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  1. PUGGLE! TMD! *Hugs* TMD, are Germany and France still together? Or has he gone with someone else now?
  2. Hello! Right, I'm going to attempt once again to get back into this RP! Ha.. Ha ha... *Nervous laugh* So quickly, are they still having their meeting in Romania, and if so, how far into it are they? Icey, while I can understand your frustration, I doubt anyone is trying to abandon you! ^^ Roleplays slow down from time to time, it happens even to amazing ones like this.
  3. *Roars and rolls into the topic* So I hear there's a prom? Is that the end of the timeskips? And has Puggle been on lately? oAo So many questions!
  4. Why hello there, new OOC! I think I might wait for the next time skip before I attempt to step back into the RP again, since I'm finding it hard to keep up with the rate they're coming at. As for the prom, I think France might just go and ask everyone. Everyone. As well as his husband. Just a warning.
  5. If you Google "Friday", she's on the first page. This is just.. What.
  6. I was typing my answers for an exam I did today. Halfway through I was so tempted to put Comic Sans as a font... I wonder if it's possible to get marked down for things like that?
  7. Insincere people. People who take advantage of your insecurites in order to ridicule you.
  8. ((Mind if I throw a twist in?)) Being guided through the train station, Ruu tried very hard to not be distracted by the musicians and performers. However, she was obligued to simply follow Kay wherever she led her, and dimly took one of the plastic cards that was handed to her. She nodded to her instructions, doing so rather clumsily due to nerves. Was she doing this - the machine at her card and then spat it out at the other side, and feeling rushed, Ruu pushed through the bar as it had been explained to her. The bar let her through. The girl mindfully took the card before stepping to one side to allow Kay through. Someone tapped her on the shoulder, an elderly fellow with a beard and pale eyes. "Young lady, do you know if you can help an old man like me to find his train..?" Ruu glanced nervously back to Kay, wondering if she should help or not, "I-is there not a map here that can help you?" she replied to him, standing on tiptoe to try and locate one for him. She saw what looked like a poster, and pointed to it, "There's one there." "Where?" The man was somewhat shorter than she was, "Maybe you can show it to me, young lady?" "U-um, just quickly, then.." She mumbled, not wanting to give the old man false hope. She seemed to not notice the somewhat sinister smile he had, and stepped into the crowd, trying to lead him, "It's just over here." The old man had originally placed his hand on her elbow to not lose her, but within a few moments, Ruu found this hand pulling her in another direction to the poster. She looked at him, confused before she decided that something wasn't right. Panicked, she looked for Kay for assistance. But it was too late. Her leader was lost somewhere in the sea of passengers.
  9. Ruu shrugged at the question about the birds of prey, "Most of them are.." She followed Kay's pointing finger, finally spotting the yellow circle, "I'll be careful.. What stop do we get off at..?" Despite her not planning on getting lost, the girl decided that it would be best to at least know where she was headed. In such an alien world as this, being lost was the last thing on her mind. Again, she reached towards her pocket and patted it a few times, checking that the key was still inside. She'd be doing that quite a lot if she didn't want to lose it. ((Sorry for not posting much... I just can't think of anything to type! D:))
  10. I get annoyed when people say "Should of" instead of "Should have" They make it sound like "Should" is a quantity of something. You don't get go to a shop and say "I would like a should of baked beans, please!" That's a really feeble argument but you get my point, yeah? :x
  11. 8,000 words... I'm getting there... Slowly..
  12. Such a failure. I have written no words today, but instead spent four freaking hours trying to create character forms FFFF. I'll catch up tomorrow.
  13. The lovely people in my reigon have given me character sheets and have arranged a midnight kickoff tonight I'm kind of annoyed at myself for not planning more of my novel though ._.
  14. Please don't judge my family too harshly, you sound very opinionated. They broke up because Mum was cheating on him. And I can't forgive my Mum because she told everyone I was lying when I called her out. Because she was spiteful to my Dad whilst he was pushing her around in a wheelchair, because she went on dating sites whilst they were married. Dad's girlfriend is lovely, and I didn't mean to make her sound like a bad person. And he didn't "already replace" my mum - Mum left us in April '09 and his girlfriend moved in more than a year after that. In fact, since she moved in, my life has been much calmer. I want to allow my Dad to have a bit of happyness, but I simply meant that I was worried that I'd get in the way of that.
  15. Separated. Mum has MS, calls me every Sunday from England, saying the same things that she usually says. I still can't forgive her for breaking our family apart. She smokes now. Another thing I can't forgive, especially after she'd quit. Mum is rather spiteful about Dad's girlfriend, and when I told her to stop, she threatened to hit me. I have visited her twice since she left last year. Dad has a girlfriend, whom he spends all of his time with. The only time we can spend time privately together is when he's driving me somewhere, and that hardly ever happens. Dad's girlfriend is lovely, but I'm constantly terrified that I'll do something to ruin their relationship, or that she sees me and my brother as extra baggage. They were supposed to be divorced on my 16th birthday, but something went wrong with the papers and now I have no idea what to think.
