save the people who were trapped there.
  7. Wouldn't those all count as "Touch"?
  8. Although I'm a PC, I can say something good about Apple - On new years's eve, I lost my ipod shuffle out in the snow. The next morning, my Dad was driving to work and saw the bright pink casing in amongst all the white and hopped out of his car. My ipod had been snowploughed and out on the road all night. But nonetheless, he brought it home after work and we put it in the charger to see if there was any hope that it'd still work. The light turned on. My music played. It was almost completely unmarked and it still works today. So I think the moral of this story is that ipod shuffles are pretty hardy since they're little cubes and they have no flimsy screen or expensive shinyness.
  9. I had a cartoon cat that I used to doodle all the time when I was 10. He was called Sparkey. Mmhm. I should really start drawing him again :3
  10. Tea; is delicious and brilliant to drink when it's raining outside. Nuff said. ;D My personal opinion is that if someone doesn't like tea because it's too strong or too weak or too milky or too sweet, then they're obviously making it wrong, because everyone's cup of tea is slightly different and can be changed to suit your tastes. Unless the tea leaves themselves don't appeal to you. Then there's like billions of other types to be had. My tea, for example, is made with 2 teaspoons of sugar and is milky. My Dad's is made with no sugar and he leaves the teabag in for like three minutes. Machine made tea is seldom nice, because they can't really follow instructions like "Squeeze the teabag" or "Put the milk in first", which is how some people like to make their tea.
  11. I like the way it's set out and how it isn't as tacky as some other shows. And how each episode is like a story is really cool :3
  12. I've seen quite a few, and ones that stand out are Axis Powers Hetalia, Princess Tutu and Ouran Highschool Host Club :3
  13. This debate has a and everything.
  14. A rant I wrote about an old couple budging infront of us at a bus stop has been considered "Cory Doctorow". Who's that? O.o
  15. Ah, I learnt that if you pretend to use the force on something for long enough, someone will eventually bring it to you.
  16. YES. No. I feel like trying it again, but I'll feel silly ._.
  17. Well of course... It's not like I publicly tried to show it off or anything... *shifty eyes*
  18. I used to be sure I could control how fast the flame went out on a match by holding my breath and focusing. I was positive I could will it to climb higher or burn slower. I'm not so sure these days, I haven't tried it in a while and I don't like the thought of being laughed at for trying ._.
  19. With the way he talks, there is nothing wrong, I see. :3
  20. This is starting to stray from grammar and spelling haha, but what is a soda? I know it's a fizzy drink, but I mean WHAT KIND OF FIZZY DRINK?! Is it a coca cola? Or lemonade? Or just fizzy water? Ginger beer? D: Back on subject, I feel a bit annoyed because I once lost loads of marks in an exam for using a capital letter after a semi-colon. We weren't taught not to do this, and every time I did it I lost a mark.
  21. Yus. And we call sneakers "trainers" (I don't know if it's any different in the US).
  22. Haha, spot on, Tikindi Something that amuses me in the difference between American English and British English is that some perfectly normal British words can be mistaken for rude ones in America. Brit: *Walks into a shop* I'd like some fags (cigarettes) and a rubber (eraser), please. American shopkeeper: D:
  23. I was sitting on the apples and pears, talking on my dog and bone when I realised that I hadn't put on my Charlie Prescot so I looked through the Kevin and there it was, right out in the frog and toad! MATEY. Cockney slang. Epic stuff ;D Something I used to get told off for when I was little was saying "Tooken" instead of "Taken" or "Took". Whenever I said it my Dad would make a bird noise. It wasn't until I was 10 that I realised why he made that noise.
  24. I personally have no idea how to spell donut. Doughnought? Donut? Doughnut? .__.
  25. I found the effects really interesting; like in the second layer, when the guy had tethered them all together and pushed them? I was sat in the cinema, trying to work out how they did that with the green screen and things. I mean, then rotated at all angles at some points. But I like the concept of the film, I'm glad that I payed attention.