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  1. I bet that if you were to write a negative review, it'll either eventually disappear or never appear. The magic of moderation!
  2. Kiara, that sounds ... rather horrifying to me, to be honest. I could have never imagined being subjected to such amount of control and supervision. You're your own individual first and foremost. Remember that. Your mother, nice as she seems to you, has been depriving you from a lot most "normal" people have. And I'm not speaking privileges here - I am speaking basic rights. Not letting you work until now? Depriving you of the income and experience you need for future life. And so forth. It's not healthy, her or your father's behaviour, you see. Luckily, you're 18 now. That means you have more legal rights now. The first thing I'd do is making your separate bank account (or, heck, just taking everything out and going over to cash wherever possible and keeping it secure, if you can't find a way to do so). If you do buy something of notable worth, make sure to register it on your name or otherwise make sure that you can prove it is you who bought it. I can't cite US laws off the top of my head, but over here, if someone confiscates your things in the manner your mother is threatening to should you buy yourself a cell phone, then given that you're over 18, even your own parents doing so means that it's legally theft. And you're by no means a "horrible person". That's just them tearing down your self-worth speaking. You have been subjected to emotional abuse. I've seen horrible people, and trust me, you're not one.
  3. A little trick I've seen people advocating elsewhere is to do a little exercise right before a potentially stressful event: tense your muscles up - squeeze your hands into tight fists, tense up your calves, hold your breath, such things -, hold for a dozen seconds, then release and breathe deeply for a bit. Repeat if necessary. Should make you feel less tense and nervous.
  4. Rice ... is about as effective as leaving it dry in any dry place, really (speaking as a person who has worked as an infotech for several years, nowadays mostly programmer). I don't say that it isn't worth saving the electronics - I am just advocating disassembling them as much as you can without risking breaking something (at least removing the cover/battery) rather than setting the whole thing somewhere. (But we're derailing the thread again.)
  5. Curiously enough, I've had the exact same experiences - like online, like in real life. And at least half of the people I know I knew online first. "Putting it on rice" does nothing with soda, and putting something on rice is rather dubious to begin with - it soaks up the moisture a bit, but often does nil to the liquid inside the device, should any have gotten that far. Soda is sticky, and even dried, it leaves muck everywhere. Turning it off, immediately *disassembling* and cleaning it maybe would have worked...
  6. Definitely something that can fly. I'm thinking a very large bird or perhaps a certain species of my own creation.
  7. So yeah: your father is a jerk, and you shouldn't be let down by whatever he takes issue with. Trust me, your best *is* good enough no matter what he says. And don't give a damn about silly statistics stating that you can't do something as well just because you are something or other. We're all individuals not numbers in a data sheet, and we can achieve quite a lot others wouldn't expect if we just strive for it.
  8. To which I'll say, try me. Telling people "you'll never be able to be as strong because you're a woman" really rubs me the wrong way here... That said, how much you can lift (or other similar matter, especially if it is something you don't specialize in) is by no means a measurement of one's personal worth, male or female. And I agree that the father is being a jerk.
  9. I second that BMI is BS most of the time. You can be "obese" and nothing but bone and muscle and you can be "underweight" and more fat than is healthy to anyone. Body fat percentage and a mirror are much better things to judge oneself by. (That fad diet sounds plain unhealthy. It's either all placebo or who knows what these pills actually do...)
  10. Seconding this. I managed to gain around 20 pounds of what seems to have been purely muscle over one period of time (all the way back when I first started university). Bizarrely enough, my body barely changed at all besides the muscles themselves. (I've always been thin myself, and never really worried about eating. I'll start thinking on what I eat besides just "different things" once I hit 65kg or so - I am 1.77 for the record, or 5'9.5''.)
  11. There is also the difference between "just human" and "person"*. And "convenience" and "right to your own body". *And I'd argue that killing not-another-individual-bound maybe-still-persons for convenience and culling costs is done often enough with adults with low survival/recovery chances -, but that is a whole 'nother can of worms.
  12. I can distinguish between aesthetic and sexual attraction. These two don't necessarily overlap, though the first without the latter is *much* less common than vice versa, and aesthetic attraction is also much more detail-specific. (I am completely capable of feeling sexual attraction without any aesthetic attraction. As in, that part of me which determines whether someone is good-looking will rule that not really, but then the "you should have sex with that"-part comes along and happily puts in a green tick.)
  13. Again, it is just another click/mailspam site (as in, it literally earns money from you doing what it says and checking on the site - I actually looked at what is attached to it now). At least spare your friends and acquaintances from spam mail, please...
