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  1. Yeah....I agree, I thought that their handling of race wasn't that well done (although I do like Zecora's character, even if it falls into the "magical negro" trope). I especially disliked how they handled the Native American episode- it was just such a vast oversimplification of such a horrible issue, that is still having ramifications to this day. I mean, I know it had good intentions...but, ugh, it wasn't like that at all.
  2. I think that's a bit of simplification. A good portion of ambiogenesis is working out how exactly you form self-replicating molecules in the first place; evolution only begins once that's established. It doesn't have anything to do with the formation of the very first amino acids, RNA molecules and the like. They're separate (if related) theories.
  3. Wait- I thought Prop 8 had been overturned months ago. Has it only just been ruled unconstitutional?
  4. For me, animal testing is unfortunately the only choice- although I only condone it for medical testing, and not cosmetics. As a biologist, I know about the alternatives- and also know those alternatives just aren't feasible. Its illegal and unsafe to give untested treatments to humans. Computer models are too simplified at this point to give anywhere near certain results. Tissue samples don't show the effects of the vast, interconnecting systems bodies have, and therefore misses out key variables and possible effects. Animals might not always be perfect models, but they are the best alternative we have. Medical researchers are always acutely aware of any possible differences between us, and continually factor that into their results. As for the allegation that it helps no one....ridiculous. Billions of lives have been saved due to animal testing, many of whom were animals themselves. And like BlueSkyy said, most countries have very strict protocol and guidelines. There's still a very heavily ingrained concept that science is composed of people sticking things into creatures, breaking ethical laws left and right, just because we can. That's really a too simplified view; remember, researchers and scientists are humans too, and most don't want to harm animals any more than you would. I do wish it wasn't necessary, but really, is the only feasible choice we have.
  5. Does anyone here want a Rosebud egg? The lineage is CB Rosebud X CB Tan Ridgewing. I'd like to see this baby go to someone yet with any Rosebud eggs. Also, glad to see the Bud Breeding worked out. Did TJ reset the timers for people who were glitched? Edit: Egg's gone.
  6. Oooh! Excited! I can't wait to see what the wonderful dragons this year will be. And I'm very excited about this week long event, if the drops are only for a day... (Yes, the V-Days will be limited to two per scroll, unless something has changed. Except for Halloween eggs, this limit is always in place for event eggs).
  7. Usually I read a few pages back to see if there's anyone offering what I want. If not, I make my own post and wait, though I do check back to see if anything desirable comes up.
  8. I see where you're coming from. I personally prefer not to use the word, because like I said, I have a lot of friends and family with various mental and physical disabilities, and they can feel quite sensitive towards it. I don't really begrudge other people using the terms, except when they're acting too offensive about it.
  9. Kestra is right; many of those who have mental disabilities find the term 'retarded' very offensive. I haven't used it since I was a kid myself, when I discovered it was hurtful to some of my friends and family, who have various disorders. I also try to avoid using terms like "crazy" or "lame", because they can be similarly hurtful. The important thing when using words like this is knowing that although you might not mean "homo" to mean "being gay is bad" it can be interpreted as such, and can be hurtful for those who have to battle with discrimination every day.
  10. I'm not sure if we'd have enough information for a full sub-forum, but I agree an official thread or some sort of place might be nice. Dr. Paine mentioned that Cort had done this for the Nilia pygmies, but I can't even find the thread to read. (I kind of think that an unlock-able in-cave encyclopedia might be cool, but that would be more official and need more info and polishing).
