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  1. Addendum: Never pay. Majority of times, there is no intention of ever restoring your system, and sometimes they don't even store (or generate!) the means of doing so. Furthermore, should you find yourself infected with something, the first step is always to stop what you're doing and not touch anything (unless you've got a recent enough backup you can revert to). Such as with WannaCry, the only potentially working recovery provided that I know of could only do its job if the computer had not been turned off in between.
  2. I second (third? fourth?) the person who would eventually like to see a pure plaintext editor - I tend to find myself fighting against everything and anything WYSIWYG. How it interprets the input seems very ... liberal. The color scheme is also *extremely* hard on my eyes - I had to override all colors browser-side to be able to semi-comfortably read posts, even if I might have missed some elements due to it. Too bright otherwise...
  3. I'd suspect hardware malfunction, xdlugia. From the little you've provided, I'd figure the motherboard is the most likely culprit.
  4. Is it feasible for you to pay your father back in installments? A fifty now as a sign of good will, and either the next 50, or 100, or the entire remaining 150 the next month, depending on tight it is for you then? It might suffice to just say money's a bit tight at the time being, but you want to start paying it off regardless -- 2/3 of your salary is not an insignificant fraction, after all!
  5. If on Windows, you should update - Microsoft released the patch for even XP, in spite of the technically long-gone support, which is something. Disabling the SMB file-sharing protocol might also be useful. As far as I know, versions for non-Windows machines don't exist, but as always - know what you're doing.
  6. Haven't used a Windows since the XP days... Linuxes typically don't need ones. Noted down that and a few I did use back in the day.
  7. "He" used to be gender-neutral in the past (as seen in some older texts - if the gender/sex was unknown or unimportant, "he" was used, and if need be, the sex/gender later clarified). The simplest solution I see would be to actually do away with "she" and all other singular pronouns for living beings, and have "he" just refer to "this one individual". Since I feel many would disagree with repurposing an existing pronoun (by falling back to its occasional archaic use) and doing away with everything else, "ze" works, too - if only we could make it the default and gradually do away with all
  8. There are about half a dozen different tools/commands which might work. mkfs (in root rights / using sudo) is one probable option (unmounted drive). What did you try?
  9. All the time, when I was younger. Luckily, it's (mostly) gone away after becoming an adult.
  10. "Work laptop". Ubuntu 16.04 on this one as main.
  11. Makes me think of fantasy dwarves... I sometimes do things like that myself (though not with me/my). I used to consistently write "definitely" as "definetely", for instance - it'd appear I've gotten rid of that particular bug a few years back, though, as I've not seen it for a while now. More recently, I'll substitute 'g'-s in the beginnings of a few words with 'q'-s with frequency that goes beyond regular typos. While I'm a fast typist myself, it has absolutely nothing to do with typing speed, more with hand-to-mind coordination, automation and association (my ticks tend to hark bac
  12. 1) Safemode would probably work. 2) Get yourself a GNU/Linux live boot USB (or disk) - you can use any old USB, and it's free, Ubuntu works. Once in the GNU/Linux OS, you can still access the Windows filesystem - and carefully remove it manually.
  13. It's a given that staff will be able to see your e-mail on nigh every "regular" site there is as soon as they take a look. I reckon he is aware of it - if not, then he should perhaps be informed that it's the case for almost every place he ever registers to. Most places also permit admins to view PMs and other similar content. It's a trust-based system at best.
  14. Sexuality cannot be affected by physical violence towards you as a child. Things like anxiety experienced later in life can.
