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  1. Hmm? What do you mean? Can you reprise the role if you haven't left yet?
  2. The Eleventh Doctor's theme has a great power; to make anything, anything, sound one thousand times more epic. ...seriously, its gotten to the point where my sister and I hum along with it when it comes up in the episodes.
  3. 'Fraid not, my friend. My squee was simply based on knowledge of the squishy, awesome beauty that is yet to come. (P.S. Congrats Particle!)
  4. YES YES YES, MY FAVOURITE DRAGON! *deep breaths* Okay. Focus. Time to catch me some eggs.
  5. I still like the both idea, and here I'll explain why. Firstly, the normal age ascension thing is the simplest. Your dragon reaches x age, can attempt to ascend (possibly with a y cool-down rate). Its understandable and presumably not too difficult to code, which gives it a higher chance of being implemented. And as some people have pointed out, they like that the game is low maintenance. Some people, however, wish there was more to the game, which is why ideas such as Battling and Search/Hoard have been suggested. Search, for the most part, would be another aspect of sprite collection- not dragons, but little things, like jewels and feathers and books. More collecting for a collection site, albeit in a different way that doesn't cause direct competition between users. People could choose to do it, or just stick to dragons. Their choice; it doesn't influence gameplay. Then you could get an Ascension Potion among the search, although rarely, which could bypass the time-limit or cool-down. This would of course be nice for those who are impatient, or a bonus for people who just enjoy searching. But it wouldn't be necessary. You wouldn't be forcing anyone to put in time. Its an extra option, but just an option. As for people afraid that it'll just be a slippery slope to an in-game currency and wearing trinkets- it seems like a rather tenuous link. Especially considering how long it takes most ideas to get to implementation stage, between users debating it, TJ considering it and him coding it, along with the fact that most of the users are definitely against those things (not to mention TJ). As for actually wearing trinkets....well, I don't actually see how that would work with the sprite system. So, tl;dr: Options are nice. Start simple, add options, and eventually we should probably get the best of both worlds.
  6. Good news, everybody; next Friday (the 18th) we'll be getting a couple Children in Need Specials for Doctor Who. The series proper begins on the 23rd of April. Not much is known about the specials, which'll probably be short but I little birdy told me that one will involve two Amy's, who may or may not flirt among themselves.
  7. I'm thinking that a good idea is we start basic; after X period of time, a dragon can attempt to ascend, with a small chance of failure. (It can then try again in y period of time). Eventually, a potion can be added via drops or a search feature, to give an alternative. But I think starting simple is the way to go. And no, I don't think that Bright Pinks and Frills should get ascended. (It'll just make sure there's one less sprite that isn't available for re-release, not that I wouldn't love to see ascende sprites for those dragons). I also don't think every breed should/will get an ascended form, because so many spriters are MIA or just might not be interested. Those who want to make ascended sprites should go ahead, in my opinion.
  8. Yeah, I hope she'll be nice enough to balance out her anger/ ferocity. But of course, the definition of a differs a lot from person to person. As for cars, it'll be interesting to see them in the Avatar-verse. But it does seem like a natural progression, and a motorcycle chase scene with bending? Epic.
  9. Definitely don't like Ascended Eggs...that just doesn't make sense to me. It would hatch immediately into the strongest adult form? Weird. I like the idea of longer cooldown for breeding. It seems like a good compromise between 'no breeding' and 'breeding'.
  10. And...more news! Its suddenly coming out like a wave! 1) An extra 14 more episodes have been ordered by Nick, meaning Korra will get at least 26 episodes. 2) The first twelve episodes have all been recorded and are currently being animated. 3) The release date has been changed to mid 2012. Other cool information, straight from the creators: "Korra, we kind of describe her as a fiery waterbender. She’s very pugnacious. Kind of in your face. We wanted to create a new Avatar that was completely the opposite of Aang. So, whereas Aang was the peaceful, nomadic Airbender guy, she’s very tough, very headstrong, not scared to get into a fight, and kind of picks fights with people too sometimes." "We’re definitely getting into it in this series. The difference is these people have cars and motorcycles and things. There’s definitely a different dynamic. I’d say the show is more sophisticated than the original series but it has the same balance of tones we’ve always liked with humor, action, drama, scary stuff and romance." Full interview; http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2011/03/08/...creators-speak/
  11. No, I don’t like the idea of basing ascension abilities on something as subjective as lineages. What one person thinks is good in a lineage (pure bred, even gen, holiday dragons, etc0) another person won’t care about, and it’s unfair to force people to care about them. Besides, I don’t see how from an ‘in-game’ stand point mating with a silver or something would make you reach the ‘ultimate’ level faster.
