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  1. I think the reason they couldn't use it to stop Voldemort arising to power had several reasons; 1) Voldemorts span to power was spanned over many years. That would've meant a lot of time turner spinning. 2) Way too much chance of messing things up. I mean, look at all the problems Harry and Hermione got into just by going back 3 hours. Can you imagine if you went back years or decades? Time travel is confusing. And really, really hard to write about. Paradoxes keep showing up, creating plot loopholes. But if pulled off, it can create a very good story. Some of my favorite shows/movies/books involved time travel. (Back to the Future!)
  2. I only have one weirdly named dragon; Numathor, my mint. I know- it doesn't look that bad. But when you take into account that 'Numathor' was the name of a crack pairing my friends came up with for Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, it takes on a whole new light. (The pairing is between the nutrimatic machine and the fortune-telling elevator, by the way)
  3. Oops, my bad I really should leave this to people who know how to code If it has no effect, I would prefer the quills (they're pretty!). However, seeing as unicode seems to prefer by TJ- that seems fine, too
  4. I love this idea! It would certainly make it more likely for people to look at dragon descriptions. Although I love the little quills, I think I agree that unicode would be better. One little picture on everyone scrolls becomes a lot of little pictures. And it makes the sight that much slower. I think the hand holding a pen puts the point across quite nicely.
  5. Hehehehe....a truly evil project. Once my scroll is unlocked, I shall join in the evilness.