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  1. I don't know. Its a little bit desolate now-a-days, and even before hand it wasn't particularly nice to visitors. I bet the planet from Avatar: The Last Airbender would be a pretty spectacular place to see...
  2. I find that when a character is completely silent, the writers have to draw on a different type of humour- one that's a lot more visual and deadpan. Its really quite effective.
  3. Presented Spells? Sounds interesting- so it would give a user basically an extra possible action, but one that wasn't tied to any single dragon? Seems like an effective way to get "BSAs" which are missing the "breed" part. Right now I think the best way we have is x number from each biome. Then, even if a person only wants y of each dragon type, they could (in theory) just be really, really patient for more to be released.
  4. While I think the concept is really interesting, I agree its impractical. Every time a new dragon is released, it would become invalid. Also, considering how incredibly difficult it is to get a GoN, which depends on three uncommon dragons and a lot of time and luck, it doesn't seem fair to give it a BSA. I do like a concept- I think it would be interesting if we could rework it some how...
  5. ....*blinks* Oh, my god, its GLaDOS reporting on friendship. Amazing. Anyway, I've decided to check the series out, because I still really love cartoons as a medium, despite me being out of their (perceived) age range, and because its clear that its doing something very right. I'm about six episodes in, and I haven't quite gotten hooked yet. We'll see, though. We'll see. At which point did you guys become dedicated fans?
  6. On the whole, I don't see that many examples of the males being more violent/strong than the females in the sprites (although I suppose a couple exist). That said, I think I would prefer if the female was just as aggressive as the male. The Sneaky Female/Femme Fatale is a common trope, and I like when its averted. I do sort of like the Night Sneaky Face idea, though. Night is when the creepy, sly things come out to scare you...
  7. I say go for it! Its not something I think is desperately essential, but they're your babies, and there's no suggestion I find myself thinking wouldn't make the breed better. Personally, I like dimorphism. I know some people hate it, but I'm one who enjoys multiple sprites. It lets you see more of the breed.
  8. Oh. Oh! The adults are <i>gorgeous</i>. Amazing work, Earthi. I wish I could see one in real life.
  9. They look beautiful! I can't wait to see what's inside them. Already caught my two. Happy hunting, everyone.
  10. I'd say it would be a good idea to save it as a document on your computer, either using word or a similar program, although I know that can sometimes be difficult if you want to include codes for pictures, coloured text, etc. Otherwise, you could keep it as an saved/unsent PM in your inbox.
  11. Hiya folks. If anyone's had any trouble catching any of the holidays except Hollies, send me a PM. I've got a few to gift. I'm giving it out to those who don't give any, and there's of course a limited number, but I really want to find some who'll take good care of them and are having trouble catching.
  12. That was Angz's intent. Make them as lulzy as possible.
  13. Only just noticed this was going on. I'd just like to say all these alternate Christmas spirtes are lovely! I won't pick favourites, because when something as wonderful as this happens, there's no point! They're all very gorgeous and creative. Happy Holidays, everyone!
  14. *blinks* Seems like a problem on your end. Try switching browsers.
  15. The big picture at the top of the screen: the one that's blue with a silhouette of a woman. Click on that, you'll get a play option. I just checked, its still working.
  16. Thought I'd post it here: the opening sequence has been leaked. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kecWETS1Zck Edit: Okay, its been taken down, but here's a different link: http://io9.com/5864824/see-the-opening-cre...legend-of-korra
  17. Unfortunately, it isn't that simple. You can take precautions, its true, but there's no way to completely avert the chances. Especially if a person has to miss out on a lot of really enjoyable aspects of life just because of this fear...never going to a bar or out for an evening, always staying in large groups, etc....those aren't always practical. And as previously stated, you can get raped almost anywhere. Female journalists have been raped by the people they were going to interview. Girls have been raped in schools and Churches. Women have been raped at work.
  18. Eh, he's just a platypus. He doesn't do much. irony is a joy, my friends
  19. You'd have to get the permission of the dragons' conceptors. For all we know, they might have very clear ideas about the breeds, and not appreciate something completely different. But if they were okay with it, I think it would be a fun event.
  20. Eh, at this rate they could probably make people sitting in a room, twiddling their thumbs proof of "teh gays taking over!" I say good for the Church.
  21. It took me a while to work it out as well: you have to press 'v' and hold it down. Have you tried that. (If you have, and it still didn't work, no idea. I just know that it wasn't obvious to me).
  22. While its a good idea, it also bears a lot of similarity for the 'shiny' project a while back....which didn't really end well. I think it would be a good way to move eggs, though. I think that if we focused on species whose artists were all still here to give permission (and they did give permission) it would be an interesting idea, though.
  23. So, just started TF2 since after trying Portal I figured I should try more Valve games, but I don't have a lot of money, and this was free to play. Absolute joy! Such great fun. Still getting use to the classes, and I'm enjoying most of them. Can't seem to get the hang of Sniper, Spy or Demoman, though.
  24. Just had to pop in and say I freaking adore Portal. One of the wittiest and most intelligent things I've seen in a long time, and that's in any medium. Really, anyone who says that video games can't be art aught to check these games out.