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  1. Yay, the forum's back up! How's every one's egg hunting going?
  2. Keep patient, and try switching broswers. That seems to work for most people.
  3. No, you've just discovered egg of the very rare poodle dragon. It has the ability to harness the power of a poodle's fur for nefarious purposes. (Also, six eggs for me so far. Liking the one winged like and angel and the shiny blue/silver one the best.)
  4. You can do it daily on every Shallow Waters' action page. However, you don't have to look anywhere specific for an egg appear. At your particular time, it will appear on the next DC page you load, no matter which one.
  5. I'd just say that one person made an egg that looks like a squid, then. @Teyla- I can't be sure, but it may simply be that you're getting a normal delay. If one doesn't show up in ten minutes, I'd suggest PMing TJ or a mod. In the meantime, check that pictures are enabled and that you're logged in, and maybe try switching to another browser.
  6. Woot! I was waiting for this to show up. Happy Hunting everyone!
  7. I was just about to post the same, Lagie. RIP, Elisabeth Sladen; you were a wonderful actress, and you gave so much to the show. Edit: Seriously, its no problem Lagie.
  8. The last few weeks I have watched this show rise to prominence, filtering across the internet, and infesting friends' minds... I'm now slightly afraid to watch it. It sounds like a drug.
  9. Nah, just my favourites. They stick out for me, so it wasn't hard.
  10. Well, you're going to get seriously conflicting ideas about which episodes, Doctors, companions, etc are the best, so I'll recommend what I think are the best one-offs of the new series (they're easier to find). They are in my opinion, some of the best for varying reason, but have also been chosen because you won't need large amounts of context, won't need to know the characters, and won't find yourself spoiled for major plot threads. Blink: Tenth Doctor, Season Three: Normal Sally Sparrow finds a message left to her from 1969, urging her to 'beware the weeping angels'. Then her best friend disappears... Vincent and the Doctor: Eleventh Doctor, Season 5: Noticing a strange message in one of Vincent Van Gogh's paintings, the Doctor and his companion Amy travel back in time to defeat a monster living in the painter's village. Its easier said then done, for they find themselves trying to help a man suffering from isolation and depression. Father's Day: Ninth Doctor, Season 1: The Doctor's companion Rose asks to go back to the day her father died, if only just to watch. But unable to help herself, she saves his life, and our two heroes watch as time unravels around them. The Waters of Mars: Tenth Doctor, stand-alone-special: The Doctor lands on Mars, and finds himself among the first human visitors on the planet- however, the Doctor's knowledge of the future means he knows that something very, very bad is destined to happen to the crew, and the Doctor realises that the laws of time forbid him from preventing it. Midnight: Tenth Doctor, season 4 At a futuristic space-spa, the Doctor leaves his companion behind as he goes on a tour to the sapphire water-falls. But there's something else on the ship, something that can't move or speak...until it steals your voice. The Eleventh Hour: Eleventh Doctor, Season 5 A newly regenerated Doctor lands in the back yard of young Amelia Pond, where he investigates a crack in time and space. Still coping with confusion, disorientation, and malfunctioning technology, the Doctor finds himself in a battle of wits to save the Earth. Edit: Also, if you've watched Torchwood, you might like to watch the two parter 'The Empty Child'/'The Doctor Dances', from season 1, which is Captain Jack Harkness's first introduction to the show. The Doctor and Rose travel back to the London Blitz where a strange child in a gas mask stalks the streets, only to find another charming time-traveler to be there.
  11. 'Fraid not, I believe he had already passed away by then. (Of course, knowing Douglas Adams, coming back from the grave wouldn't be unfitting). Russel T. Davies is obviously a fan, though, because he made a direct reference to Arthur Dent in that episode. Those references are kind of peppered throughout the show, actually, since I think Adams did a lot of writing and show-running for DW before he became famous for the Guide.
  12. You're right, I probably wouldn't try to ascend that particular dragon. Speaking hypothetically, it might be the only dragon of that breed on your scroll, so you try even if it doesn't fit....
  13. I see what people are saying about balancing realisim with the ability to control our dragons. For example, I understand that having some chance of failure makes it more interesting and more realistic- however, it seems a bit strange that the dragon which I consider the wisest in the cave would fail, whereas one I consider young and reckless succeeds. Of course, I never considered ascension to be based on wisdom. I considered it a mix of some wisdom and intelligence, but also physical maturity and magical prowess. Which adds in some slightly different problems, although in practice its not much a of a difference; whether a dragon fails because they’re not wise enough or not strong enough, same problem. Which is why I would like it not to be a permanent failure rate (meaning the dragon could try again, after x period of time). Failure could come down to either the dragon not being mature enough, or just the unreliability of the magic, whichever one makes more sense for that particular dragon.
