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  1. (( o.o That's really poetic... In a strange but good way ))
  2. Ruu tucked in, doing her best to savour each mouthful. It was a hard task because she hadn't eaten much that day. She swung her legs lightly, then wiped her mouth when she finally felt full. She looked at her plates, feeling slightly awkward. She'd just been fed seven plates of delicious food, and Ruu hadn't done anything worthy of this much. The girl got down from the table, then as if by habit, stacked the plates (With great caution however; She was infamous for dropping plates at home). She looked around the room. There were two doors that she could see. On where she'd just come in from, and one leading to where she suspected the kitchen was. Determined to help somehow, she lifted up the load slowly and carried it towards the door, opening it with one foot before stepping inside. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tarak paused, something brushing against the his boot. He looked down to see a small figurine, this one beautifully carved as a Rabbit, one of those silly mythical creatures from children's stories. He'd seen a few figurines laying around the town, but didn't dare touch them in case it was some special art-exhibition. Something felt weird on his shoe. It was... Turning brown? Fizzing? "Oh dear Lo--!" In one swift action, Tarak kicked off his shoe, which was now bubbling and browning beyond recognition. He watched it for a few minutes, dumbfounded. "What?"
  3. Ruu looked around the chamber in awe - It was beautiful! She closed her mouth - which had fallen open - when the Old man addressed her. She was starting to find it funny how she was being called "Maiden Ruu". She'd never usually receive this much respect. In fact, most people didn't even mention her name. They just pointed and say "That wingless one" She did as the man suggested, sitting down obediently at the table, then listened to his question. A voice at the back of Ruu's mind yelled "Beeeer!", and she nearly laughed at this thought. But then again, what kind of drink was she supposed to ask for, without looking childish or unruly? Back at home, she'd usually just have--Shut-Up-Shut-Up-Shut-Up! "Can I just have some fruit juice, please?" She asked, her voice quiet. She flashed him a grateful smile, then swung her legs for a moment. "Thank you"
  4. (( AHAH! I just remembered, the Lady's name is Karley. (That was the woman the drunkard thought Ruu was) )) Ruu flinched when Snowpearl roared, then shyed away slightly when the door opened. She nodded when her name was mentioned, then followed the man's instructions to step inside. "Thank you.." She mumbled, looking around. It was a bit dark in here.. ------------------------------------------------------------------ "Ah, that wingless freak? I sent her away this mornin'. Scaring away me other customers, she was." The man behind the counter said as he served Tarak a chicken-burger. Normally, Tarak would go for something more... Dignified, but he was hungry and the food here just smelled so good. "And she was wearing like a Black-waistcoat?" Tarak said quickly, trying to confirm that it really was his sister the man behind the counter had claimed to see. The man nodded and then turned away to tend to some other customers. The white-winged man smiled. If the last time Ruu'd been seen was that morning, then that would mean that she was alive and able to take care of herself enough. And that also meant that Ruu was probably on this cloud somewhere. She had to be.
  5. ((Eh, you can take the grey-winged lady if you like ^^ I think I may have Tarak see a few more deaths... *muahaha..*)) Ruu looked up at the castle, then blinked a few times. "Y'think this is it?" She joked, then shook the ball again to get Snowpearl's attention as she walked closer. The building was large and grey, but at the same time quite fascinating. Something about it gave Ruu shivers down her spine, but she pretended that she was simply a bit chilly. Finally, the two reached the main door of the castle. Ruu heisitated; Was she supposed to just go straight in or should she knock first? What if...? Silently, Ruu took out the cloud-key from her pocket and measured it up to the lock. "Too big." She said quietly, then turned to Snowpearl, "Do we knock?"
  6. ((Nah, it's ok)) Ruu watched in amusement as Snowpearl drew shapes into the cloud. "Ahah..! That's so cool!" She laughed happily at the dragon's artwork, then watched as the key returned to it's normal form, "We've found something pretty brilliant here." She said, starting to lead Snowpearl back down what she hoped was the trail. -------------------------------------------------- ((Egads, how many unofficial charries do I need?? )) The woman looked up sharply, her eyes red and her breathing uneven. "What do you want?" She croaked.
