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  1. ...As long as it's the right kind. (I agree with Tikindi here- a good amount of what one might encounter is not worth the name..)
  2. Most doors here are built either 6'10.6'' or 7'0.6'' as far as I know. The ones in my house are 7'2.5''. Since he said he was 6'2'' I doubt it's the doors unless he lives/often visits an old structure. (Hrm, most of my male friends are some 6'6''/6'8''...)
  3. I am some 176,5 cm or 5'9.5'' tall- which is about the average for women over here. Usually I'm good with my height- only, on occasion I get tired of having to constantly look up to my mostly male friends. My current height means I am nicely at about shoulder-height to most of them.
  4. I know, but my mind has been long picking up such inconsistencies and I can't on occasion resist pointing those out. (I really hope you didn't think I was serious with my comment back there!)
  5. And yet, in another thread, you claimed you've even not properly played a guitar. Neat albeit ridiculous story you've built, but seems you can't hold consistency in it. /Can't help but to pick on such. As for my name- I didn't wish to use one of my two usual screen-aliases when entering a foreign community back then, so I simply took and created a new one, the only restrictions being me liking it, it being relatively easily pronounceable and it having not been used by someone else before. From then on, it has become the third most common screen-alias I have.
  6. Same here- I actually have seen practically none of the horrors you described over here. Not in malls, not in terminals, museums, restaurants or the air-stations. I don't recall using one in actual gas-station lately... But I doubt those are that much worse than those of other local public places. Even the festival ones I've been to have been tolerable for the most part... The smell in a few has been horrible, though.
  7. +1. I likewise love a good story as well as I write in almost all possible genres. Not to mention I also play computer-games of certain kinds. (Pokemon is not my line, though. More real-time tactics, FPS and the kind. Surprisingly even rally, give or take.) Whether people consider me older or younger on general basis, or whether I "act my age"... Good question. In real life, people usually guess my age according to my appearance rather than actions, so they will land me in the right decade... On the net... People have sometimes guessed close to my true age, sometimes made me younger, sometimes older... Usually they do not misjudge my age by more than ten years on average. (I'd figure it also depends on/from where and on which time of the day they mostly meet me, no?)
  8. Someone (mod/OP) change the topic title to "Do you have a compulsory habit?" and problem solved? Anyway, I do not have OCD and I don't have a clearly developed compulsory habits either. I do, of course, put things away if I see them lying where they shouldn't and a larger stain can make me change my short-term plans as well as I occasionally try to (a futile attempt) order the folders in my computer or the things in m house... But I myself only consider it a healthy amount of subconscious will to hold one's living neat. -It isn't something that'd ever keep me on spot if I have something more vital to do. Edit: I also have a slight tendency to correct other people... But that's that.
  9. I am 0- too, but yet I've never heard of anything of the kind, nor have I ever felt ill when I don't eat meat on some days. To be truthful, I've been through some very poor food availability on my travels, eating very little and very plain food for maybe more than two weeks in the run, but it hasn't this far shown any notable effects in the (relatively) short period of time I'm going through it nor in the time after returning... I don't personally think there is a direct connection in between the two, especially since I've never heard of it albeit of being 0- myself- it is relatively common over here- as well as I know at least one 0- vegetarian who's never had that problem. If you're feeling ill then it could possibly rather have something to do with low iron- perhaps your body can't get it in sufficient quantities from other foods, but it is more easily available and abundant in meat?
  10. It is relatively easy- step on one. At least here the grass is full of them in the summer. My record has probably been being stung five times in one foot in a single day. -It didn't make walking any harder than usual- it just itched a little, so I assume the original person is either slightly allergic or at least very sensitive to being stung by bees.
  11. Don't have one and never had one, sorry. Come back the next week or contact someone else. Hmm... And yes, we don't have the ability to give babies bear arms yet. Genetically very compromised and I doubt a chimera of this kind could remain functional and not reject the additional/non-original body parts. (Is lithium taken?)