  16. I speak English and I'm taking Higher French in school (The second highest level of the subject). I can also tell when someone is speaking Japanese (Anime FML), though not always what they're saying, though today I went hyper because I understood a Japanese woman on TV. She said like, four words. .___. I also speak a bit of stereotypical Scots. YEAH.
  17. Ruu tried not to look fearful as she was told that the next door would lead to Water World. The majority of Cloudworld's inhabitants couldn't swim, there was no need to. There were no lakes, they drew their water from dark clouds. She blinked as Kay asked her about her home world, and then pondered before answering: "Yes, everyone has wings.." She started, "That's because we all live in the clouds. Well, there's the Ground too, but it's tiny and only the richest people can stay there... We catch our birds with nets and keep birds of prey for pets, some of us." She remembered Hitori, and again wondered where the little bird had gone. Speaking about Cloudworld, which was probably under attack at this very moment almost made Ruu feel homesick, and she swallowed, "How far away is this place again?"
  18. I entered Nanowrimo last year (thanks to BG mentioning it and making me curious!), and I managed to finish, despite starting a few days late. I'm the youngest person in my reigon to be doing it, with everyone else in their mid 20's and 30's. I was a novelty at the write-ins, haha! I didn't realise that there was a version for under 18's until I'd finished, so I feel pretty special doing the adult version. I'll be entering this year too, really looking forwards to it
  19. Seriously though, if you have a cup of tea that you don't like, then you simply change brands until you find one you do - my friend went to a place that helped you find your perfect blend. Turns out her tea is Rose tea. Huh. Something I've noticed is that in England, my grandparents were constantly asking "Want a cup of tea? And a biscuit?" I think tea is so common in day-to-day life for them simply because they haven't got much to do My nan thought I was odd when I told her that three cups of tea in one day was quite enough, thanks. But I do like tea, especially when it's cold or rainy. I don't drink it in the mornings though. I hate consuming things so early, haha.
  20. Ruu nodded, relieved that she wouldn't have to try and gain money for a train journey through... Bad methods. Hearing the rustle of feathers, the girl managed to look back just in time to see Beatrice and Snowpearl take to the air. Before she had a chance to wave or wish the two a safe journey, they'd left. Nervously, Ruu played with her hands and started to follow Kay. She didn't want to be left behind - if anything were to happen to Beatrice and Snowpearl, there would be no guarantee that Kay, or Nightworld's government would want to help her. Without planning to, she'd started to make mental plans for what to do if she were to be abandoned or lost. Avoid the council. Keep her key at all costs. Find a way back to Cloudworld's door. Go home and... Fall many miles through clouds until she hit the Ground. She was very quiet then, and when she allowed herself to focus on what she was doing, she'd almost forgotten that everyone was still safe. She glanced at Kay, trying to break the silence. Her mind raced for a conversation topic, "Have you gone through doors before?" She started, "I mean, the special ones. Of course you've been through regular doors, I mean, who hasn't?" She shut herself up before she made herself look like a total fool.
  21. ((ASDDFHGJ)) Ruu nodded, quietly agreeing with Beatrice. That plan sounded a lot better formulated than her own, at least. Blinking, she followed Kay's pointing finger, trying not to get distracted by the stars - Cloudworld was usually cloudy, stars were uncommon - and then mumbled, "O-okay." A sudden thought bashed it's way into her head, "Does it cost a lot to get on the train..?" She subtly checked her pockets, frowning. She had a few coins from Cloudworld, but since Nightworld was told that her home didn't even exist, she doubted they would be accepted. She didn't know how much a train costed - She hadn't often visited the Ground, back at home, and that was the only place that trains existed in. Up in the sky, they had air-buses and well, wings to travel. She doubted that her bus-card would get her very far here.
  22. You're starting to sound like my English teacher... I think a good tip for Zombie combat is not to set them on fire. Because then you will be dealing with flaming zombies who want your brains. Aparrently this was created for Zombie outbreaks
  23. Okay, so I did the zombie survival quiz. My physical and mental stats got a C and a D. My knowledge on zombies and emotional stats got F's. My survival chances? I got an A. Well, then. Watching Shawn of the Dead really has prepared me. @Rhea: I KNOW D: Remember how they said that each mushroom was specific to a species of bug? The humans could have their own fungus and not even know it. It's scary stuff.
  24. I'll tell you something that made me think of zombies immediately. If something like this is possible, with ants acting unusually and behaving differently in order to feed the fungus, why can't it happen to humans? Who is to say that a fungus won't develop which forces us to pass on the parasite by biting other humans and then using our bodies to nurture the growth? I know that's not how a normal zombie works, but it's similar, isn't it? The spores needing to be fed by brains, the host biting and trying to feed the parasite...