  7. Tarak looked up at the woman, then glanced back to the grey-winged lady. "Her friend's just died. Or something. In the street." The woman sobbed some more, still trying to lift the dead man's body. "Excuse me, I have someone to find," He said quietly before moving onwards, leaving Beatrice behind. He turned his head and looked around as he paced the streets, hoping to God his sister hadn't been killed in the way the drunkard had. --------------------------------------------------------------- (( You're still RP-ing as Snowpearl, right? )) "H,here Snowpearl.." Ruu mumbled, holding the ball out so that the dragon would follow it as she tried to walk down the trail. It was slightly dark, what with all the trees. Ruu felt strangely out of place and found herself missing the clouds. She threw the ball in the air and caught it a few times, missing on the third throw. "Eek," She watched as the ball rolled away, then glanced at Snowpearl, "Stay right there," Then she ran to catch the ball. It had stopped by a small puff of cloud. A small puff of cloud? "Wha?" Ruu reached for the ball, venturing her hand into the white mist. When she lifted her hand out of the fog, the ball wasn't in her hand. There was a white key instead. With her other hand, she reached in a second time, this time withdrawing the ball. Confused, she turned and ran towards Snowpearl, holding up both items to get the dragon's attention. "Look, someone's dropped their key.. And there's clouds coming out of it.."
  8. (( I take it they're in that wood then? Ahahah, I just realised I've used the name "Tarak" in this RP. That's the name of my White Dragon. Tarak has white wings. Ahah. )) Ruu took the ball, then admired it for a few moments. "Thanks.. Does this mean you're going somewhere?" She said it quietly, slightly worried about being left alone in somewhere unfamiliar like the Ground. You have Snowpearl with you. It's fine. Ruu reassured herself and then put the ball into her pocket along with the Quartz. Ruu reminded herself to keep that hidden so that Beatrice wouldn't think that she hadn't given it to her parents. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tarak paused, hearing a heart-broken cry. He turned to see a woman knelt down, holding a man in her arms. It was the same drunk man Tarak had seen the night before, only now he was half-dead in the street. The brown-haired woman leaned over him, crying. Her wings were grey with white speckles on them, and they twitched with each sob. "Karley. Karley. You came back.." The man whispered, then fell limp in "Karley"'s arms. The 26 year old had heard of these murders, mysterious as they were. He took care not to be too close to any one person, in case he was next. He cautiously approached the grieving woman, kneeling down next to her to offer his sympathy. The woman slapped him, grabbed the dead man and tried to lift him up. Realizing he wasn't wanted, he once again apologised and moved on. He had someone to find, dead or alive.
  9. (( K )) "Sure," Ruu couldn't smile, but instead remembered the drunkard from the night before, "I'm sorry to hear about people dying. That sucks. A lot." She looked at Snowpearl. She didn't voice this concern, but what if the dragon did fly off? What was Ruu supposed to do if that happened? "Is it nice in the Estates?" She asked, climbing onto Snowpearl and mentally preparing herself for the flight.
  10. (( *glomps* VERY HAPPEH! )) Ruu nodded, "Good morning! They said it was fine. Did you sleep well?" Beatrice seemed quite tired this morning. The girl felt a little but guilty in case it was her fault. She rested a hand on Snowpearl's neck, wondering what time High-Class people usually woke up at.