  14. Hmm, Shada, wasn't that the one that Adams used as his basis for 'Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency'? I remember reading it and thing "wow, this character sounds exactly like a Time-Lord" which was because in the original script, he was. Either way, I love Adams' work, and Gareth Roberts is a good Who writer- his episodes are always funny, which is what you'll need for this, I suspect.
  15. Oh, Lord, how could I forget Phineas and Ferb? That show is an absolute delight. If I ever need something fun to cheer me up, that's the show I go to.
  16. My Thoughts: Exact methodology (Action, Potion use, etc.) I’d say let’s just start with age based. It’s the most simple- it will be easiest to code and easiest to explain, meaning TJ is more likely to start with it. It also it the most popular in the poll, which suggests majority support. Plus, it doesn’t force you to play a certain way- you don’t need to breed x dragons, you don’t need to spend time searching. You just need to keep dragons on your scroll. Later, I would like to have the option to get a potion, because I think it would add alternative to those who don’t want to wait, and variety is the spice of life. I would like it to either come with the search feature if/when that happens, although I would also like it to appear randomly in the cave via the same mechanism of the Festival of Eggs. This means that people with slow connections wouldn’t really suffer Success Rate (Action and Potion if applicable) This is what I would suggest: Age- slight failure rate (say 5%). People could attempt again after x period of time, which should be short as well (less than a month). I say this because I got the sense that Ascension involved some sort of rite, so it makes sense that there could be a failure rate. I wouldn’t be opposed to no failure, however. Potion- No fail rate. If you have to find a rare, mystical potion, you’d hope that it was powerful enough not to fail. Cool-down (if any) Less than a month per dragon, in my opinion. I would prefer if there was no limit to how many dragons you could ascend, and I think limits should be no less than 20 per month if they do exist. And no limits on number per breed, definitely. Eligibility (How long we have to wait, and if that applies with potions) Less than six months, I think. A year is way too long, IMO, but I think something like four months would be a good time to wait (its 16 times as long as the hatchling stage lasts. In comparison, if there was a ‘super adult’ stage for humans, and childhood lasted until you were thirteen, you would need to be 208 to reach ‘super adult’ stage.) After this period of time, the ascension option would become available, with possible chance of failure, but also a chance to try again. However, your dragon should not automatically ascend. And I don’t think there search feature should have a time limit on it; no matter if your dragon reached maturity three years ago or yesterday, it should be able to use it.
  17. My personal favourite of the gems from this song is: Yesterday was Thursday (Thursday), Today it is Friday (Friday), ..... Tomorrow is Saturday, And Sunday comes afterwards... Okay, so I cut out two lines in between those two bits- but seriously? Singing the days of the week?!?
  18. Yeah...I know the feeling. If you ask Socky, though, she can revive them. (You know, if you want them to be revived. I know how sometimes ideas just kind of fizzle out).
  19. That's an awesome idea Paine! I'd say "go do it", although I'm guessing you already have more than two active threads in the DR section. (I suffer the same fate, you see, and am lamenting all the concepts currently stewing in a word file on my computer).
  20. Oh, the Swallow tail is very pretty. Can't wait to see the other gender- hopefully we'll get to see the dragon in flight. And the pillows are just as cute as I remember. I want to hug them and squish them and love them...
  21. No time in particular, I'm afraid. Blocking is controlled by the AP; we'll only have access to the main cave when there are less than four rows of abandoned eggs.
  22. Yes, they are permanent additions to the Cave. The cave is blocked right now, though, so it might be a bit difficult.
  23. Mogs? What're mogs? *is curious*
  24. We used to try and limit basing them on real life animals, that's true. So often people would come up with something like 'dog dragon', and we'd end up with a winged dog with horns- not a dragon with dog-like characteristics. Now we're given more freedom, and we've got all sorts of animal based dragons. I know we have at least two Peacock-based dragons in the work.
  25. Nope, we're totally allowed to have dragons based on real life things, as long as they're still overtly dragon. And you're right, they do look very cat-ish (I didn't think Siamese, but then, everyone sees these things differently.) Can't say anything else, though. *is hushed*