  12. I agree with this part, as well as I generally do think the lives of my fellow (thought-capable and not willfully evil) specimens as more important than the lives of the same amount of other animals. However, I do not consider animals or plants as little value as the quoted. They too, think and feel, even when the complexity of thinking and feeling depends on the creature's build and capabilities. After all- we *aren't* the only sapient kind of animals out there. We might excel others we know in this area, but we're no better or more unique than a raven, rat, or when it comes to being unique only, a rock. As for donating... Depends entirely on circumstances. And on occasion, the human(s) or other animal(s) under question.
  13. Hmm... Aside of stepping onto numerous very sharp objects, (a happening which often remains undetected for a time because it almost never seems to cause any pain, hence being only discovered when I or people nearby spot the wide trail of blood I am leaving behind) having my large toe slammed under a door (it's still dented a bit upwards, more than a decade later) having the skin on my right arm scraped off in a bicycle accident (which was not even my fault), numerous cuts/bruises to my hands from my own stupidity... The tree worst sets of scars all reside on my right hand: a bite from a dog at early age, (Grandparents'. Offered the dog a tomato, which it took along with my hand.) being hit with scissors by my younger brother (On two different occasions, about a month apart.)... The latest, and worst of those, was me literally having a knife put right through my said hand... To be almost pulled out and stabbed back in, also leaving a nice trail down over the lower half of my palm and over my wrist. -Got a nice reminder of the event even now, four and a half years later, as you can imagine.
  14. It flashes black one time, green with small light blue patches and yellow moving stripes/electricity the next time, repeat.
  15. Actually, there is almost the same chance of meeting someone who turns to the worse afterwards even when you started face-to-face.
  16. I've seen couples get together this way- via Internet- and, as far as I've concerned, the first one that came to mind has been happily married for a bit more than a handful of years by now. I myself have not dated online, but I do have a few good friends I got to knew on the 'net before I met them in person. I guess that it sums up as me thinking well of it, no? -Just know to arrange your first face-to-face meeting in a way that avoids unpleasant surprises.
  17. I remember we had a few checks at school... Every time a student was found out to be having lice and once or twice a year as a precaution in addition to that. As far as I know, they still do it in local schools. Never had lice or any other parasite of the kind myself, despite of always having long hair- a bit past hipline for the past decade or so, since from back then I started to refuse having it cut back to upper back length. In return, based on observation, even mosquitoes don't want to eat me...
  18. Physical: B Mental: A Experience: Z Emotional: F Total: Z+ What emotions?
  19. Or at least let someone else eat it. Anything but leaving it to rot is good.
  20. Actualy there are a few known cases when pigs indeed have attacked humans, especially little children, and also eaten them.
  21. I believe I could prove in less than half an hour you aren't- I never said what *I* am, did I? Lets face truth: it is a random site speaking of mostly virtual dragons, and looking up you can see plenty of odd claims already. Some say things for fun, some honestly believe what they say- but most important of all, their claims only get mild, if any attention. If there is a place for one to say that he can make objects float with the power of his mind, then a place like this would be the best to do it. That because of the simple fact that people'll just read it, shrug, maybe write something in return, and go on with their lives. Those who claim that you can hack into security systems by using your PC and who think that one'll be hunted by the government if he says he has a some sort of supernatural ability on a random forum should simply watch less TV. Come down to ground.
  22. Meat- the muscle tissue of any living animal. The only local definition we have for the word... Think it includes fishes nicely, as well as 'fishmeat' is a proper term over here.
  23. 'Fish meat' is an actual word over here, as well as the tissue had the same basic role in nature.
  24. The charm of seeming anonymousness and unreachable provability.
  25. Different sensors. One can be unable to feel pain but still be able to sense the other three, not feel heat but still be able to feel cold, etc. The senses aren't related is what I'm trying to say. 'Touch' is only the pressure part of it all. (Meaning one of the four independent senses.)