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  1. The brains of gay people are physically differently structured. It's purely and completely physical, you can scan a person's brain and tell whether s/he is gay or not. The same way how a single mother would manage with a son or a single father would manage a daughter, except in case of two mothers or fathers each parent has only half the burden of a single parent.
  2. The sexuality of the parents cannot affect that of an adopted child. Sexuality is not a learned behavior: you are born that way.
  3. I agree fully. I personally would furthermore add that in the perfect scenario, a person should have to be able to give the visitation rights, et cetera, to whoever s/he feels like, and to whichever number of people s/he feels like giving those rights to. If someone wants to give the visitation rights to the one's special one and a handful of good friends, but bar some relative with radically differing views from having the same rights over the one, why should there be any restrictions against it?
  4. Why? I have gone to bowling, done garden work, et cetera with my long fingernails just fine. Playing piano or guitar wouldn't be an issue, either. And typing in a way which would make my fingernails hit the keys would mean holding my fingers in a way which'd be outright painful after a very short while, and I can't honestly imagine doing precision-work or opening cans without my nails.
  5. Random Egg shuffle when browser is refreshed is what I'd probably pick (+ add more species so even the commons would not be that common anymore due to more variety). It might even help long-ping people who sit on the other side of the world - like me - to get rarer eggs, since the same eggs would not be shown to all people currently viewing the site at once.
  6. I've been hoping to get a CB pair, but, after six hour drops, I've none on my scroll still. Also managed to see a CB Silver and *four* CB Golds, though. Caught none, as always. (Got to love the fact that I have excellent net-connection, but the servers are overseas and the signals travel through who-knows-what.) I wonder whether I should wait another hour, or just give up and go to sleep...
  7. The point is, policemen can also carry guns in crowded areas, and they have a job that is generally more stressful than that of teachers. (I've taught anything from fifth graders to college students, although not as a fully employed teacher, and at most a rate of two or three prolonged lessons a week. I haven't worked as a cop, or in security, but I've spoken to quite a few, and have a rough overview of what their work is like, and in what mental states they are in. Plus statistics seem to support the fact that the representatives of police are somewhat worse off with suicides, depression and
  8. I'd say a policeman's work is far more stressful than a teacher's, yet I don't hear the same argument being used against cops carrying guns all that often.
  9. Can't resist the charm of a golden heart, can I? I'll make sure to send you a few flowers.
  10. If it does not have anything to think with, it cannot think, thusly it is not a person yet. An early fetus certainly does not have a brain, thusly it definitely is not a person.
  11. Depends on your nails, really. With mine I could dig holes into the ground, but they'd still look more or less the same once I've properly cleaned my hands. Against the chipping... Oiling, nail moisturizer, something along those lines? I only rarely paint my nails, so I don't really need such things (nail polish absolutely does ruin fingernail-structure, worse than any non-chemical-involving work, I'd say).
  12. One of the most bothersome things in plenty of religious people has exactly been that - that if you do not believe in god, you'll go to hell, no matter how good you are, no matter what you do during your life. About hell... In at least one version, according to the Bible (not sure whether that bit varies depending on the version of Bible?), hell as such does not exist at all. In the end, the world will be destroyed in fire, and all those not worthy of life in heaven will be purged, and the heavenly kingdom would arrive to those who are worthy... But no eternal existence in hell. The 'bad
  13. Do you consider evolution and creation exclusive of one another? I know a Christian woman who believes that life as such was first created by god, and then god orchestrated the flow of evolution, so to speak. ( I myself am pure realist-materialist, nonspiritual atheist. )
  14. Gift report: Shienvien -> Moka_Akashiya: Silver egg Metallic:Lineage.
  15. I offered a Silver egg to Moka_Akashiya via PM. Will report properly once it gets accepted. Also, hayatesoul has dead eggs on scroll...
  16. Thank you for the Gold egg, ghrowl! I shall try to breed back to the thread as soon as possible.
  17. Forum ID: Shienvien Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/Shienvien PM Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=Msg&CODE=4&MID=3787 Proof that I read the rules: Shiny happy people
  18. As long as sufficient amount of testing is done, and people are made aware of what they consume or use (for the sake of allergies and otherwise), I'm completely for genetic modification. GMOs are no worse than naturally mutated organisms; saying the opposite is mostly driven by emotional responses.
  19. It's not a matter of which button does what - you could easily reverse the functions of the buttons from your computer's settings, amongst other things - but a matter of how your mouse is shaped. Edit: This is a right-hand mouse. This is a left-hand mouse. This mouse has not been shaped for either hand.
  20. That's a bit unusual - especially considering that most never mice are specifically designed for the right hand rather than being made universal. Do you have a right-hand mouse, or an universal one? Or have you, by any chance, picked out one for left-handed people?
  21. Leonardo Da Vinci supposedly wrote in reverse because he was left-handed, and it is easier for a left-handed person to write from right to left in the mirrored way. I've never felt the urge to reverse my letters when writing with my left, however my letters will be standing either very straight or slightly lean to left with their tops. The result is immensely more readable than my typical right-hand handwriting, though.
  22. Bothhanded/ambidextrous - can write with either hand, alternate between hands while drawing depending on which angle is more convenient, in not too prestigious locations I eat with my cutlery in whichever hand I happen to pick it up with without it feeling unusual either way, et cetera. Left hand and arm are probably slightly stronger as far as pure physical strength is concerned, though, and the right one has suffered some significant scars atop of it.
  23. Shienvien

    Scroll Goals

    Forum Name: Shienvien Scroll Link: Shien's scroll. Goal(s): 1.2) (secondary to 1.1) To have at least one caveborn male and one caveborn female of all cave-dropped breedable breeds. 3) To have at least one of each possible unbreedable. 5.2) Collect at least 105 Reds. (non-inbred) 6) Be able to make at least 8th gen even-gen purebred Blacks, with all the dragons included for making to it being on my scroll... 10.) 8 breeding pairs of CB Silvers 11.) 8 breeding pairs of CB golds 14. Acquire 120 non-inbred Purples. What you need to achieve your goal(s): 1.2) A total of 1 CB
  24. It's probable the military would split into factions in this kind of situation. So in the end there would be people both against and for them.
  25. A citizen would not. Twenty million citizens, in theory, might.