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  1. Lets see... I can: 1. See 2. Hear 3. Smell 4. Taste 5. Balance 6. Feel cold 7. Feel heat 8. Feel pressure 9. Feel pain 10. Tell where any of my body parts is even when I don't touch anything and have my eyes closed. All of those have different sensors, hence they are all different senses. (And I am sure there was almost certainly one other thing I left out.)
  2. We are omnivores, and eating other lifeforms is part of the natural circle. 'Sides, I can guarantee that plants are alive, and quite often they are still alive when people eat them fresh.
  3. "A human believes what the human wants to believe." -An Estonian saying.
  4. Love tea, in winter more than in summer. Usually something herbal (green mint, hibisk) or green tea.
  5. Some kind of mingled Estonian accent over here... Though, since I largely properly learned to speak it in foreign countries it might have Finnish, Swedish, German, Italian, Indian and several other influences, such as those common in the actual English-speaking countries. (Mainly Australia, Canada, USA) (Seeing that I developed my English out in many places I adapted to nuances uncommon for the usual pure Estonian accent.)
  6. Hmm? Does it account for natural long nails? (Such as I keep, for instance.)
  7. I don't even get how long nails get in the way while typing. Seriously, there have peen periods when my nails near to a centimeter- and I am still capable of doing half a dozen pages in less than an hour if needed.
  8. Native Estonian. Can speak fluently in Estonian and English, although I consider myself to be much better at the first. Additionally I'll manage in a few other languages, but I don't consider myself competent in those.
  9. Haven't still figured out how fingernails, if they are not over a centimeter long, can get in the way of typing.
  10. Interesting, I've never had any troubles with any of those activities- rather the opposite, I have troubles doing some everyday-activities without my long nails. (I admit that It has been years since I last played piano, though... And I never did it on the professional level.) Frisbee and rock-climbing I can somewhat understand, though- if you have weaker nails which tend to break. But typing? I am a fairly fast typer and I type a lot myself- therefore I can say that my nails don't bother my typing the least. Furthermore, I would either have to lift up my entire hand off the table or hold my fingers halfway curled up into fist to have the nail/the very end of the fingertip to even touch the keys. (Both of which would be very uncomfortable and tiring for the hands; certainly not something which I could keep up in the duration of several dozen pages in a run.)
  11. Had long fingernails my whole life- in the role of convenient extensions of my fingers, not as hindrance. -Fingers feel so short and blunt without... And simple things such as picking up a needle or turning pages in a book suddenly become a lot harder. Never had any troubles playing sports or doing other things because of them.
  12. No allergies at all. Had allergy towards paracetamol when I was younger.
  13. Excellent memory, quick reaction times, good balance, high pain tolerance, added some character-specific qualities and the ability to tell the relatively accurate time of the moment without taking a look at the clock -none of those are superpowers, but simply things I am a better than the average in. I do not believe in supernatural; I do, however, know that people have a habit of thinking themselves special or unusual.
  14. Only got two piercings, one in each ear. Don't plan on more. (Has a friend with 18, once 21 though... Most on her face. You can guess that it has happened that people "walk straight into poles on streets"- back the years when she had the most done.)
  15. IT-technician... Not too willing to do far-range teaching, though.
  16. I have had six rats... A Crow, a few lizards and insects/spiders. Right now a large bird whose species I don't know in English.