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  1. oh WOW! This is all s awesome! Thank you DC team & happy anniversary!
  2. happy holidays and thank you TJ & team!
  3. Nice... I like these eggies. wait... whaaaaa.... LOVECRAFT!!!! *flails helpless in the face of the Outer Gods*
  4. i knew this was coming. *runs off to gather eggies*
  5. Now I have a reason to having so many nebula! I have only had one refusal of a Neb + Ridge, and that was the Blue Neb + Purple Ridge. All my other pairings came out successfully. Do note, for the most part I breed at night/early am for the EDT. I am GMT-10 so almost never am on earlier. Red Neb + Purp Ridge ja4dF oebK8 Purp Neb + Purp Ridge vpsyy DBZvd sgLDl Purp Neb + Tan Ridge 4gFOQ Blue Neb & Tan Ridge WiCBO
  6. not so. able to breed male-neb to fem-ridge, and vice-versa. 100% success with new eggy produced each time. I think it is an RNG issue - and could be time of day (or night) as well. After all, hard to see stars during the daytime.
  7. Zoa

    2017-08-20 - Site Update

    thanks TJ - some much wanted features.
  8. Went to go rescue some babies from the AP and saw this ... ... and I cried. But it isn't the AP... and that is kinda freaking me out... Refreshed and the site went into maintenance.
  9. thanks tj & gang... wasn't expected.
  10. Zoa

    2017-07-02 - Forum Updates

    Yep, I guessed right. Could update siggy today. The server will not cache a siggy's images unless you make a post first, then can update (but still give it a bit to cache). :) So yay. :)
  11. Zoa

    Stop BSL Lineage v.2

    We are still here. Forum update has some things a bit funky, but I believe this project is still valid. See the NEWS for issues being addressed.
  12. Zoa

    2017-07-02 - Forum Updates

    Thank you for the work and getting to a more up-to-date forum. I appreciate all the work you've done. Forums are loading faster. I haven't tested everything on mobile yet, but will let you know if I have issues. So far, only one issue I can see: I assume the server needs to cache this info. Meanwhile, I cannot edit out the images from Magistream (as the puvia are obviously grown). Will give it a day or so and try to edit again. Otherwise, I believe my main images (in the top row, and those are the ones throwing the error) do fit the guidelines. A hui hou.
  13. Zoa


    As a coder (aye, I do many flavors of code) - IF a coder documents their project well - no matter the level of coding experience and expertise, another code of equal or greater level can pick up and contribute to a project. I have told my staff, my sons, and anyone else interested in code work (be it for sites, business applications, games, or anything really), do NOT forget to document your code. It is a sign of poor thinking and results in quashed projects. Having more than one coder also helps with security, broadens the development path, and balances the work load. I made a poster at an ecommerce company I was the lead dev for... "You might be the bomb, but the project could bomb if you don't communicate." Communicating is important, and that includes documenting code. Be it PHP, Java, Cadol, Basic... documentation is the keystone to a successful application. I used to be in UC and had some fun there - but didn't get involved enough to really be impacted by the shutdown. I've been working on websites since the '90s and have seen more than my share of irresponsible owners dumping brands - its sad and hurtful. Kudos to the admin team in picking up some of the pieces to hold the community together - for that is the heart of any site - the community around it. That said, it would be very wise of the leading team to look into having another coder - maybe two. In business, being held hostage by a single coder is _very bad_ and results in the loss of revenue, brand reputation and eventually said coder getting fired. I'm not saying Pegasus is a bad coder, but for any project of love to thrive, you cannot lay all eggs onto one basket. Is stressful - I've run several "love projects" with no funds, no help, no support. I've learned that good teams are priceless - and yes, it does take a team.
  14. Freezing alt-black babies from the Dorkface line. If that isn't stupid, I dunno what is...
  15. Zoa

