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  1. Most diseases which are vaccinated against kill or permanently damage far, far, far more than one in million. Severe vaccination side-effects, however, are so rare that in most cases the correlation hasn't even been proven. Those are mostly things which appear about as often for unknown causes in people who weren't vaccinated at all.
  2. There have been a fair amount of people demanding that ammunition would only be sold in very limited amounts, that semi-autos or some other gun types should be banned, that owning a gun for self-defense should not be allowed, et cetera, et cetera. (Edit: which are the points I personally have argued against.)
  3. One shouldn't criticize another for one's personal beliefs as long as the other is not actively harming someone. Disagreeing with a few verses from a human-written and re-written countless times book (leaving aside whether those people received instructions from god or not - that's a topic for another thread) does not automatically make one a bad member of one's religion. That's how they argue against gay marriage and gender equality, y'know. - I strongly oppose to the notion of banning semi-automatics. Besides, I feel that the stats for Australia - those which I can find - are in
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  5. My relatives have around 14-16 hives, depending on year. Not sure who the aggressors are, but it is quite rare that I do not get inexplicably stung when I go visiting. @cheese456: Ticks are one of the few creatures I prefer to kill on sight... Not because I'm afraid, but because there is the chance that it would suck itself into someone later on, and there is a chance to get at least two rather nasty diseases from them over here.
  6. These were the European version I've been talking about. Still have been attacked for no notable reason by said honeybees, while being on the other side of the house compared to the hives. (Never mind when you accidentally get on their flight-path - then you're almost certain to get stung.) But ... yeah. I can pick wasps/hornets/bumblebees up with bare hand and no harm will come of it. If you gently touch a bumblebee that is on a flower she would just kind of raise one of her middle legs and wave it in air, as if telling not to bother. Used to sit right next to wasp/hornet/bumblebee nests
  7. There is a fair chance (at least most of) those things were coincidental overlaps.
  8. Vaccinations I am all for. Psycoactive medicine and antibiotics? Last resort. Especially some anti-ADD/ADHD drugs have honestly freaky effect on otherwise normal people ... truly, that is not normal what some of those do to people. And overuse of antibiotics makes medicine-resistent bacteria and kills off the good bacteria on top of it, not to mention potential side-effects.
  9. People always freak out when I pick a wasp/hornet/bumblebee off a window with my bare hand and throw it outside. Never gotten stung this way, and that's what I've always done. (Have gotten stung while accidentally squishing one I did not notice was present, as well as gotten a few random honey bees attack me, though. Completely un-allergic.)
  10. Wasps and hornets are generally less aggressive than bees, and bumblebees are the least so.
  11. My relatives have around 14-16 filled hives total (exact number varies slightly by year depending on how bad the winter is), and most of those are positioned spread out pretty much in front of the house. Granted, it's only half the number, but they should not be so over the place unless they are throwing a family, possibly several hives at once - in which case the worst should be over in an hour or so. They won't sting unless you stand right before the opening of the hive or step on one.
  12. 0+ is indeed pretty common. 0- like I am should be notably rarer, though, and B- the rarest. Eye color, however, is actually impacted by more than dozen genes.
  13. Is there an actual law against it? Against simply living in the same private house/apartment? Also, I agree with practically everything what you just said.
  14. That's the point of equal rights, no? You aren't allowed to control the one(s) you're married to, and no arrangements can be done without everyone's full support. And yes, they are denied marriage rights - since what can three people who love one another do? Two get married, third one gets left out and none of the legal benefits of marriage (e.g. visitation rights at hospital)?
  15. Article based on personal opinion and heavily biased; references lacking. The same way, the opponents in general appear to be very fixed on only the cases where it is the worse kind. (Again: The traditional monogamous marriage has also historically been almost exceptionlessly sexist and abusive. In all non-equal-rights societies, it still is so.) Polygamy is not an oppressive force - the way the culture perceives women and men is. You leave out the fact that marriage has legal benefits - hence, you are denying rights to people in more-than-two relationships. (Note: I'd honest
  16. Uh, Angelkitty, the only thing you did was prove that Mormonic law *does not* see men and women as equals... Equal-rights society where polygamy is legal and still oppressive, please? So you agree that no-open-ends relationships are equal? Also, love is not measurable. And, is two people in love with third still inequal if the two happen to be inseparable friends (who would risk their lives for one another, but don't want anything physical to do with one another besides a hug at most).
  17. Cite me a valid, unbiased proof on it. (And again - all marriage has for a long time been very predominantly an oppressive thing, so your argument could just as well be used for monogamy - historically, and regionally even today, it has been and is usually oppressive.) I am not sure whether Mormons do count as equal-rights, either, though I admit I do not have very extensive knowledge of Mormonism - just that what I have heard has left me quite the opposite impression. Edit: What about two men and two women in a marriage? Each woman sleeps with both men and vice versa? What about
  18. It remains the fact, however, that both mono and polygamous relationships can be non-oppressive. Poly isn't necessarily one of one sex and several of the other. It can be two/two, two/three etc. - I know the kind of poly where a man essentially has two "wives" and one of the "wives" in return has two other "husbands", out of which one has a second "wife" in return. (With the first man having no relationship with the third wife.) Confusing? In any case, works for the six of them.
  19. All marriage has a history of unbalanced power and sexism behind it. And many one man / one woman only marriages, sadly, still are unequal in that sense.
  20. I must point out that throughout history, in many places, the one man / one woman marriage has been a just as oppressive practice.
  21. I know of cultures in which it was acceptable, but I do not know whether there are any which still think it legal today...
  22. I'm 0 (as are both of my parents), and should be Rh-.
  23. The line is not that strict in reality - law, however, needs lines to avoid debates over specific cases.
  24. The stage of development has everything to do with humanity - and viability just happens to be linked to stage of development. Before it has grown itself a brain, it is not a person - and as I've stated earlier, only a person can be murdered. I do not consider the potential to eventually become something as a valid factor, especially in those kinds of cases.
  25. Firstly, the article provides insufficient information. (How 'late term?' Why done?) Secondly, if to give birth to a viable thing, then kill it, it is no longer abortion. Thirdly, a few months earlier there would have be nothing that could be 'murdered'.