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  1. These things are absolutely not what define a person's gender, though. I never took interest in dolls (I however, made two for my decade-younger brother, who loved them), my interest in doll houses was limited to building them (with saw and nails and wooden planks), with me losing interest in those after the completion, I however personally made car and airplane models, loved helping my father out in the garage, owned a plethora of various electronic devices, machine models, toy guns (and I made many attempts at building my own)... I only cooked when I was hungry, and to this day I only cook b
  2. Even if such centers exist, they are far, far too few. Psychological counseling, in my experience, does very little for many people to begin with, and the amount of material help that can be given out wouldn't exactly suffice, either.
  3. This. It does not matter whether you're thin or a bit overweight. I myself am naturally a very thin person - weighed 110 pounds while being 5'9.5'' during my later teenage years, now I'm probably about 130 pounds, and the additional weight I can assume is mostly muscle. My upper arms look a bit stronger, but otherwise I appear as thin as I did then. My build leaves me perfectly capable of doing heavy labor work (digging flowerbeds and stacking/bringing firewood was my work at home), rowing across a lake, hiking, you name it... I can take sixty-pound bag with me and still cover twenty miles in
  4. Muscle/fat density I can agree with, but BMI is BS, since it does not take account of body structure at all.
  5. That it is murder is only your personal opinion, nothing more. My own opinion is that only a person can be murdered - and anything which doesn't even have a functional nervous system, like an early fetus, is not a person. I also consider the mental damage that forcing women to carry to term against their will an unjustifiable crime. Something which is not even a person yet (by my definition) should never have the ultimate right to destroy a thinking individual's mind or body. Also, did you know that almost every second woman to commit suicide is pregnant?
  6. Labels can make people's lives easier, though. In my case, I find that is easier to openly state that I am heterosexual - so women will know there is no chance I am interested in them and men will know that I might be (given I am single at the time being). I'll, however, also say that labels should always be given according to the person's own definition of oneself.
  7. Should it be necessarily two people, or are three, four, etc. also fathomable options?
  8. The opening post says: "Assume that you'd remain in the body at the biological age you are now." Why is everyone assuming that only one person (they) would get to live forever, and not their loved ones, too?
  9. Provided that my mind would persist to function decently, I certainly would like to live indefinitely longer than I likely will. Preferably I would not be alone at it, though.
  10. That's why we grow our own tomatoes, for instance...
  11. Those attackers wouldn't be deterred by a gender sign on a door, either. I was essentially just pointing out that store bathrooms are amongst the safest of places - not safe, but one of the safer ones. The average apartment building is a lot more dangerous place. As for the second half - the only people I've ever gotten that from are teenaged girls in all-female bathrooms, so again, having bathrooms separated by sex does not do a thing against it.
  12. Everywhere but in the stalls has cameras in most shops. Plus, a store is a very public place. There's literally not a chance that something could happen, since there's always someone within the hearing range. And to add to that, bathrooms are typically at the end of the same corridor anyway - men to the right, women to the left, and the crippled just have a single room in between, or some variation of that. Essentially, nothing would change.
  13. Don't you think that a woman who does not care should still have the chance to get rid of the fetus, since if she does not care about something as elementary as taking precautions while having sex, she probably isn't fit to take care of a child anyway? It is perfectly fine to disapprove with a certain kind of behavior - just don't take actions which can potentially harm others (like actively voting against abortion).
  14. There are also many women who are relieved by an abortion. It's a myth that an abortion turns a woman into emotional wreck - quite oppositely, abortion is often the far safer option for a woman's mental health. - Many women suffer severe and irreversible mental damage from pregnancies which are carried to term. Post-birth depression and psychosis are scary. Plus, each year, between four and five million pregnant women commit suicide.
  15. Maybe you've got fragile nails? I myself have almost never actually broken a nail - I've managed to cut into a fingernail with a blade several times and thusly gotten rid of one and so forth... In other words, it's always something which would've gotten a piece out of my finger if my fingernail did not catch it instead.
  16. It varies per location, but smaller places that aren't malls quite often have unisex bathrooms, in my experience.
  17. Would be roughly the same, I'd say - as I added a moment after into my last post, the only safe option is ground to ceiling stalls. Note that I'm the person who earlier said that I do use men's bathrooms when there is a line. But yet the only incidents thus far have been with teenaged-looking girls. Also, back when I was at school, each break there were guys/girls looking for a girl/guy to fetch their things from the opposite sexes bathroom, and it was more than probable that you would get ink or something worse poured on you over the upper edge of the stall. So here's one more argument f
  18. Do the exact same risks not exist to just as great extent with non-unisex bathrooms? The only safe option is ground-to-ceiling stalls. (Yes, I've HAD girls try to snap pictures of me by sneaking a hand with a cellphone in from under a stall's lower edge.)
  19. Social behavior and dress play no role in being a gender, though. I'd feel extremely uncomfortable being "the traditional woman" - and I am a woman, mind and body.
  20. Also in favor of unisex bathrooms. If it's stalls, there furthermore isn't even the 'issue' of people possibly seeing something. (My old workplace had bathrooms which were divided by sexes, but the men's, like women's, had no urinals, only stalls. I wonder whether the door would have stayed wide open a bit less frequently if there had been urinals? ) Not to mention, over here, it happens frequently enough that people simply don't care what the sign says anyway, and when the line gets too long behind the women's toilet, some of them simply will use the men's. And the world has not ended...
  21. According to the version I have seen, he only intended to distract the horse and make him leave the construction-site, and that he was actually caught by the horse was completely unintentional, meaning that he was raped by a male horse, rather than mated with one.
  22. What is your stance on other people getting abortions? Mind you - not all people are capable of taking proper care of an unplanned child, and many wouldn't even love that child. And then there are people who would not, physically or mentally, be able to endure a pregnancy. A pregnancy might be a consequence, yes, even if you take precautions - however, abortion is one way of taking responsibility, and should always be a freely available option.
  23. Do the chargers work with an iPad other than yours? (Try to charge another device, if it is possible.)
  24. 1) Early term abortions freely available under any circumstances. 2) Late term only if the mother and/or fetus is at risk (or, in case of the fetus, developing incorrectly and would not become a functional person). 3) No abortions after the point where the child is capable of surviving outside of the womb. ...In the way of making a rough distinction, and what I've been essentially advocating. Good? In this case, I am not making a distinction by circumstances - outside of the health-aspect -, but by physical stage of development, how close the fetus physically is to becoming a person.
  25. Quite oppositely: there are rather distinctive, clearly observable differences in the brains of different people. The differences - in functional people - aren't generally huge, granted, since the general brain structure is indeed the same for everyone, but they are there, and they determine enormous parts of what a person is like. The brains of different people are identical in the same way the other physical characteristics of people are: I was born with two arms and two legs and two eyes and ears and so forth - hence I am your mirror image, no? It's not like you could have differently co