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  1. Ruu blinked, confused for a moment as she was suddenly aware that her feet were no longer on the ground. Instinctively, she reached back and took a hold of of her T-shirt where the dragon took it. Now sitting on Snowpearl's back - Though not straddling like one would do to a horse - Ruu looked down on Beatrice at a loss for words. The girl subtly made sure she had her hands on the dragon in case it suddenly flew off. An easily distracted dragon could probably forget that she was there.
  2. "Hm," Ruu understood; A wingless person will always need flight in this world, and here was a creature who needed a wingless person. How convenient~ A cough from behind her alerted her to the many birder's who were trying to catch a flock. "Let's get off this platfrom," She mumbled, turning to walk back to the slightly higher cloud where she'd been earlier. The girl paused at the edge of the clouds, thinking. It was all too easy to get down, but hard to get back up again. Ruu took a few steps backward, then made a running jump back to the "ledge", clinging to it as she tried to scramble up unsuccessfully. She landed, crouched, the tried again - determined not to look stupid. ((Ok, my writing is a fail, but basically she's trying to get back up again ))
  3. Ruu smiled, then turned to Beatrice to answer her properly. It was everything she could do not to squeal and tackle-hug the both of them. "No life plans as of yet...So yes - I'd love to give it a go!" She reached out again, absent mindedly patting Snowpearl on the head. This would be.. Almost like flying. It was strange - Shopkeepers didn't even bother speaking to Ruu, let alone someone with a grand name like Beatrice Of Loys. The girl felt like she'd been a bother already, so quickly mumbled: "Thank you." and bowed her head in timid respect.
  4. (( *Feeds the giant spider* Ima love you and pet you and feed you so long as you keep creeping out my brother 8D )) Ruu flinched as Beatrice shouted something - Then she recognised it as Snowpearl, her dragon's name. She watched with an awe-struck expression as the creature flew over and gave it's owner a hug. It was much bigger than the girl had expected, and she took a moment to remind herself that it was rude to stare. "She's so pretty!" Ruu mumbled, nodding to Beatrice as she reached out, her hand trembling slightly as she moved it towards Snowpearl's ear. The dragon's skin was soft, and a bit velvety - somewhat similar to horse-hair only smoother. She gave a little scratch, then moved her hand away, holding it with the other. "My first time seeing a dragon this close..." Ruu said quietly. The happiness in her voice was clear like a bell.
  5. ((Sweet! Um, so does Ruu need to find this key somewhere or does she have it already? Oh, and I'm going to let the spider live because I just heard my 17 year old brother squeal like a girl. )) "I have? Oh, right! Um," Ruu pointed to the birder's area "They use shiny things as bait." Without saying another word, she carefully hopped down from the cloud she and Beatrice had been standing on. She landed evenly on a slightly lower cloud and then walked towards the winged birders, her flip-flops clicking at her heels. At first glance, Ruu seemed to look somewhat presentable, wearing a black waistcoat and shorts with a white T-shirt underneath. Then people noticed her imperfect hair, her strangely coloured eyes, her lack of wings and then assumed that she was not normal, nor worth their time. The girl turned slightly and gestured Beatrice Of Loys to follow her.
  6. (( That's right. Blame the character )) Ruu smiled sympathetically at the woman, Beatrice. She knew how it felt to be lost so she nodded her head in agreement. She needed to focus now. Beatrice Of Loys sounded like a very high-class name indeed, so she'd want to watch her tongue if she didn't want to get in trouble. "Of course, I'd love to help! I have nothing better to do any way." She looked around, trying to think of the shiniest thing in this city. It was a hard task, seeing as this was simply a birding-area. The town had one or two jewellery shops but that was about as far as shiny things went for this area. Some of the bird-ers used shiny things as bait to bring up the birds and then club them. The girl shivered and watched as a birder threw a mirror-lined net over the edge of the cloud. It looked so pretty as it caught the air for a moment then sailed into the unknown sky below. ((HOLY HELL who here knows how to deal with massive spiders? ANYONE? There's one with the body the size of a pocket dictionary on my ceiling! D: ))
  7. (( Well I can't exactly have Ruu say: "Hey, do you mind if I go fly on your dragon?" )) "I thought maybe..." She trailed off into an embarrassed silence. She didn't know why the people were angry with the Cloud King. The girl tensed, noticing that the woman was starting to grow somewhat agitated. What had she said wrong? She tried to scan over the past conversation in her head. No introduction - Higher class people like names and titles, don't they? "Oh right.. Ah! Excuse my rudeness, my name is Ruu" She bobbed her head like some hybrid of a bow and a nod, "May I ask yours?"