  11. (( Same here I need sleep, so see you peoples tomorrow. ))
  12. (( (Naww, I was hoping you'd join in with the Time Warp.. ) Uh, I dunno... Next day? Like the morning or something... 10 AM okay with you? I think I'm gonna have Ruu find her key soon.. ♫~Put your hands on your hips! And pull your knees in ti-i-ght!~♫ )) Ruu woke up with a start, not sure where she was for a moment. Skybus shelter. Still have quartz and--- Ooh, hello! Ruu crawled on her knees, glad that no-one else was sitting at this stop. There was a money note on the bus-seat. With no regrets or second thoughts, she reached out and picked it up, examining it. It wasn't too much, but enough to make the girl's morning. She got up, dusted down her shorts and turned to walk back to the birder's platform - hopefully picking up a nice hot breakfast on the way there. Her mouth watered at the idea, and her walk turned to a stride, to a run. A few minutes later, Ruu exited the fast-food place empty-handed. They'd taken one look at her lack of wings and turned her away. She was creeping out the other customers. The girl re-pocketed her cash and sighed before walking to another shop. No warm food this morning, it seemed. Instead, Ruu bought a sandwich which she picked at absently as she sat on a bench near the Birder's platform. She saw something out of the corner of her eye. "Hitori!" Ruu's morning seemed to be looking up again, and she held out a crust of her bread in the palm of her hand as the sparrow perched there, pecking at it. Ruu babbled on, speaking to the bird as if it was a close friend. She told it about the quartz and Beatrice and how they were meeting up. Halfway through her description of Snowpearl, Hitori flew away, leaving Ruu alone once more. Ruu pondered, then suddenly stopped feeling hungry. What if Beatrice didn't come? What if she'd been toying with her? She sat still, feeling nervous as she watched Hitori fly off into the big sky.
  13. (( Laura? CAN WE HAVE A TIME WARP?? ♫~It's just a jump to the left!! And then a step to the ri-i-ight!~♫ ))
  14. Giggling. Ruu's eyes snapped open to see a man crouched by the bench. His wings were messed up and he was giggling as if he'd played a prank on her. Panicking slightly, Ruu checked her pocket and sighed in relief to find the quartz still there. The man continued to giggle drunkenly. "Can I help you?" She asked unsurely - she felt unnerved by this person and wished he'd go away already. The man blinked suddenly, shocked. "Karley?" "No. Sorry." Ruu shook her head. "You have to be Karley! Why are you lying to me?" He seemed to be growing upset. "Wha? I'm not--" Ruu grit her teeth together as the drunkard grabbed her by the arm, trying to pull her up to her feet from the bench. Be strong.. You have to get used to this. Ruu reassured herself and tried to ease herself from the man's grip. It didn't work. "C'mon, Karley. I'm taking you home." Ruu continued to protest that she wasn't this "Karley" person as the man dragged her out of the children's park. Ruu considered calling for help, but that would bring attention to herself. And that attention may belong to a relative. Halfway down a busy street, the man nearly tripped over something left on the ground. "Shilly girl. Dropped your dolly." He slurred a bit as he momentarily let go of Ruu's hand to pick up the figurine on the floor. Ruu took this time to sprint down the street and around a few corners, shielding her eyes as the sun(s) finally began to rise once more. The girl didn't dare look back in case the man was following her. Little did she know, the man was now on his hands and knees, coughing up blood and croaking the name of a girl he'd thought he'd found.