  15. Different breeds / increase in production? Especially if you intend to extend your herd, a calf is also the desired outcome... A small community, in turn, might not always need more cows or milk-per-cow to supply itself. A lot of what agriculture produces (about 20%-25% of the harvested mass that initially goes into food processing, and all of the "non-food" part of the plant - canola greens, canola seed leftovers, grain stalks, grain processing leftovers, corn stalks, etc) is not fit for human consumption - we can't eat the cellulose-rich green parts, no one wants the mass left over whe
  16. Which is a worthy cause. The US, I've heard, doesn't have half the regulations we do, I've heard... It is entirely possible to provide livestock better lives than most animals have in the wild - over here, you can usually see them free-range; with my country being not all that densely populated and land being cheap away from cities, as well as rainfall being quite abundant, it's often also cheaper/easier to have it this way during the warm period. Slaughter is also something that can easily be done much more quicker and painlessly than almost any other form of death - and death is an even
  17. I cannot for certainty make claims for all or even most farms in the US, but I can make claims of places here, and I can make claims of things I've personally seen and witnessed. Sources on the internet can often be assumed to be vandalized by people who are driving their own agendas, or even fully fabricated. I personally have edited Wiki articles - mostly on computers - which have no idea what they're talking about. And that's with details people aren't typically passionate about to try and deliberately falsify. If I can literally take a walk and see the cattle on the field with
  18. That's not what a brain works like at all. There are no "left-brained" or "right-brained" people, there are no Jung-personality-type brains, and there are no distinct brain parts dedicated to each function as implied. The Jung classification is above all, still extremely arbitrary, and in terms of neuroscience, more or less considered an outdated concept. You can pretty much test differently depending on season, or be very in-the-middle, and in the end of the day, the brain is constantly rewiring itself in small ways. They're more fun tests to take for entertainment value than some
  19. Hmm... Yeah, it definitely isn't a normal practice - only if you really want to keep them in the same cage with females, or as a last resort when a rat has severe persistent aggression issues (I know two cases where it was even tried, as mentioned - and I've owned 8 male rats and played with dozens of others' rats and read about hundreds more). 3 months seems too young to have developed aggression issues, so I suspect she might have had older females before? Or she / whatever vet did it was simply misinformed somehow... Granted, a lot of people have some odd misconceptions, so it's always
  20. "Done"? You don't castrate male rats aside of when you when you want to keep them in the same cage with females, or in the quite rare instance one of them just refuses to get along with anyone for extended periods of time and it's the last resort to try and make them more docile (so they'd be actually attacking others, teeth and blood - play-fighting may look/sound like someone gets hurt, but actual fighting looks quite different, as said). It's a much more dangerous operation than with dogs and cats, and since pet rats aren't exactly roaming freely outside in circumstances where accidental mi
  21. If you give them a wheel, note that its diameter must be 32+ centimeters for adult rats - else it hurts their backs in case they run in them! ((As a sidenote, never owned a rat who liked to run in a wheel... Out of 8 rats, all just ignored it, tried to chew it, or in case of one, occasionally slept in it.)) Similarly, no side of a cage can be less than ~35 (so that a rat could stretch itself out in either direction. I've seen "2 cubic feet per rat" cited in a few places. But yeah ... feel free to throw in anything that's "natural" carboard/paper - egg rests, some small boxes, the l
  22. There was a bit of snow here in Estonia, but at least where I am, it's long melted (it mostly rains these days). Some of the bushes actually still have green leaves on them.
  23. This. Either the child'll grow up knowing they're an inconvenience (and may be further blamed for the mother losing her job, the mother's partner leaving them, etc - I know all too many people who have been told by their parents that they "have ruined their lives"), or they will go from foster home to foster home (relatively small percentage on children given up for adoption end up being adopted, and that's even less when they have something - like a medical condition - that sets them at disadvantage). Add to that that a person who does not want a child or care about the well-being
  24. It was earlier in this thread, I believe. *checks* Correction (confused the numbers a bit there - 10 million was the overall for (known? estimated?) attempts regardless of cause):
  25. I've seen the estimation of about 10 million pregnant women every year killing 4 million women attempting to kill themselves due to pregnancy every year... ((Correction because recollection memory shuffled the numbers around a bit - 10 million is the total for attempts by women every year according to the given source.)) And rare as it is, there are some cases of abusive partners secretly swapping their SO's birth control with something else, or poking holes in condoms, or... In one case I know of, it was the children of the couple doing it - I'm speaking children young enough to just u