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  1. Check the Alpine, and remember they only drop three every five minutes, and a whole ton on the hour. That's why you might not be able to see them. Also, I'm 99% sure these are permanent. There's no limits, TJ's post said nothing about them being temporary, they're only dropping in one biome and even that's mixed with other eggs. Those are halmarks of permanent additions. I feel like I should recognise them, but I don't. Maybe hatchies will jog my memory.
  2. Awesome! They look wonderful, and I'm so excited. I've already caught my share. Happy Year of the Dragon everyone, whether you celebrate it or not!
  3. Pumpkins. I was here for the '09 V-Day release, but my catching technique and connection was too slow, and couldn't get one. Pumpkins were my first, and I absolutely adore them. <3
  4. Well, that's a bit ridiculous. I know a lot of the posionous/more deadly snakes can be dangerous to have as pets, I usually its the owners' fault for not caring for them, or abandoning them when they become too difficult to handle. And there are plenty of perfectly non-lethal lizards and snakes out there.
  5. Well, I can certainly advocate that Sherlock is very good quality and worth some time. Also, its only six episodes, so it'll take only a small bite out of your soul. ...also, now feeling far more hesitant for this next term, if Math Lab has such a bad rap. I was already wondering how I was going to get through all the quizzes when all internet access on campus is wireless, which MML apparently can't cope with.
  6. My course is using an online math program called "My Math Lab" where there are assignments and quizzes done online, presumably to cut down on paper usage. Unfortunately, it has a lot of glitches; it occasionally says correct answers are wrong, and also isn't very lenient when it comes to notation. I feel that there are some things which are just better done on paper, and a subject as notation heavy as math is just one of them.
  7. Yes- I believe you said you were a math teacher before. This marks the second time this new online math thing is wrong, then. *glares at it* Thanks for the help, though.
  8. Mathematics question! Specifically, factorials, not just a giant love of exclamation marks. What's 300!/297! I thought since the 297! would cancel out, giving 300x299x298= 26730600, but that's apparently not it.
  9. Exactly as Lightbird described. Also- if you're interested, the way that organisms regain traits that they once lost is usually the same way they gain a completely new trait. So when whales developed fins again, it wasn't necessarily because they still had genes that were "turned off" for fins and the like. I believe there was a horse/hippo like creature that lived in swampy, wet areas. Creatures that could swim faster escaped prey from both land and the water. Therefore more streamlined, water adapted bodies propogated throughout the population until you had all the modern varities of today. However, it is possible to switch on an "off' gene that's stopped being used for anything. I'm not sure how common this is in nature, but its certainly possible in a lab. For example; chickens have the majority of the genes their dinosaur ancestors had. Its possible to switch them back on when the chicken is still an embryo, and it will develop scales instead of feathers, and teeth, and a bunch of other dinosaur-like traits. ...I didn't really have any point to make there, except that its interesting. Edit: Lol, this post fits in well with Dr. Paine's.
  10. This is a bit of a side-track, but I've never really liked using the terms "higher" and "lower" organisms. It gives the sense that there is some type of evolutionary level, that mammals are intrinsically greater than fish. That's really a misconception; fish and mammals are equally good for the environments and conditions they live in. I'm not necessarily saying you don't know that, or anything; I just find that terms like that spread a lot of misconception around, which is something this field needs less of.
  11. I had the sense that this meant to linking to anything that could give you malware, viruses or spyware; I'm sure tips on how to remove or avoid it would be fine. At least, that's my understanding.
  12. As a biologist, I find evolution to be one of the greatest theories in my field. It really unites all aspects, from the study of huge ecosystems to even the tiniest molecules. For me, the amazing thing about evolution is that its so simple; its logical and its backed by evidence.
  13. Wonderful. Thanks for the clarifications.
  14. Well, its still possible, just highly, highly unlikely. The problem is that with the way the ratios are set right now, its very unlikely to get even a single egg, let alone more. This is quite common when breeding holiday dragons, however. Also, I think in the BSA sub-forum TJ has a thread about editing the Fertility BSA so it makes these more likely.