  15. (( <.< >.> .... Quiet, you So.. How do they sleep if it's never dark? Unless the suns are placed so that there is a short period of darkness whilst they cross over... or something... )) Ruu waved goodbye as the two left, then looked around. It was the near the darkest time of the "night" already, and she quickly scurried off to find somewhere to sleep. The lack of night-time was probably why the residents of cloud-world were so dreamy all the time. Lack of proper sleep. She mused this as she arrived at a play-park for children. Sitting on a bench, the girl watched as the kids were led away by over-protective mothers, giving Ruu disapproving looks simply because she was a teenager. I hate that stigma! I'm a teenager but that doesn't mean I beat people up.. If only those people knew.. Ruu sighed, then looked around suspiciously in case anyone she knew was near. There wasn't, and the girl let herself relax, curling up on the park-bench and holding her arms for warmth. She'd need it for the few hours of dimness that Cloudworld got. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tarak, Ruu's eldest brother got off the Skybus. He cracked his knuckles and prepared himself for another night of searching. He doubted his sister would be here - Ruu probably had no interest in Birding towns such as this one. The only way he knew that the girl may be here was because of what the Skybus driver told him. Tarak had always prided himself on being an elite flyer, but this place was too far from home, and he wasn't sure how he'd get there, what with the clouds moving constantly. Skybus was the way to go. Even with the many old people and crying babies who were now unable to fly. In a strange way, the 26 year old almost approved of Ruu's escape. She'd left to keep herself safe, but put herself in more danger by doing so (The stupid brat). That was why he was looking for her. His younger brother and father were searching for the child in other cities and towns. Their mother... She hadn't joined the search yet. He passed a bar, frowning when drunken men tumbled out from it's doors, their wings ruffled. Tarak always kept his white wings clean. He'd need them if he wanted to continue the family business. He listened to one of the men's drunken slurs, about going somewhere or another to rest a bit in a nearby park. What kind of idiot would go rest at a park? He kicked pebble and continued to search through the shopping district. Maybe Ruu was shopping there?
  16. ((Said nothing 'bout it being dark )) "Tha-Thankyou!" Ruu held the stone in both hands, admiring it with a fond smile. It was an extremely pretty stone, and Ruu hoped that she wouldn't have to part with it. She put it in her pocket for safekeeping before clambering onto Snowpearl's back. The girl did her best to keep her shoes away from the dragon's feather-like fur, not wanting to dirty it. "okay, I'm on."
  17. ((Sure ^^)) Ruu looked back at Beatrice, biting her cheek to stop herself from laughing as she scratched Snowpearl's ear. The view was nice up here, but it was starting to get late.. She tried to think of somewhere to stay tonight, a place to get food. She needed to get this planned before it got dark. "Should we get going soon? I know, I'm sorry. I know I said I wanted to stay longer, but.."
  18. Ruu took a moment for her mind to process the long words Beatrice had said before answering. "That's so nice of you to do that for free," Ruu wished she could be that helpful. Back at home, she'd only help if-- Shut up. Shut UP! Ruu looked at the ground, wishing she had some way of switching off the thoughts of home in her head. Her face seemed confused as she attempted to regain her calm face. The girl gave a cough and then reached out to pet Snowpearl. Compared to the pictures of dragons she'd seen before, this really was a beautiful creature. And a happy one. ((Failpost ))
  19. (( I.. Don't know.... ._. )) "Thanks, Is it ok if I look around a bit longer?" Ruu sighed in relief that Beatrice didn't demand to meet her parents or anything. She bent down and picked up a stone, throwing it up into the air and then catching it with her other hand. A real rock..! Like the ones she's seen in shops sometimes. She looked back at the woman, her face curious. "Unless you need to be somewhere.. What kind of job to you have?" Several variations of high-class jobs flashed through the girl's mind. Dragon-trainer was among them, but Ruu wasn't sure.
  20. (( No-one answered my question.. So is Ruu supposed to already have this key or does she get given it? Or does she find it randomly?)) Ruu's eyes widened, listening to Beatrice's last idea. She felt strangely guilty - as if she should go Home. She reminded herself that Home wasn't somewhere she wanted to be. This "Home" was scary now. The girl looked away and tried to think of something else to say; So long as this woman didn't know about what was going on. But Ruu was rapidly running out of excuses. "I think the first idea m,may be better.." She stumbled over her words, "We could meet at the birder's platform like we did today."