  8. (( 0_o Going through Metal World first..)) Ruu listened to the woman's worries, then frowned in confusion: "The metal-key-thing got stolen? " She kicked the ground beneath her feet, sending a small puff of cloud into the air. It faded. The girl wasn't too sure what this key thing even was - The people of CloudWorld had celebrated and rejoiced when they'd gained the key, but she'd never really understood why an entire planet was so happy about a little key. She looked up again as the woman mentioned evacuation. Evacuation to where? Ruu was confused, but didn't voice it - She didn't want to look like a fool. Instead, she looked up into the clear sky above. A few dragons flew through the crisp air. She'd forgotten her angst of her lack of wings in her confusion, but her eyes now blurred for a moment, as if to cry again. She blinked back the tears, panicking. "Ma-Maybe you could teach it to care for hatchlings or something." She said, though her voice was thick. Ruu cleared her throat, "That's a responsible job."
  9. Ruu took a step away from the woman, feeling somehow hurt. These pathetic things were not cute. They were like a curse, an ironic curse... And what was this about a bird? Ruu was confused then turned as Hitori tweeted behind her. The sparrow flew away skittishly, but the girl felt too tired to chase after her. The sparrow didn't technically belong to her, but Ruu had named it and fed it. Now the bird only flew by when it was hungry. She pushed her indignant thoughts to the back of her head when the woman mentioned a dragon. The girl had seen some before, but the beasts were never left unnatended. "So, your Dragon stays away because she feels unneeded?" Ruu mumbled, looking into the sky.
  10. ((Ah, ok ><)) Little... Princess...? Ruu turned to see who'd spoken to her, then wished she hadn't. A woman with blonde hair and elegant wings stood behind her. She looked like someone from a much higher class than Ruu. The girl wiped her eyes with the back of her hand to make sure her face was clear, then stood up, wondering if she should bow or curtsey. "What is wrong?" She repeated quietly, watching her feet; not because she was shy, but because she was near the edge of a cloud and didn't want to fall. After all, she couldn't fly. Had the woman not seen her lack of wings? In case she hadn't, Ruu gestured vaguely to her back.
  11. (( Hey... Isn't one of the keys kept by the metal-weaver-people kept by a cloud world person? Can Ruu have a cloud key? )) Ruu perched by the edge of a cloud, watching the fishers-or birders- catch their flock of seagulls to sell at the market. Many of the birder's had old, tired wings that had often had to catch them from falling when massive birds of the sky tried to attack. The girl looked over her shoulder and sighed. It was like.... The most ironic curse. No wings, but marks shaped like them were placed evenly on her shoulder blades. A group of school children walked behind her, but then moved away, whispering behind their white fluffy feathers. "What's wrong with her?" "Maybe she's sick?" "Keep away from that girl, she's weird." The girl blinked back hurt tears, making so many different kinds of wishes as she looked up towards one of Cloud World's twin suns.
  12. ((Can she have wings if she's from the cloud world? )) Username: Sparkeycat Scroll:((C'est ici!)) Name: Ruu Age: 15 World (Metal world are evil): Cloud Appearance: Brown hair and violet eyes - she's slightly short for her age. Ruu has two small birthmarks on her shoulder-blades that are shaped like wings. Personality: Curious and day-dreamy. She has quite the imagination. This can prove a liability, seeing as that also fuels the most twisted nightmares. Ruu is sometimes prone to panic attacks. History: ((Can I put this to be RP'd? All I can think of in Cloud World is lots and lots of clouds... I can't think of a history in a world like that D:)) Companion name: Hitori Companion species (If dragon it must be on your scroll): Sparrow Companion Appearance: A little brown bird. She has a random purple feather or two for unknown reasons. Companion Personality: Well... She's a wild bird. She isn't so good in social situations. She chirrups loudly if she wants someone's attention and is pretty intelligent otherwise. Other: Ruu's birthmark can turn into two real wings? Maybe? Hitori isn't actually Ruu's companion, but Ruu seems to like the bird. Password: 8 worlds?
  13. (( Hello.. Is it too late to join? I thought maybe I could be in the fire world... Or maybe cloud world seeing as that's empty? ))