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IRC as Olleh / Akame / LokiOlleh quote mania! "every dingle time <.<" followed by "or let it dingle..." and then after initial topic change "calankh: you need teraphy" ~ Calankh<Fizzix> You guys are nuts. it's the only explanation.<SkyHigh> we got something out of ollehfinland_flag.png

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    Things I IOU:
    Tjekan - child from Scandinavic. 2nd-gen royal blue from gold, a 2nd-gen greenwing from gold, 2nd-gen lumina from gold, or 2nd-gen blusang from silver.

    Things I IOU:

    kiwiana Diablokitty 1st

    Camero Diablo 2nd

    Arcticfox Melody 1st

    Calankh Melody 2nd

    Isacione owes me 2 cb night glories

    Shiny Hazard Sign tinsel

    Dragon Shadow Odin's Army

    IceCrystal 3 CB nebs and 3 CB night glory


    3 red female
    2 magma male
    1 harvest female
    2 golden wyvern frozen
    1 swallowtale female frozen
    1 Neontropical male and male frozen
    1 lumina frozens
    1 spotted greenwing male
    1 female royal blue
    1 female purple ridgewing
    1 sunrise male
    1Thunder male frozen
    Ultraviolet frozens
    3 Blue stripe male
    1 black stripe male
    1 green stripe male
    3 female white stripe
    1 male white
    1 turpentine male + frozens
    Looking for CB - 2nd gen (if frozen, lineage doesn't matter)

    Alpha Gryph!