  14. Going to agree to AnakoKimi and the lot here... It is the accurate description of what it is. Furthermore, I can't see how "gay marriage" would be any "better" since plenty of trans people I've talked to actually define their sexuality in relation to their gender. (So trans man who is attracted to only biological females would call themselves heterosexual*.) Back to square 1. *Let's use androsexual and gynosexual instead, perhaps? At least people'd know what someone is attracted to... And same-gender marriage wouldn't work since there is a vast array of genders, as opposed to male, female, and the occasional in-between that cannot be clearly determined (with the in-between generally being surgically corrected to one another very shortly after birth - which is also the only case where we can speak of "assigning sex" - in any other case, you don't assign sex, you assign gender). And FYI - people can and do have panic attacks over incorrect term usage. You can't really claim that one thing will universally affect people more. I've also spoken with many trans people who say that denying that their sex isn't a thing is pure nonsense since if their bodies being the wrong sex weren't a thing, then they wouldn't be a trans person to begin with, dammit, and the people who say (or at least imply) things like "Oh, just learn to love your body and your dysphoria will just magically go away" aren't helping. No, it won't go away, since it is an actual physical thing. OT: We had a sender identity etc. debate thread somewhere? Wouldn't it be a better place for this discussion?
  15. Don't have it; if anything, I am more likely to be fascinated by the pattern (things which are shopped to look like a disease will still look like disease, but while they're not pretty they don't really bother me, either). Furthermore, with many of the things mentioned here, it wouldn't even occur to me that they could induce tryphophobia since they don't even resemble holes to me. (Fern spore beds? Aerated chocolate? )
  16. Eh, just call every marriage just marriage; drop the sub-catogories and problem solved.
  17. Been stably roleplaying in written form since about 2004 or so. Solo-writing for longer.
  18. Now I can't wait to have more space...
  19. I can't speak in terms of actual night terrors (for lack of associated fear), but I used to have some dreams in which I lacked control when I was young (being dragged off to somewhere by some creature, similar happening to people I knew, so forth). Ironically, what gave me the ability to fight back in dreams was playing "violent" computer games - more specifically the arcade-FPS variety. I can only conclude that whichever part of my brain conjured up the monsters of my dreams was immediately thwarted by another part of my brain taking a good look at the beings and concluding that 'hey, that's a computer game'. And in computer games which are built on combat, rather than fleeing or hiding, you have weapons and means to retaliate... Dreams are often influenced by things you think, see, and do. On occasions, just vividly imagining yourself doing something in that scenario when you're awake will alter the dream. Or alternatively, if it is not doing something, it isn't perhaps malevolent. Perhaps it is just curious, and just has unfortunate appearance. (In real life I have a pet bird that apparently likes sitting near (or on) a specific person when he can and watch him sleep. Or maybe said pet bird is just waiting for him to wake up and do something. ) Also, +1 to what AnanoKimi said. You worded it perhaps better than I did. Sometimes, you do have to take action indeed.
  20. Wouldn't it be precisely "going slightly bi" (as hydrargium pointed out)? Going homo would strongly imply this person somehow made you apathetic towards doing anything with the opposite sex anymore.
  21. They say very few people are purely heterosexual or homosexual. In that sense - yes, it is an indicator that you're not completely and fully and exceptionlessly 100% lesbian (or other). I, however, agree with the above poster: if you're overwhelmingly one sexuality, it often makes one sense to just go with the overwhelming part instead of taking time to explain that "I am [X] 99.5% percent of time, but there was this one person of [other sex-type] I saw a couple of years ago who really made me think "woah, they're hot", and I kinda-sorta liked this [other sex-type] supermodel aesthetically of when I was a child." Why'd admitting that 80% of people aren't 100% single-sexual be worthy of stigmatization? As for me, I honestly don't know what a "hot" woman is. In the lack of my brain having any kind of opinion on the matter, I just resort to "seems healthy" as basis and use other people's opinions and descriptions if I have to otherwise. I've also met the odd individual who insists that making out with a (in their opinion hot) woman should - if not must - be perfectly fine for a heterosexual woman and absolutely *refuse* to believe that there are individuals to whom it couldn't be anything but physical violation. Including yes, female women individuals.
  22. I am inclined to think quadru-biped-shifter. Commonly walking on fours, occasionally rearing up to see farther, hold something in forelegs or similar.
  23. I'd say someone finding a well-preserved pterodactyl fossil might just as well conclude "dragon". As for various dragons being so different - that's because they were conceived separately, and only later brought together under the common denominator.
  24. I wouldn't call it "being at fault". I would call it doing what's necessary. Having a coworker who acts like this isn't healthy - not to you, the company, or your other coworkers. Someone has to do something; if you just reschedule her, it's your other coworkers who have to either put up with her, get her removed, or quit. I've seen a company branch literally empty out before - due to one unlikable individual, just because no one actually took the matters where needed.
  25. I am, somewhat. Way to trivialize things.