  15. Well, the BBWs certainly wouldn't work for that. For all their vanity, they've got no more insight into the huma- er, dragon heart than the rest of us. Eh, I could go either way. Some dragons do have elaborate rating rituals, but many don't, and I feel the "refuse to even go near each other" meant not even for a dance or something. A full reduction seems too much, though. Maybe instead of seven days, five days?
  16. Y'know, going through some of my old favourites and comparing them to the current list has made me realise that quite a few of my favourites have been taking off the list. Pending release, I hope. Who knows- we might be seeing the very awesome Pearl Eaters, Blusangs and Stratos dragons in cave soon! Also, the shiny new updated list (thank you, Sock!) has reminded me of other new favourites; -Eqqus - Gilded - Mithril - Rose Gold - Soot-Faced
  17. I remember for a short period after the Deep Seas were released, TJ implemented it so water based dragons could only breed with other water bound ones, presumably to sort of fix that logical gap. People rebelled angrily, so that quickly disappeared, though.
  18. Well, I think it works just as well as the humongously massive stones (at least the size of a building, at most that of a mountain) and say...a car-sized mint, or a human sized BBW. Just don't think about it too hard.
  19. I think this would be a good idea, but only if in-game trading posts and such are developed. Right now, although I think one city might be nice, I think it would be unnecessary. We've already got a giant link right at the top. Also; perhaps it could be called something like "The Capital" or something a bit less modern-sounding than "city"?
  20. Hmm...now that I think about it, one of my completed topics is missing transparency for the hatchlings, I believe. I better go check. (Although, I can't do transparency, so *sad face*) Edit: Whoops, nope, I've got it. It just some searching through the thread; the OP is all updated and ready to go, I believe.
  21. Seems like a good idea to me. Of course, if your trade was accepted, you'll usually notice by the fact that some of your eggs and hatchlings have been replaced, but I still think all aspects would be rather handy. Especially the 'you have a new offer' one.
  22. Ugh, that must be tough. Even without the coding, keeping track of what isn't already on there...
  23. I really really adore Silver and Golds. The Silvers have always been some of my favourite sprites, and the rebooted Gold have taken a dragon I was 'meh' about and made it epic, in my mind. That said, I don't think they're that tough to get. I've got plenty of silvers, due to patient breeding, and while that male Gold has still eluded me, I'm sure to get it eventually. If I was offered that choice- its a tough one. I don't think I'd go with the Silver or Gold Thuwed, for reasons already stated, but also because I don't care much for lineages. (That said, Thuwed is somewhat special, and the offspring would certainly be wonderful trading fodder). I've yet to get a Holly, and want one for collector's value, but don't care much for the sprite. I think I'd prefer another of one of the Holiday dragons I really love: maybe a Yulebuck to freeze, or another Sweetling. (I love the Halloween holidays, especially Black Marrows, but since there are no scroll limits, I'm not too worried). Also, still trying to get me a neglected.
  24. Yes. The removal can mean either "pending release" (which can take some time) or that TJ has decided it doesn't fit the cave, so didn't feel it was right to keep them there. Personally, I always though the Dovewings were a nice balance of dragon and bird, and very nicely done, so I hope they weren't scrapped... So, updated list! Minus my own concepts, though, since I feel that's cheating. Besides, I've got enough favourites without them! Alchemistine- These guys have been here for a while. Aposmetic Water Black Tri Blackphase Blacktip Blusang - OHMYGOD. Look at it! Butcher Wyvern Crystal Song- I love how pretty these are. Dewdrop Duliticola Dustrunner Dejadrake Face Eater- man, this dragon looks cool! Fluff Eared- Perty! Fossil- Awesome. Frost Amphithere Glowy Granite- These guys are so realistic! Greater Red- Another old favourite of mine. The dragon just looks so mighty. Magic Weaver Malaysian Marbled- I feel this dragon needs more love. What an elegant eastern. Mist- I've waited so long for this one. Oracle Quicksilver Rainbow Reef Serpent Saber-Fanged Scrouge- Awesomeness again Silver Belly Smoke Wyrm Sunshower- This one is simply gorgeous Tailwing Willowherb- I love easterns <3