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  1. The new quiz looks broken to me. The last question is "out of order", with all reply options being "out of order", for instance...
  2. OT, but adoption system is a horrible, horrible abusive mess, never mind one still has to carry a pregnancy to term to be able to resort to that.
  3. This. It is not morally acceptable to properly hit another human being outside of combat or martial arts training or competition (and those are controlled hits) or self- or other active defence. (And this includes slapping - it is hitting a person in the face. Period.)
  4. More and more, I begin to feel that religion - for very many people - is more a stand-in for the club you're a member of rather than something to do with what they actually feel is right, and honestly believe in...
  5. One very wide and nebulous aspect does not make up a belief system. (And whether the standing to one single question is yes, maybe, or no makes no functional difference.) Anyone who, when presented with the question "Do you believe there is/are god(s)?", responds with "I don't think there are." is automatically an atheist, regardless of all other beliefs. You should also make a distinction between atheism (lack of belief in ...) and antitheism (against ...). What you described more fits the latter...
  6. True. However, this is also something unrelated to atheism as such... You can also be an atheist and be religious, for instance.
  7. I don't really understand it either. Then again, I also don't really understand what there is to post on atheism, as it is neither a religion nor a belief system... The only thing that all atheists have in common is the lack of the belief that there is a god or gods. (Unless it is exactly what you're telling people: "No, atheism has nothing to do with devils or sacrificing blood on crossroads at midnight on Friday the 13th.") - Said as an irreligious nonspiritual atheist. (I will say that I am atheist when asked. Otherwise I'm just following a personal moral code.)
  8. It's a spam mail site. Probably lives off clicks. I wouldn't count on the probability of any wishes fulfilling being higher than it is with just leaving therm be (as some wishes are bound to come true anyway).
  9. I have one brother, 8 years younger than I. Oddly enough, we've always gotten along mostly well (some differing opinions left aside). Perhaps it is due to the age difference being great enough for us not to be rivals.
  10. Problem is, most of those list contain "slurs" that either aren't publicly known, aren't actual slurs, et cetera, et cetera. And indeed, something needs to be done with the censorship, as it is too harsh at the time being. I also support making approach to not blatantly obvious ... things more lax. As it stands, the site has a lot of foreign members, and members that are fairly young or old or in general not aware of *all* the slurs and swearwords out there. I occasionally am genuinely concerned that my names - which are either nonsense fantasy stuff or random words in my native language - might get a dragon killed or worse, get all those hundreds of names removed or cause account closure. And then there are things which are appropriate in the given context - such as naming a dragon about whom you have a headcanon of them being gay "Gay [something-or-other]", or calling your zombie dragon "[something-or-other] the Damned" ... damned as in cursed. Yes.
  11. I think I most support adding slight glow - a pixel row or two around the edge. I'd also like more contrast (not because I can't tell silver eggs from other eggs, I just find it would make them more like the actual metal). Also this. Monitors are vastly different, eyes are vastly different, and you can't account for all monitors and eyes.
  12. Morning-after pill is over-the-counter. (Not sure about minimum age, may look up when I have time later.) Chemical abortion pills are only issued by doctors.
  13. Not sure how this relates to my post (I was simply speaking of when a person should "officially" be considered pregnant), but generally, yes, while there exist purely chemical methods for inducing early abortion (and most early abortions are chemical-only around here, with no surgery), these pills aren't exactly over-the-counter.
  14. To my knowledge, failure to implant is something that occurs with roughly thirty percent of fertilized eggs normally, without any birth control, so considering a person pregnant before implantation is doing so a bit too early, I'd say.
  15. As far as I know, it can remove a fertilized egg as long as it has not implanted yet. It won't get rid of an implanted egg. Sadly, my thoughts went there first, too...
  16. Did he use a screen that is calibrated to "normal" vision, or was his screen set to heightened contrast to compensate for his colorblindness? Since inevitably, the accuracy of such tests is more than slightly screen-sensitive.
  17. I typically tend to get either ESTP or INTP in these tests. With "T" being the strongest bias, S and P being moderate and E/I sitting almost squat in the middle.