  11. Jumping on the band-wagon. I've actually had some of this information on the wiki for a while, although I've added to this quite extensively. Mostly this is a chance for me to ramble. oOoOoOoOo Diet: They are omnivorous, eating primarily fruits, leaves, and lichen, which they are experts at identifying, as well as insects. They are not often seen hunting for prey, since their small size and limited strength makes it difficult for them. Although they could take down prey using their poisonous barbs, they prefer to save the toxins for when they are in danger, as it is time consuming to produce. Instead they are scavengers, preferring to get meat from creatures already deceased. Because of their primarily herbivorous nature, they have gathered a vast array of knowledge about plants, which they use for medicinal purpose. Wild members of this breed are unlikely to share this information with strangers, although tame BBWs have amassed a lot of knowledge which they are not afraid of sharing. Habitat: In nature they’re usually found in lush, tropical rainforests. They live primarily in the canopy and understory where they make their nests and can find the majority of the fruits and leaves. Occasionally they venture down to the forest foods, usually when they need specific plants which grow there, or smell something they can scavenge. They rarely go alone, preferring to have at least on companion to watch their back. Being a fairly hardy breed, they can also survive fairly well in more temperate forests or even near the coasts, though without trees they feel very exposed. Personality: Bright-Breasted Wyverns are a very human-like breed; however, they would argue that it’s the other way around. They can have a very wide range of personality traits, differing greatly from each individual. However, they are characterized by two things- their arrogance and intelligence. These dragons are very clever, and use strategy to help them survive in the wild. Their small feet and dexterous tails can often be used like hands for delicate procedures. This, along with their bright, flamboyant colours, makes them very vain and prideful. In battle, Bright-Breasted Wyverns are usually defeated when they become too cocky, allowing their opponents to take them by surprise. Bright-Breasted wyversn are highly judgmental when it comes to appearance, although its limited to their own kind. Their bright colours, especially the red on their chest, is considered indicative of health, endurance and strength. Occasionally individuals have attempted to improve their looks by using the juices of various fruits to brighten their colours temporarily; if any members are discovered using these "cosmetics", they are treated very harshly. Great amounts of time are spent preening; however, this isn’t purely due to vanity, but also exists as a great way of bonding. Friends, close family members and (potential) mates can often be seen sharing in this activity. Even in times of famine or stress, flocks put aside time for preening. There is no strict mating procedure followed universally by the breed; individuals like to express their personality, and they can do everything from giving food or small gifts (such as pretty stones) to their potential mates, as well as dancing, telling stories, or going for long flights together. To avoid inbreeding, flocks often come together in the spring and summer; usually the male and female will choose to go with their mate’s clan (there is no preference for the male or female’s flock), although sometimes they will part ways, leaving the female to raise the offspring on their own. This is not as horrible as it sounds, as the mother will have plenty of support from the rest of her flock. Fighting Style: These wyverns rely primarily on their speed and agility to get through battles. Their small size means they’re not very effective in traditional combat; they like to dizzy and confuse their attackers, or to disappear into the canopy and get backup. If forced to strike, they will usually try to tear the wing membrane of their attacks, or attack the tender eyes or neck. They keep their poison as a last resort; if something pins them on the back, they kick with their legs, digging the barbs into the flesh. Even a small dose acts immediately, causing paralysis, which alone can be deadly in aerial battles. Larger doses can be enough to kill dragons up to two times larger than themselves, although BBWs usually prefer to fly to safety than fully kill their attacker. It would take about four hours for a small dosage to wear off on a man, although disorientation, exhaustion and pain would probably last much longer. The venom attacks the nervous system, so the same mechanism which causes the paralysis and death also causes intense pain. Even if you survive, it would not be a pleasant experience. In addition to attracting mates, their bright colours act as warnings of their poisonous nature. They are highly talkative during battles, sending telepathic messages from the attacker asking them to stop; usually, though, this comes off as cocky boasts that only succeed in goading their opponent. If they do kill something after being attacked, these dragons don’t usually consider it as murder, feeling that they’ve given enough fair warning. As a rule, they don’t particularly like confrontation, but they will not give up territory or lives easily. It takes approximately three weeks for their poison supply to completely replenish. Endocrine glands in the barbs manufacture many unique chemicals there, although the venom is a mix of a variety of chemicals, many of which are hormones and neurotransmitters found in many species, including humans (e.g. dopamine and acetyl-choline). Besides telepathy, these dragons have no magic, and they're secretly a little bit jealous of those who do. Some of them are eagerly open about this, expressing the desire similarly to how humans discuss having super-powers, although in older, wild flocks this can sometimes be expressed as discrimination against breeds which do. Wild vs. Tame: Although in the wild Bright-Breasted Wyverns usually remain in flock of their own kin, those raised in captivity have no inhibitions, and will happily spend time with both humans and other dragon species. Wild flocks are highly protective of their young, and the entire group takes on parental duties; they will all do their part in rearing the eggs and hatchlings. This nurturing instinct often carries into domesticated individuals as well, who are willing to even help dragons of completely different breeds.
  12. Awesome-sauce. I love extra info. *fiddles with idea of doing one of these for the BBWs*
  13. So...working my way through the series. I just finished...episode 20, I think. Slowly, I'm falling in love with the show. Sometimes it can be a little too preachy or obvious for my tastes, but I am really enjoying it. Also, imagining various characters from other fandoms as ponies is great joy.