    Stop BSL Lineage v.2

    I have a specially mated pair of blacks, both named for our beloved Pit Bulls.
  16. Zoa

    Stop BSL Lineage v.2

    Doing well - if mad with registering for school (haven't been to school in 30 years, going for my MBA) and dealing with new part-time gig. Sorry I've been neglectful here - all of my babies (here, in MS & VoU) have suffered terribly. But my black - and the DC - are my special home, eh? The first online-adoptable thing I eveh did done.
  17. Zoa

    Stop BSL Lineage v.2

    Hello luvies! I know, things kinda get hectic and we all forget to post. Still alive - still breeding my blacks. ^.^ How is everyone?
  18. happy birthday DC! ty TJ & all for bringing back the Pinks! AND FRILLS!!!!! That must have been some talking there! Thank you so much!!!
  19. Got some "special" codes... SLEEH - Frozen Black which was laid on Black Friday of 2015 from a Holiday/Black lineage. think about that for a bit... 1421 - the ONLY fully numerical code on my scroll, and is the same 4 digits that used to be the last four of my phone number when the egg was laid. Coincidence? SPOs - At time I got this egg, the company I worked for was negotiating a sales deal with the State Procurement Office here in Hawaii. The guy in charge of the negotiations would regularly call in "sick" when the surf was up, that is why I named this Coastal Wave Runner, "Surf Project Orders". KKnK - a Cave born Deep Sea Dragon which I named "Kicks Kinks n' Kindness CB" Tizir - a good dragon name if I ever saw one. uWin - a cave born Magi. Use her on trades for bets I've lost or for contest prizes I give. :-\ dOGm4 - a pink dragon named "Pink Dogma" hehe psTJ - a second stage hatchling red. I name all my 2nd stagers with a form of the word "dream"... and this one's name is "ps-TJ Dreams" A have quite a few more with really off-color codes which I will not mention here due to keeping the boards G-rated. A couple have to do with bodily functions while another is sexually related. I keep them because they make me laugh. *edit* just picked up 4T6n6 and going to name it "Fifty Two"
  20. What I'm getting at is a TAB is just a display avenue... it can be coded however. Unless it is already being worked on (secretly and quietly) - the database needs adjustments, then functions built THEN code worked for display. Dragons will still be "tagged" - just by the "tab" name. The sorting functions can be duplicated to be applied to the specified lists (arrays) - but again, this will all have to be structured within the database, then the functions altered (even if copied) to be applicable to the assigned array. considering how long these topics have been around - I wouldn't be surprised that TJ's silence is in face his way of working on it.... is what I did. anyhoo... just wanted to keep this conversation going and see if there would be more people wanting to chime in (like myself) who haven't been involved yet.
  21. I got curious and clickied on your poopied-nocturne-pic (had no idea what it was for or what it meant) and am now utterly hooked on your art & puns! Aye, add another stalker to the list! And I now know where the "Oh My GoN!" came from! And this... I am all at once dying in my chair! I've gotten a slew of chortles out with your art - but this one totally did me in! If I might make a suggestion - would help you manage all the requests by keeping the running list in your OP, and just crossing out the ones you did and adding new ones at the bottom of the list there... Is what I do with art requests (in another totally unrelated community). Keeps me sane anyway. And if is not too much trouble, I don't see any Blacks in your portfolio.... so... I challenge you, sir, to produce an ode to the Black Dragons... you have full creative license to do with as you please.
  22. Zoa

    Z Project

    @herk - your "test" subject has a perma-home on my scroll... thank you!
  23. Zoa

    Secret Santa

    Wanna make a special thank you to @dragonstar for the most wonderful gifts! A clean-golden Dorkface is so much more than anyone could ask for! And a low-gen Thuwed is just the awesomest! The other babies are awesome as well, but the additions to my Dorkface and Thuwed collections are just mind blowing! I had just about fulfilled my own Giftee's list, except for one, which I am still hounding the caves for... I will get it!