  18. Hi. I dislike to detest most "girly" stuff and I am heterosexual female woman. I also know multiplectransmen and male men who like skirts/corsets/makeup/etc. Re: gender identity. You can with overwhelming accuraccy tell whetjer a person is cis/trans from brain scans. No other info provided.
  19. Putting this here rather than the GSA thread, since it is more appropriate here... Perhaps I should have been more specific - those pansexual people stated that they use the term "pansexual" specifically because their sexual attactions not being restricted to human. (Which, in turn, doesn't mean that other -sexuals cannot experience something similar. There are even humans who have only felt attraction toward fictional persons, for instance, of things I can think of from the top of my head.) [sexuality and "I am attracted to this sex only," "people who are trans are icky" etc.] (Mono-)sexual attraction tends to go by appearance or body-type rather than identity. It doesn't have anything to do with conscious decision - there is just a small part of you that, without even consulting you on whether it should do it, tends to go and scrutinize people you look at more closely and put little green ticks in the metaphorical boxes after the "Yes, you should have sex with this." line whenever they match specific physical criteria. Suffice to say, that little part of you is a moron and cannot take account of identity very well, and sometimes get hopelessly confused if a person doesn't clearly fit in one body type or another. (Mind, dress and makeup have no effect on it, just the body.) Sometimes the conscious part will go "hey, you know this is also a woman/won't be attacted to you back due to wrong sexuality, right?" or similar and overpower that fragment, but not always. The confusion-part can be settled with learning that the person is trans and/or simply has somewhat atypical appearance. It doesn't have anything to do with "ickiness", at least for me. (I agree that saying "I would never date a trans person because they are icky" is rude and bigoted.) It more just looking at a person and simply feeling no attraction - not all that different from looking at a person of the "right" physical sex who simply doesn't fit your personal preferences all that much. The little part of you that inserts the green ticks just shrugs and moves on to the next individual to see whether they match the desired pattern more. I personally would hope most of those are just poor wording. If it is supposed to mean that they expect people of a type they are not attracted to to stop flirting with them when politely asked to, then it is okay. "I get along with everyone as long as they respect my personal boundaries" is generally a good rule. If a female tries to flirt with me, and it seems like they might be seriously interested in me rather than just making a joking quip or two, then of course I'll tell them that sorry, but I'm not interested back. The same way as I would with an "acceptably male" individual who just happened to approach me at the wrong time or just isn't my type by personality or something else. Whoever keeps flirting with you after you stated that you're not interested - no matter what sex - is a bit problematic.
  20. Adding to the pan/bi conversation - I've also met several self-proclaimed pan-people who have stated that they also occasionally feel strong sexual attraction to beings/entities/things *other* than human. So pan- (all?) prefix definitely refers to a much wider range of potential, eh, "sexual attractives"? Whereas bi- (literally: two) people are generally only attacted to humans and probably also only distinctly male/female body types.
  21. Having seen -"phobia" used to shut down what are simply different opinions (including those of people who are actually trans themselves being almost systematically harassed because apparently what they feel about their bodies is not what a trans person *should* be describing oneself as?) and having seen a couple of phobic attacks from the side, one not so long ago ... it originally didn't bother me that much, but now it definitely does, to the point some part of me wants to physically cringe every time I see the word misused. It doesn't feel all that different from seeing several other medical conditions being used as insults anymore... (Not sure whether heterosexism and some similar are neccessarily the most apt - I keep thinking the aforementined refers to sexism towards heteros, for instance - but in the lack of better concise wide-use terms, they are certainly much better than the -"phobia" versions. Transmisogyny and -andry, as well as binarism (gender-, sex-binarism?) I quite like as terms, though.)
  22. I wish people would stop using the word "phobia" for unjustified acts of hatred. It is everything but phobia - phobia is pathological fear. Medical condition that can send a person into severe panic attack. Comparing senseless hatred to that is unjustified.
  23. To be fair, that happens extremely rarely - if for no other reason then because most would not go through six entire months or more of pregnancy and everything that may or may not come with it before suddenly deciding that they don't want to go through. There typically are severe reasons for third-trimester abortions. This, regrettably, also being one...
  24. ...Was a bad time to be away, no?