  21. Ruu listened intently to Beatrice's offer. This day was rapidly turning into the best day of all time! Having somewhere to stay, and get to spend time with a dragon. A high-class one at that. It felt like it was all too good to be true...! The girl hesitated when the woman mentioned her parents. If they gave permission. That was the catch. She played with her hand, thinking of what to do now. She'd already been away from Them for a week. There was no way she wanted to go back, despite her missing the things she left behind such as her nicer clothes, gadgets and toy birds. And a pair of costume wings she wore once to school when she was little. Her brothers would lead her to-- NO. Don't remember anything anymore. Stop it. The girl nodded her head, her darkened expression now hidden behind a grateful smile. "I'd love to! I'm not sure where my parents are at the moment, though." And I don't want to. She gripped the hem of her shorts as if they could comfort her. She almost felt like telling the truth, but she knew all too well what would happen if she did.
  22. Ruu clenched her fists then released them again, unsure of what to say. That question was bound to come up some time or another. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Her parents were always arguing, back when Ruu was too shy to speak back to adults. Her Mother constantly turned her rage to her youngest daughter, as if Ruu was the reason for the love she no longer felt for her husband. Maybe it was? Who knew what went on in that crazed mind of her mother's? And then one day, their arguments started to get violent. Even Her two elder brothers -both adults- were getting hit when they tried to intervene when their Mother started to throw things around. In a panic, the girl ran to help her brothers. The woman turned to her, spite in her eyes. "And you, You're against me too? Well hear this, you wingless b*tch!" She slapped Ruu across the face, then narrowed her eyes and smirked darkly, "You're no child of mine." The girl held her face and looked up with wide eyes. And then within seconds, Ruu was out of her house, running and not looking back. Of course, her Mother hadn't meant it - she'd only said it in the heat of her anger. Ruu knew this, but still didn't look back. So long as she could get away and forget the broken family she was leaving. There had to be happier places than Home. Her parents had seen her a few times in the street after that, and chased after her in some wild attempt in getting her to return home, but each time they failed. They could fly, but their skill was useless when Ruu ran down alleyways and sprinted through parks. It had only been four days since she left home, when she realised that she was essentially marooned on this cloud. She couldn't get off unless-- Her tired eyes spied the SkyBus. It only drove by once a week, and it was something that old people used when they grew too old to fly safely on their own. The girl didn't care where it was going, but she stepped straight on it. The coach took her to a small Birding town, fraught with small streets and shops. She'd stayed there for three more days, making a full week, up until now.. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A day where the most nice things had happened to her. She'd had "Best" days, but this was something different. A stranger had finally spoken to her, despite the lack of wings. As if they didn't matter. She looked up at Beatrice, blinked a few times, then replied calmly: "Not sure where they are right now, but it's ok. They're used to me being out" She wasn't lying, but she wasn't telling the whole truth either. She didn't want to. ((OMG INSANELY LONG POST D: Don't kill me!))
  23. Ruu cautiously climbed down from Snowpearl's back after they'd landed. The first thing she noticed about this ground was that it was so... Firm! "It's pretty tough." She mumbled in reply, then stamped a few times with her foot - it didn't fall through or anything. It made a clapping sound! "And stable..!" She walked towards Beatrice, grinning, "You know, this is the most good things that have happened to me in one day. Ever." Ruu would usually hug someone as a thank-you, but maybe high-class people didn't like that... She bowed her head in respect instead. "I really appreciate it."
  24. "Oh Em Gee!" Ruu squealed as the dragon suddenly flew upwards. The wind swept her hair backwards as they flew. After a few minutes, she got used to the flight and was able to get more comfortable on Snowpearl. Beatrice seemed to know where they were going - The girl was glad about this. Somewhere in the distance, Ruu could see what looked like a mountain-top. She frowned in confusion, wondering why there was a mountain so high.
  25. Ruu quickly did as Beatrice advised, tensing slightly as the dragon did take off. Now the sky is mine.. Ruu repeated the thought in her head, knowing this may be the only time she could ever say that phrase. "Uhm," She called back, not sure what to answer with; All her favourite places were accessible by foot and were mainly shops that she visited each day, her sandals kicking up loose clouds behind her. She pondered for a moment, then replied with a calm smile: "Somewhere away from these stupid clouds"