  14. Kestra, I think people are making a false distinction when there's really none to be had; there is sexism on both sides. At men and women. Arguing who has it worse isn't really going to help anyone. People should start paying more attention to the preconceptions that keep lurking around everywhere. Why do we automatically assume doctors are men, and nurses are female? Why do television and movie executives feel that casting anyone except white males as leads be dangerous, unless the entire point of the film has something to do with race or gender? Why do phrases such as "you scream like a little girl" exist, but not "a little boy"? There are a lot of assumptions out there, and it shows in larger statistical studies. Basically, squabbling doesn't help. People should know that both genders face problems, and should be taking steps to get rid of all of them.
  15. I know what you mean. I think there's a lot of pressures both ways. There are assumptions in how women should act, although that's lessening- men, however, get treated very badly if they act 'girly'. Its a shame that a little boy can't like the colour pink, or play with girl toys, and that has carried over into adulthood. That said, I still think there's a lot of sexism aimed at girls and women. I feel like we're held to a higher standard in terms of appearance, and people assume I like/don't like certain things, strictly based on my gender. I know a lot of other people who feel the same way. I think the best way to erode these opinions is through children; teach them young that it doesn't matter if you're a boy or girl (biologically or mentally), its okay to act, dress or do what you like.
  16. A couple of the pages on the wiki have information; I know the Terraes, Skywings and the BBWs do, but I'm not sure about any of the others.
  17. I have some ideas for more, but I've hesitated to write anything up, really, because I was hoping to talk it over with Naervon to make sure she didn't have objections. (She started the thread for these guys, although I was the one who wrote up all the final descriptions and such.) But seeing as she hasn't responded to any of my attempts to contact her in months, and has been inactive on the forums/cave for what looks like well over a year... I'm starting to think I've got a free hand at this point with the expansion on their info. *g* Oooh, goody. I absolutely adore extra breed information. It really gives a bigger scape for what they're personality and behaviour is like. I really hope that some day there's a place on site to collect all the extra things that conceptors and artists know about their dragons, so people don't have to scramble for all the bits and pieces tucked around the forum.
  18. Absolutely beautiful <3 How strange is it that I'd almost forgotten about these beauties, despite watching their development for quite some time? The moment I saw the adults, though, it all came rushing back. They look stunning. Als0; whose going to start an All Gold lineage, composed purely of the Wyverns, Tinsels and Dragons?
  19. Now, now. He'll just end up punching all the dragons to death, or turning them into gold. (Not that you'd notice on the shimmering egg, huh? )
  20. Personally, I've always thought that it doesn't really make sense to believe in microevolution, but not macro, since the latter is just the former over a really, really long time. It would be the same as saying yes, you believe in erosion, but don't think canyons could be made that way. That, and the fact that we can track how species developed, both through genetics and skeletons/fossils, its one of those things that I just don't see is possible. I've never really thought it to be against religion or religious belief either- the concept of God or a higher being instilling a process or method for new life to be created and adapt seems more amazing than him having to fiddle with it every so often. I know I'd sure prefer if my computer fixed itself instead of me having to take it in every couple of months.
  21. Yep. We already have two definite Eastern dragons in cave, the Waters and the Silvers, and maybe you could count the sweetlins (but that's a big maybe). There are plenty Completed or soon-to-be completed requests that are Eastern style, and I'm sure we'll see them in the cave eventually. I bet the reason we didn't see them this release is because TJ likes to hide them for a while to make them a surprise.
  22. I love the new egg sprite (and the hatchies, too). The old one was nice, but I was thinking it was going to get confusing with them, the original golds and the tinsels. Also, congrats to all new artists! Honestly, I hadn't realised you guys weren't in cave yet, you're so ubiquitous in the requests. Edit: They're dropping in Alpine.
  23. We have one for forum skins, so here's a place to suggest themes that you might like to see in the cave, in addition to the main theme, the Portal 2 theme, and the St. Patrick's Day theme. Be creative!
  24. Remember- rumours are just that. Rumours. I'd say the hatchling anatomy looks like Western for the moonlight, and Wyvern for the Golden, though its a bit difficult to tell. I'm sure there are more Easterns coming at some point, though
  25. Welcome to the great irony of DragCave. The most unpleasable fanbase in existence. (Also, off-topic, love you avatar. )