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  1. I haven't thrown up since I was about eight or so (caught a bad stomach bug), so not me? I have also never gotten seasick, and blood or gore doesn't faze me the slightest.
  2. I personally (being a materialistic realist and relatedly also atheistic) would rather people did not do it. One side of me says it's a blatant lie, and that we should rather accept the truth for what it is than deceive oneselves - in general, I set a lot of importance on personal integrity, and being able to truly trust rather than just hearing whatever someone thinks I might want to hear. On the other hand, I feel it actually lessens the value of life (and meaning of death) as such. In a sense, not having a "better place" after that and knowing that this really is the only chance we have, can make people care more about what they have, be it not giving up their only chance as easily or actually living their life properly. I have met people who only live for the afterlife they believe in and thus never live their actual life to the fullest, and I've have heard, from psychologists dealing with problematic younger children, how some of them have actually gone forth and tried to kill themselves just to get to this "better place," too. So yeah. This is the only life we have, we have to make the best of it, live it, and remember those who did not make it and carry on their legacy.
  3. @Ælex: Loss will never go completely away, but in time, it gets set in the background and only resurfaces when you think on it. Feel free to grieve, feel free to redirect your focus - whatever works for you. If you do any sorts of physical activities, it might be a good idea to indulge in that, as much as your brain being distracted by the loss doesn't interfere with it as much. Alcohol tends to only amplify negative feelings and cause loss of motivation to act, so staying sober is the way to go. I saw Brotato around these forums quite a bit, and I'm genuinely sorry for your loss. I wish you'll at least find closure in the court case, and the people responsive won't be given the chance to cause such grief again. Your brother will be remembered.
  4. Oh, I love the look of long hair on men specifically (I like the look of long hair in general, but I don't care for other women and/or female people, so I'm much less likely to notice or pay attention to what they do or don't do with theirs). Very short hair tends to be much more impersonal, somehow, and eh... I suppose I personally just find it less attractive in general, whatever the main reason my brain has decided so.
  5. To be fair, no language needs gendered pronouns to begin with. My native language is without. It very effectively spares people from asking, being asked, misgendering someone, and being misgendered...
  6. One person's polite inquiry is another's breach of privacy and comfort zone. For a person who has lived their entire life being mocked for liking the opposite sex's stuff despite being cis it can be a bit of a kick in the groin, for instance.
  7.   Heteromantic. I am not a particularly romantic person, per se, but as far as it goes, I am only capable of experiencing what I term love (as opposed to just friendship) towards male humans.
  8. I wish society did away with "girly things" = woman (and opposite) connotations entirely. Those things are completely and fully unrelated. I cannot even think of how many people over time have been harassed by liking other things, or given up something they like because it's not what their sex/gender arbitrarily "shouldn't" do or like.
  9. What about married couples who *definitely* don't want (more) children? Can they have sex or not?
  10. I am somewhat shortsighted. The only glasses I wear are sunglasses, though - at all other times it's either lenses or nothing. Glasses gave me nasty headaches and ... yeah, I'm not too comfortable with things on my face in general.
  11. May I just underline this little point. No one is being harmed by the research.
  12. Imagine growing up knowing that you were unwanted. Imagine being snapped at every time you wanted help or comfort. Imagine knowing your parent(s) consider you annoying and a burden, not beloved. Imagine being that one thing which meant your parents couldn't afford anything they or your older sibling wanted. Imagine being the one "because" of whom your mother is dead. The lives of unwanted children tend not to be too nice. Also this. Depending on your age, parents may opt not to tell their children everything.
  13. What sock said - a child will make escaping so much more complicated. What Sock didn't mention much, is the legal side. It may mean courts will have to be involved in case the other side protests their child being taken away, in which case it's going through the justice system and either managing to prove the abuse or setting a homeless, incomeless person against one with a house *and* stable income. And proving abuse is not always easy (especially since sadly, there are also people who lie about things like that to get what they want).
  14. We also do not perform abortions after the 21st (I think?) week unless there is something seriously wrong with the fetus. So this might be a bad comparison. ("Moving" is even less of a factor, as this is something most animals routinely do, even those animals we don't like.) Nor is comparison with vegetative people a good one, since they take people in vegetative state off life support all the time... And even some comatose ones they don't think will make it. So yes, we do arbitrarily "just kill" them. Besides, vegetative people aren't even physically attached to another person, so the bodily autonomy thing isn't an issue with them.
  15. I wondered whether to specify what I meant by income, but in the end left it out. I more meant it in the sense of there not being distinct final-outcome difference between doing work, receiving money, and getting food and skipping the "receiving money" bit by the aforementioned work being that done in growing your own food.
  16. They should definitely at least compensate you for your losses. It doesn't matter whether it was "an accident" as they literally trashed your property and source of income. In this instance, a "sorry" isn't going to cut it - they'd have to take responsibility for their error if they are decent people. Both morally and by the law, they're still in the wrong here.
  17. Oh, I do like birds of prey, but I don't think I have the time for another feathered friend right now... Maybe someday when I'm retired and no longer dedicate time to codeworks.
  18. A notebook would do that perfectly fine, yes, as would things like Word and Excel, for the matter. (Heck, even my old tormented notebook from 2005 (2005!) can pull off Youtube without any noticeable issues.) In general, notebooks are just smaller laptops - as in, the dimensions of the device are smaller; about everything else you will have to consult the specific device's specs (a good notebook can often outdo a weaker laptop). If you are mostly doing browser-stuff and don't use any Windows-specific programs, you could probably spare yourself some additional money and not buy yourself a Windows OS.
  19. If gender and sex were the same thing, being trans wouldn't exist. I know at least one quite strongly dysporic trans person who is vehemently opposed to the sex==gender idea, since it usually pretty much amounts to "If you can just convince yourself that you're whatever sex matches your gender, your frustration with your body being wrong will go away! You just have to love to learn to love yourself as you are!" ...No. His dysphoria / feeling wrong in the body wouldn't just magically go away. It's a thing because his body and brain don't match, period. It's like telling a person with actual chemical depression that if they just think happy thoughts, their depression will go away. It ... is counterproductive at best, even when we speak very specifically of the trans part of the community. Does gender generally matter more than sex on personal level, though? Yes.
  20. Perhaps using andro/gynosexual will clear things up a bit (as in attracted to male/female people rather than attracted to people of the same/different sex)? (Since do what we might, sexual attraction is purely by sex, which is physical, not gender.)
  21. Sure! Let me know what you're trying to do and perhaps give me a look and I'll give my best. @Kiara: Glad to hear. And if you have any questions or want some specific advice, feel free to ask. I don't bite.
  22. I am a professional programmer. I have done a fair bit of Javascript, amongst other things. Mainly various web functionalities and graphics (both 2d and 3d for the latter, largely using three.js).
  23. I would perhaps be willing to take a look, too. Depending on the structure of the site, you may be able to see the CSS with inspect element, or otherwise get access to it.