  12. Well, I was under the impression that the ‘Ascended Form’ needed some sort of magical activation, that is difficult and has a chance of failure. The dragon could always attempt again, after a rest period. I just think it'll add an extra level of realism, and i don't think it would need to be anywhere near as difficult as getting a GoN or Magicarp badge. ...I'm on the fence about not-breeding. It does balance out a reason for not ascending all dragons (besides full sprite collection) and it would explain how you balance out the population with immortal creature.
  13. Hmm...true. Simple is probably better. Basic 'chose to Ascend' option X period of time is probably best. If we want to add a potion, we can probably do it after the fact
  14. @ Olympe: I really don't like the idea of having two Ascended forms. It already takes a lot of time for the artists to make a single Ascended sprite, and there's already one for each gender of each breed (at least, if my memory serves me). I think if there's just one for each gender, it'll put less pressure on the artists and just make it more feasible to complete. I agree that there shouldn't be a limit on how many dragons you can ascend, and giving a dragon a limit of time before it can attempt the process sounds good. A year seems a bit long, though. Maybe two/three months? As for the method, I don't think automatic. Something should be required of the dragon and user, and the user should have a choice. I know the idea of an ascension potion has been thrown around (either found in the cave/AP like an egg, or now maybe in a similar method to the Festival Of Eggs) but I don't like 'instant ascension, just add potion'. Maybe they have to attempt some magical transformation, which any dragon can do, but an ascension potion improved the chances.
  15. I don't actually mind that she's so ripped. If you're working out in four different martial art styles every day, and possibly with out weapons, you're going to be pretty fit. Plus, she certainly looks like a powerful fighter that way. Also; moar info. New characters and their voice actors! (I don't actually recognize any of the voice actors, but oh well.) - Janet Varney as Korra - Kiernan Shipka as Jinora - Daniel Dae Kim as Hiroshi Sato - David Faustino as Mako - Seychelle Gabriel as Asami - Lance Hendrickson as Lieutenant - PJ Byrne as Bolin - JK Simmons as Tenzin I wonder if 'Mako' is a tribute to the voice actor by the same name, who played Iroh but passed away after season 2?
  16. New official picture has been released!
  17. I agree that marking should disappear after its gone. Its not your dragon anymore; you might consider it special, or inbred and 'bad' or wish someone would carry on the lineage. But the person who picks it up might not feel that way, and they should be able to do what they like with it. I'm perfectly happy about marking on your own scroll, but I'd prefer if there was a variety of colours and you could choose what each colour means.
  18. Sounds like a great idea to me, as long as it still is connected to your scroll (so you're using your own dragons). But it wouldn't be necessary to use the first Cave, it would just be something added on for people who like that thing. I still think the dragons should have some element of choice on whether they want to fight, either way.
  19. *it comes back from the dead* So, there's been some news on this; Dante Basco, voice-actor of Zuko in the original series is coming back to voice a 'surprise character'. Also, 'The Track Team' will be reprising their role as the writers for the score and music of the show's sequel- they'll still be going with the Asian theme, but updating it with a swinging-twenties vibe. The show is also planned to air November, 2011.
  20. I want a shirt with this! No, actually, wall paper! Oh, wouldn't that make the perfect decoration for a kid's room?
  21. Oh, nice dodge. I see where you're coming from, I really do. Leaving your fiance before your wedding night is not cool, even if you have got a time-machine. I do think she gets better though. Yay, character development! And speaking of character development, you're spot on about the Doctor. I think its a bit of a relief that he's getting over all that angst.
  22. I don't mean just started in the sense of starting with season five, with Matt Smith as the new Doctor, but getting into the show in general. I only started watching in June, and was already accustomed to the idea of Smith being the Doctor (even though I started with Nine) so I didn't have that judgmental, getting used to phase that older fans must get. As for the companions; Rory is brilliant, once we get more of him. Amy is awesome, but I think I know what you mean...flirtatious? Selfish? Er, yeah. Not sure the right word. As for River, she's something of an acquired taste, at least for me.
  23. Matt Smith is brilliant, absolutely wonderful. Dark and subtle, why being mad-capped and random. I love it. The fandom's just still going through the Doctor-denial phase, especially the rabid Ten fans. Everyone who's just started watching the show seems to love him, so I think its mostly baggage- give it another season and it should all be gone.
  24. http://www.watch-doctor-who-online.com/ That's a pretty good place, I think. Seems to have a good archive, if only of the new series.